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  1. Mullaney

    MV Addiction filled. Reis the Beast M1078A0 is born

    . That "no break / no coupling" plan is the real magic with Pex! You definitely did yourself a favor doing it that way. That stuff is pretty amazing!
  2. Mullaney

    TLFLOW Farm Truck

    . Well then... Welcome to the outfit! You have a nice looking truck. The big plus is that it has a hard top. It looks to me like your new-to-you should be able to make a nice contribution to your business...
  3. Mullaney

    knob on dash - brake controller?

    . That black knob has the look of a rheostat. The toggle and that switch doesn't appear to be military just from outward appearances. There aren't a whole lot of electric brakes on military trailers either. I agree with Action 's suggestion about tracing the wires to really figure out what...
  4. Mullaney

    WAIT light question

    . Well, that generally sucks. On the other hand you got it fixed. Best part is that since YOU found the problem and fixed the problem and paid for the parts with your money - chances are the NOT A STEP step won't ever be used as a step again.
  5. Mullaney

    MEP-002A storage/running outdoors in rain/snow

    . Nail on the head... I am in a similar situation. My garage is the great outdoors... Not a lot of fun when it rains, when it is miserable hot, or miserable cold.
  6. Mullaney

    Trying to identify a new purchase 5 ton

    . Well then... Congratulations on your new-to-you truck! Welcome to the outfit too! You might do a lot better taking pictures of the full dash plates. Using the serial number data on a 40 or 50 year old truck might be a "tough sell" in any meaningful way. It is definitely a 5-Ton (looking...
  7. Mullaney

    New guy in Ohio that needs help with transport!

    . I did find a thread that mentions 7 to 10psi from the tank pump.
  8. Mullaney

    Front Axle Shaft Twisted - Keep going or replace?

    . Don't hesitate to get in your regular passenger vehicle - and come on down! You will meet people and there might be parts that you need too. No shipping that way. If you ordered the shafts from @country they might be able to bring them to the rally for you. Even if you can't spend but a...
  9. Mullaney

    New guy in Ohio that needs help with transport!

    . I am still trying to find the words written in black and white. I don't dig in that book very often. I thought the pump pressure was 25psi but I may be wrong. I was able to find notes talking about rail pressure though... The red arrow is a point after the Booster Pump. Fuel Pressure...
  10. Mullaney

    MEP-002A storage/running outdoors in rain/snow

    . I can't argue with that - but I don't have to like it. :-( Sad part is that you still need the bigger building... I could unleash a stream of words about the tax man, but would be a waste of the air that the rest of us breathe. I am pretty certain that we could spend our money more...
  11. Mullaney

    New member Northeast Texas /52 GMC M135

    . Good deal! Definitely the smart way to go. If you haven't already cranked or tried to crank it, you might want to inspect the fuel tank really well before you try to fire it off. If you open the fuel filler and it stinks rather than like good gas, it might be worth avoiding slurping "gunk"...
  12. Mullaney

    New guy in Ohio that needs help with transport!

    . Well that isn't good (obviously). Carter makes an inline that creates enough pressure. frank8003 is a good source for parts information and at one point in time developed a fuel polishing application for the Deuce. I feel pretty sure he can give you the proper pressure measurements. He may...
  13. Mullaney

    New Member from WA (M1009)

    . Well happy lurking before - and a big Welcome to the Outfit now as a Member! Need to create yourself a thread with lots of pictures so you can have before and after shots. That way when you feel like you have been busting your hump for months - and nothing looks any different - you will...
  14. Mullaney

    Asking for a friend

    . It may just be because I have seen the 5-Ton for so many years that would be my choice - if the opportunity came along. These Stewart & Stevenson trucks just don't look the part . Like Ken mentioned, knowing where you want to take the truck and how authentic it has to be could make a big...
  15. Mullaney

    Caterpillar 3116 is a bad Engine?

    . Jake2670 , If you have a 3116, you shouldn't feel left out in the cold or anything... Less electronics = Less crap that breaks with a big price tag associated with it. There is a thing called the "oil line of death" on the 3116. Easy fix. FIX IT, be happy and move on. The 3126 is a good...
  16. Mullaney

    MEP-002A storage/running outdoors in rain/snow

    . Agreed! There is no such thing as a building that is too large!!
  17. Mullaney

    New member Northeast Texas /52 GMC M135

    . Wow JP, it looks like you have a nice rig there! If she will crank and roll, everything else if just "making it purty". Definitely snap up some pictures when you can. How far is it "to home"? It could be that an hour or so under the truck checking gear oil and inspecting for brake fluid or...
  18. Mullaney


    . I think there are folks who would be happy to have Load Testing information. Especially a How To build a load bank. Load testing in the spring and fall - before the weather changes - and the generators are standing around with nothing much to do should give everybody a way to test. While...
  19. Mullaney

    My MEP-803a experience

    . Well thanks. I discovered those same bolts on the M-107x and M-108x frames. I couldn't find the name of the "Huckbolts" to save my life... I wonder if you could use some Grade 8 or possibly Grade 12 bolts - and then use steel locking nuts. You want to stay away from the "elastic stop"...
  20. Mullaney

    MV Addiction filled. Reis the Beast M1078A0 is born

    . Have him get you a mast off an old boat and you could stand it up out back. Then you could have a MV Sailboat...
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