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    MEP804A Hertz Gauge

    Here you go, Ray. F.S.= 1mADC
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    MEP804A Hertz Gauge

    Punched your part number into parttarget. One of the part numbers listed is 60.1034 . Ebay search on 60.1034 gets 2...
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    M1101 new to me trailer help wanted please

    Here's what I did: The original thread has a lot of good info showing wheels that others have used.
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    Mep-806A coolant temperature sender source needed

    Here are a couple more data sheets from Faria Beede.....resistance values and American vs Euro values.
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    Looking for interrupt switch

    Download ARMY TM 9-8115-642-24 from the TM section and do a search on K1. This TM will show you how to find the K1 - ac circuit interrupter relay (K1),
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    Mep-005AAS missing component help
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    Mep 016B Fuel issue(Hurricane Ida help)

    This thread will get you started. It is for an MEP-803A but addresses many of the questions you will encounter.....
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    An overlooked 'spare' for your parts shelf

    Hoses look good to me.
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    An overlooked 'spare' for your parts shelf

    I ordered 2 each 12" and 2 each 18". It would be hard to find the fittings alone at that price!!!
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    An overlooked 'spare' for your parts shelf

    Will this work? . Description says Nitrile tube so that leaves the JIC 4F fitting...
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    Coolant leak

    Looks like green Prestone to me. That's what I've used in both of my machines.
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    New to me storage tank

    Does the tank have a pick up tube installed where one of those tubes are attached? I bought a 50 gallon truck tank and the dip tube was welded in as part of the tank.
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    McGuyver's M101 trailer project

    Post #20.
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    new-to-me MEP-802a

    Daybreak has posted excellent information about your machine here: I would be concerned about the weight of a full tank of fuel making the trailer tongue light. You might want to do some calculations on that.
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    Aux Fuel Tank

    No issues. Works well for me through the ~25ft fuel lines that come with some generators and the ones I've fabricated. I have another tank that I've installed a water separator on and the pump has no problem with it. It is better to remove fuel from your tank through a dip tube that enters...
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    Aux Fuel Tank

    It appears that I've got a little more room than you do, but this is what my aux tank looks like....very similar to what we're discussing with mounting your tank on a moving dolly:
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    Aux Fuel Tank

    I object. Your 2nd picture has the explanation about heavy objects on top of unit. I would set the fuel tank on a moving dolly ( and roll it around to where I wanted it. As others have...
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    MEP-802A Radiator side door data plate

    Images of the "Lifting Diagram" and "Flatcar Tiedown".
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    SMALLER! Tires and Wheels for a HMMWV Trailer I ended up installing these tires on my M1101, so they will fit your LTT-HC with no problem.
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    M101a2 wheel bearings question

    When I recovered my M1101 from Bragg the spindle nuts were too tight. I ended up stopping at every rest area on I-95 from Bragg to Virginia Beach to let the hubs cool down some.....because I did not have the correct sized wrench to get into the bearings on the return trip. Once home I checked...
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