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  1. HDN

    Found some cool pictures - M944A1 SEORTM

    I was looking at truck stuff the other day and found some cool pictures of a M944A1 SEORTM (machine shop truck, Shop Equipment, Organizational Maintenance, Truck/Trailer-Mounted). I've never seen one of these with the doors open, and had no idea they even had deployable tent canopies. I'd love...
  2. HDN

    Dirty rusty glove box

    I pulled the glovebox out of my M35A3 last year hoping to pull the heater core. That didn't happen and is going to be probably a 2-years-later project. It's caked in dirt along the top and has some surface rust. I think I'll wash the dirt off, wirebrush the rust and paint over it. The inside...
  3. HDN

    I had no idea this board was a thing!

    It doesn't get a lot of traffic, that's for sure. I posted in the Conversations board awhile ago about 3D printing stuff for our trucks, where @Bulldogger was also a contributor. I haven't printed anything for my truck yet, but I'm thinking with an extruder mod on my printer I could print...
  4. HDN

    Those with A3 rims that don't leak... Clamp ring tightness

    The one wheel I mounted on the truck has lost 8 psi over three weeks. Without having done a leak test, I suspect it's because I don't have the clamp ring on tight enough because the distance between the end of the clamp ring stud and the top of the lock nut is about 1-1/4". The other wheels I...
  5. HDN

    M35A3 Rim Restoration and Tire Swap Project (Picture-Heavy)

    I'm in the midst of swapping the old 365/80R20s on my M35A3 to some pre-loved 395/85R20s. This swap has successful results documented throughout the Steel Soldiers forums, so I decided to take the plunge. I would've liked to stick with 365s because I like the look of them, but I was able to...
  6. HDN

    Replacement two-piece rim nuts?

    I wrecked the original two-piece rim lock nuts off my M35A3 rim (tip - don't run a tap all the way through the lock nuts :mad: Yeah not happy with myself!). I know they're the same lock nuts that came on the M939A2 rims, so I was wondering where the 5-ton folks are getting their replacements...
  7. HDN

    FMTV vs International Navistar Family

    I'm not too familiar with the International Navistar family of offroad trucks other than them being the basis of a few MRAPs. I just realized there are wrecker and cargo variants. Why are these a thing when the FMTV exists? How do they compare to the FMTV and older trucks the FMTV replaced?
  8. HDN

    Bead Lock/Two-Piece Rim Nuts - Are they that hard to get off?

    I've been having a tough time getting the nuts loose and off one of the rims on my M35A3. I don't think the rim was ever apart, and the nuts were possibly overtightened at the factory. I've been using a borrowed torque multiplier to get them loose, but even halfway up the stud, my torque meter...
  9. HDN

    M246 tractor wrecker with trailer?

    Does anyone have any pictures of M246 tractor wreckers pulling trailers? What trailers would they have towed with the 5th wheel?
  10. HDN

    M929/M930 Dump Box Floor Area?

    I couldn't find it anywhere in the operators' manual - what is the floor area of the stock dump box on the M929/M930? I know it can hold around 5 cubic yards of material, but I'm curious about how the bed floor area size compares to an M35 or M923. Is it 12'x8', or something else?
  11. HDN

    HMMWV with lift kit - remove or skip it?

    I'm considering the purchase of a M998. The price is affordable, it runs and drives, and it has an on-road title. The main problem I have with it is that it has a lift kit and pimpy rims with 40" tires. Does anyone have any advice about installing and/or removing lift kits from HMMWVs? I...
  12. HDN

    Using a pallet jack to install/remove super singles

    I recently got a pallet jack to use on my tire job this spring. The only thing I'm trying to figure out is how to safely use it to remove and install the super single wheels on my truck. Have any pallet jack users here fashioned some kind of a rack or wall to secure the wheel against when...
  13. HDN

    What's the deal with importing American-made armor?

    I was looking into importing used M113s and was reading that American-made armor can't be brought back to the US? Yet I can bring former Soviet armor in? :cookoo:
  14. HDN

    The real cost of armor?

    Although I've had experience working on my dad's halftrack, I think it has a lot more in common with trucks from the period than fully-tracked vehicles. My dream tank is a Leopard 1 to romp around my property with. But what does it take to maintain one? Stuff I can think of off the top of my...
  15. HDN

    Allison AT545/1545 Service Manual

    I didn't realize this forum existed until now. Do these eventually get uploaded to the TM section up top? Anyway here's a service manual I found for the AT545 and AT1545, which are used in the M35A3.
  16. HDN

    Strange road speed-related air puffing sound

    I was on my way home and about 3 miles away from there when I started hearing a kind of puffing sound, which seemed to originate from the front driverside wheel. It was a "tss tss tss" sound that varied with road speed, independent of the air-assisted steering. It happens going both forwards...
  17. HDN

    Looking for M44A3 (ESP) History, Brochures

    I'm planning on taking my truck to its first car show this weekend. I'm thinking about displaying some stuff alongside it, perhaps some pages from the manual or sales brochures from AM General, or other fun facts. I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me get some stuff prepared for the...
  18. HDN

    HDN's Military Vehicles (and other military-related stuff)

    I'm finally creating a topic here to feature my military vehicles and other military-related stuff. I only have one right now (1995 AM General M35A3), but I have no doubt I'll be getting more. As long as this forum exists, I will be posting stuff here featuring my stuff. Not only am I into...
  19. HDN

    Deuce-LMTV Size Comparison

    Does anyone have any pictures of an M35 next to an LMTV? I've seen mostly comparisons to 5-tons, but not the LMTV.
  20. HDN

    Fixing M35A3 Rim Leaks - For Good! (Brainstorming Session)

    I'm pretty sure the little valve stem grommets on my M35A3's rims are all shot. I've been planning on disassembling the wheels to clean the rims and replace the O-rings and the little grommets, but I have no doubt at some point that the grommet will fail again and I will have to take the rims...
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