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  1. BKubu

    Adding a winch

    The most difficult part for me was getting the bolt holes to align after the winch with frame extensions was in the frame. I had a h*** of a time getting the last few bolts into the bumper. I got it done, though. :)
  2. BKubu

    Pioneer rack mounting spot

    You don't always see pioneer tool racks on M923s/M925s, although I don't know why. I have seen them before, but it seems like they are absent (never installed) more frequently than they are present. With that said, when I have seen them, they are mounted to the top of the toolbox on the...
  3. BKubu

    Engine Rebuild

    I was going to say the same thing. There are plenty of 6.5's out there. Nothing wrong with a good running 6.2, but I'd take a 6.5 over one. Contact TNJ Murrray in DE. John has some available.
  4. BKubu

    Neat or other things you found when you purchased your truck

    I've had all kinds of stuff left behind: *Manuals, sometimes in pamphlet bags. *Turn in documents. *Directions to the turn in location. *BII (although never a complete set of BII), tool wraps, fire extinguishers, jacks, snatch blocks, chains, wheel chocks, etc. *Six plastic barrels of...
  5. BKubu

    M105A3 Cover and tie down ring questions

    Jeff, I don't know sources for parts other than this list, the Internet, or eBay. While I am unsure if they have the parts, you could try Eastern Surplus in Philly or Memphis Equipment in TN.
  6. BKubu

    M105A3 Cover and tie down ring questions

    Jeff, it was nice meeting you this past weekend. Yes, I believe those cargo tie downs are supposed to rotate, although it has been a while since I had one in my yard. PM CUCVFAN to ask him as he has my old M105A3. I have seen the rubber rope for sale. I think you may be able to retrofit the...
  7. BKubu

    Bringing My MV Home

    I'd strongly recommend changing the fuel filters before you set out, and also bring along some extras. Oil can wait until you get back as long as it is topped off and not too dirty (still better to change it), but a clogged fuel filter will bring you to a complete stop. Does the truck have the...
  8. BKubu

    Lower profile tire idea

    I don't have any response that is relevant or helpful, but I wanted to say that I like your screen name! My next (or the one after) German Shepherd will be named Poolboy (the next will be Holly)! My wife is hesitant to get another dog (we've always had German Shepherds) because of the feeling...
  9. BKubu

    New member from Saint Jean De Luz (FRANCE)

    I'd suggest installing the high-back seats with the 3-point seat belt kit. I have never used a car seat in a HMMWV before, but I assume it would work just fine with the 3-point seat belts.
  10. BKubu

    Won M1152. Evaluations please.

    I'd recommend you post the pics from the auction. The pics will show more information than a screen shot of the auction. Congratulations on the new acquisition.
  11. BKubu

    M1165 Humvee now recovered! from Scottsdale AZ

    A lot of shops say they are not responsible for thefts that occur on the premises. I don't believe that is accurate. Talk to a lawyer.
  12. BKubu

    CBC for my M105

    Ken, great job. Great score.
  13. BKubu

    1968 Mack M123A1C 10 ton Tank Transporter

    Jeff, get well soon!
  14. BKubu

    WTB: M1070 shackles

    It is difficult to tell scale in the picture, but they look similar (if not the same) as those on the FMTVs. I suspect the one on your truck is larger, but, again, I can't tell exactly.
  15. BKubu

    I need of ROPS mounts

    You could try TNJ Murray in DE for the ROPS stuff. I believe he used to have complete take-off units. I don't know that he has specific parts, but you could check.
  16. BKubu

    Help with military markings

    Carefully sand down the layers of paint on the bumper. Take the proper safety precautions for CARC paint. You may be able to trace the truck back multiple units.
  17. BKubu

    Found some cool pictures - M944A1 SEORTM

    John Winslow (RIP) had one for sale once that was really clean. His truck was complete and fully operational. He had it for quite a long time as I guess it was not a hot seller. He offered it to me and I considered it for a while, but I did not end up buying it. It was probably 15 or more...
  18. BKubu

    Heater install, M35 gas

    For what it's worth, the "directions" that come with the hot water heater kits leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. They basically amount to a schematic. The instructions I had...and I have installed several heaters...basically just showed the layout, but the instructions did not tell you...
  19. BKubu

    Deuce and a half troop seats

    It depends which 5 ton bed the truck has. The 5 ton trucks with the dropside beds use the same troop seats as the M35A2. For these trucks, there is a stubby rack that takes up the additional two feet at the front of the board (this part of the bed is static). While I have never tried to swap...
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