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  1. Rrent

    Some times the resto - goes it’s own way

    55° in central Texas this AM. Truck started as expected, little smoke without advance/high idle, but started right up. Planning temp sensors, temp gauge, all the fun stuff. Slammed the door as usual… and, bamm! I’m in door resto-mode.
  2. Rrent

    Last (and only) cold start advance/high idle post/question

    Truck is not where I am, but will be tomorrow. Let me be sure I understand correctly. There is a temp sensor - back of passenger head. It runs the injection pump advance and high idle - via a green wire (to both?). The wire should have voltage prior to warmup -no voltage after. The truck can...
  3. Rrent

    14066255 throttle solenoid M1009

    I had an injection pump and lift pump installed. The throttle was sticking (at about 3/4 open) only when the engine was running. My mechanic found this 14066255 throttle solenoid was extending - but not retracting. When unplugged the truck seems to run fine. What is it? What does it do? Where...
  4. Rrent

    New injection pump and binding throttle mystery

    I bought a rebuilt injection pump from Hilbilly Wizard. I decided to have a local diesel performance shop install it. After installation they are trying to sort out a throttle that “binds at about 3/4 open”. They tell me it happens when it’s running, but not when not running. I know it’s a...
  5. Rrent

    Jumping off the injection pump bridge

    I ordered an injection pump (Hillbilly Wizard- not inexpensive). I watched a couple of videos - in one the guy thanked cucvrus for the help. I’m hoping between that, a lift pump, and any/all new fuel lines- I’ll have an noticeable difference. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Rrent

    First fuel leak located - sort of…

    I guess it’s all relevant- “good news”: I found the end result of a fuel leak. Some know I’m planning on new hoses and a lift pump to (hopefully) aid in a starting problem. Now I just need to find where the starting point of this leak is… I’ve been told it’s probably fuel line filter (spin on...
  7. Rrent

    Replacing lift pump

    I have a new (Hillbilly Wizard) lift pump in-coming. My truck is at my business 40 miles from my home garage. I’m trying to gather up everything I might need. What size/lengths of gas line should I have on hand? RTV and grease (to hold the shaft out of the way)… any other supplies, I haven’t...
  8. Rrent

    Sagging door of doom

    Drivers door is sagging. Are the hinges easily adjusted, or should I plan on new hinges? Or new pins? Or..? And how much work? I’m guessing it would be easier with the fender removed, but would rather not.
  9. Rrent

    Fiberglass top questions

    The areas where my top was painted black (camo pattern) are in pretty bad shape- I’m guessing sun damage. The fiberglass fibers are exposed. Should I repair- if yes, how? Or replace - if yes, is civilian top exactly the same. I found a top close and affordable.
  10. Rrent

    the list goes on.

    Done: new batteries, #1 alternator rebuild, new belts m(3), new battery cable ends, -powerwash exterior To do: still everything else
  11. Rrent

    Alternator rebuild source

    Where do I get a factory alternator rebuilt. I’m in central Texas - if anything local, otherwise I can/will ship.
  12. Rrent

    Power steering

    When I bought my M1009 it had only two belts - the #1 (driver side) alternator belt “running “ the power steering pump. I had the #1 alternator off and still couldn’t determine how to install/ tighten the power steering belt- I had the three bolts loose enough that I could move the complete...
  13. Rrent

    Glow plug solenoid question

    I recently acquired an ‘84 M1009 - just starting cleaning & repair(s). 1st on the list: belts, batteries, dog head mod. I’m guessing these pictures are both glow plug solenoids. If the new shiny one will work - I’ll order one. Not needed, but new parts are new parts.
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