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    Adding a winch

    I did exactly what your asking about and the frame extensions are easy the PTO may need to be shimmed depending on what mesh pattern you get when you install the PTO. Then its running the lever up into the cab with a little bit of linkage and the drive shaft from the PTO to the winch, its all...
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    Bringing My MV Home

    Sounds like a nice trip and there is no better way to get to know your new truck! I have done a couple retrievals in the 600 to 700 mile range generally in the Midwest and unless the rules have changed I have never stopped at a weigh station/port of entry ever and nobody ever came after me. I...
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    STAL II 876

    Congrats on the new Stolly she is certainly a beauty!!!!
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    Why so hard to shift gears

    I have ordered or should I say TRIED to order parts for Vintage over the last 6 months and they have been out a whole lot of stuff, Great guys but having a bit of trouble. I have been using Midwest Military as a very good backup and John has never let me down!
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    3up by how you are describing this you may very well be correct or you have a blockage somewhere else in the system. The first thing I would do is to drain the coolant down below the thermostat and remove it and look for a reason it not opening it could be something as simple as cleaning it...
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    Bouncing like a ball.

    Stick man nice looking truck! I have a M920 that I put HEMTT rims and 1600x20 tires on and the tires were not balanced of course and I limped that truck to a truck tire shop just outside of town and they injected tire weight beads into the tires through the valve stems I think they put 48...
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    M916/920 vs M1088

    I have a M920 on 1600x20 on HEMTT rims and it does pretty darn good off road, and its going to be for sale this Spring!
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    Deuce and a half Injection pump

    First thing I would check is to make sure you are getting fuel at the injectors. If not then look at replacing the primary and secondary filters then check the fuel at the injectors again.
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    M1 and M1A1

    Beautiful trucks thanks for sharing!
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    Optima Red Top Battery Premature Failure

    I did not realize that Optima had moved it mfg to Mexico? I ran Optima batteries in my airplane and got 12 years out of it and in a plane that is unheard of. When I finally had to replace them it hurt a bit at 600.00 each to replace the two batteries. My boat is also running two Optima...
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    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    I have bought two trucks by pictures one was an M920 and the other was a U1300L Unimog. After talking with the owners for a bit on the trucks I felt good about who they were (I know that is taking a chance) but both trucks were even better than I thought they would be and on the M920 I had that...
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    M818 for business

    818 is a good truck but in stock form its not going to do much for you as far as pulling other trucks out of the mud. In todays world if your going to actually use it to pull a ride who are you going to get to drive it, who today even knows how to drive a manual trans? In theory your idea has...
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    Unimog wanted

    Hey guys I am a long time Unimog owner and have a newbie who would like to get into the game and is ready to buy! I am helping shop around to see whats out there today. We are looking for possibly a 404 but would prefer a step up from that to at least a diesel engine, it does not need a bed...
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    D.O.T Weight scales.

    In ND and SD I never stop and nobody has ever said anything or sent anybody to retrieve me!
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    Checked out a deuce

    I am going to throw in my two cents since you live in AK, how are you going to heat the engine? Will the truck be parked inside a heated building? If not your going to want to secure an arctic kit for the truck and a block heater that you can plug in when the truck is sitting and its cold...
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    65 Kaiser M35A2 project starts

    Gunfreak you have a very nice looking project truck and the fact that it runs and drives makes it all that much better! I know you want to get all the stuff done so it pure driving, but patient and take your time one thing about these trucks and the reason they give so many years of enjoyment...
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    Driving my Deuce from NY to TX in July

    PLYM 49 I would be all over this to give you a hand if needed but you on the wrong side of the country! Safe travels and sounds like your pretty well set!
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    m1078 vs topkick for a service truck

    You may want to look at a 1084 instead its 6 wheel drive and you will have the payload that will more than be adequate and I doubt there is a big price difference. One thing you can ask on this site is availability of cab replacement parts simple parts like door handles, window cranks...
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    Speedometer Cable / Jerking Needle

    I did not see a reply to your question but YES that is what you need to do, clean up the cable once its out and re-lube with light lithium grease just a decent reasonable amount and reinstall that will likely take care of the problem but if it doesnt then you will have to replace the cable!
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    New Paint, what are your thoughts?

    Looks pretty sharp I have no problem with a single color Deuce I did mine the same way!
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