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  1. BKubu

    Pick and crating needed (Lejeune, NC)

    Is anyone local to Camp Lejeune who could pick up and crate an armor plate and an m240 cradle? I am asking for a friend who is not on the list. Please let me know. Thanks!
  2. BKubu

    MTVR, VIN on chassis?

    I have searched, but I did not find anything. If it exists, please forgive me! :) Can the VIN be found on the chassis of an MTVR?
  3. BKubu

    Current issue 900 or 1100 radials

    I have seen many videos on YouTube of mainly M149A2s still in current service. Most of the trailers no longer have NDCCs on them. Instead, it appears that they have radial tires. I don't believe they are G177s, although I am aware that some trailers did use them (I actually have an M149A2...
  4. BKubu

    HELP! A member in need in Galesburg, IL

    Hello, a member (Winkster) has broken down in Galesburg, IL (I believe this is close to the Iowa border). His truck is at the Love's truck stop there. He is almost half way back to CA with a new-to-him M35A2C that he bought from another party. The truck has a 5.9L Cummins in it and it had...
  5. BKubu

    FMTV cargo cover frame assemblies

    Does anyone know if the FMTV cargo cover frame assemblies (the bows that hold up the cargo cover) are modular? I have an M1085 LWB cargo and I have been unable to find a complete cargo cover frame assembly. However, I've seen plenty of them for the M1078s and M1083s. Could I buy a couple of...
  6. BKubu

    R.I.P.--DECODEME2--Devon McLean

    I regret to inform the list that a fellow member passed away on Sunday, April 9th. Cevon McLean, known as DECODEME2 on this list, died in a single car accident. He is survived by his wife and two adult children. He was a very good father, husband, and friend, and he will be missed. He and I...
  7. BKubu

    Cargo cover and bow assembly for M1085

    Hello, I am looking for a cargo cover and top framework for an M1085, tan preferably. If anyone has one or knows the location of one, please either PM me or post it here. Thanks in advance.
  8. BKubu

    Trucker with an RGN trying to get up to WI area

    A good friend, who is a trucker with an RGN, is trying to get out of south central VA and go towards WI. If anyone has a load, he'll haul for $2-$2.50/mile depending upon what you need hauled and where. PM if you have any loads going that way and I'll put you in touch with him. This guy hauls...
  9. BKubu

    M172A1 or similar heavy 20 ton tag along trailer in MD?

    Anyone have access to an M172A1 or a 20 ton tag along trailer? I am currently considering the purchase of an M548 variant. The trucker cannot get his truck and low-bed trailer into my area close enough to my house and I don't want to have to drive the vehicle 2 miles on back roads. Well, I...
  10. BKubu

    M939A2 O ring question

    I have replaced O rings on several M939A2 rims. However, I came across a wierd situation where the O rings in my 1989 M925A2 are not the same as those on my M928A2, or any other A2 that I have owned previously. I believe this rim takes a 1/2" by 20" O ring while my other trucks use a thinner O...
  11. BKubu

    Wehring...many thanks!

    I wanted to share with the list a very positive experience I had dealing with Justin. I bought an LWS for an M939 from him. I thought Justin said the kit was complete...something he took off a truck. Anyway, the kit was missing some parts that were necessary for the install. After talking...
  12. BKubu

    M915A1 VIN location on frame?

    Does anyone know if the VIN is located on an M915A1 other than the data plate? A friend just got a truck out of OH and it is missing the data plate. I assume the VIN is stamped on the frame some place. Does anyone know where? Thanks!
  13. BKubu

    M939A2 fuel delivery problem

    GIJOECZAR contacted me regarding a problem that he uncovered with his M925A2. He is on the road and does not have Internet access and asked me to post a question to the list. Here is his info: "A2 not starting, because it's not getting fuel. There's fuel pressure all the way to the fuel...
  14. BKubu

    Need M105A3 moved from Houston, TX area to MD or NC

    I am thinking of buying an M105A3 from another member in the Houston area. I was hoping to find out if there is anyone coming northeast who could tow/haul it to either MD or NC (John Winslow's place). I'd be willing to pay for assistance. I really can't simply get it hauled by a carrier because...
  15. BKubu

    Air conditioning in my M925A2

    I found the correct A/C set up that goes into the M939A2 series trucks. Everything is stock military, except the box in the cab (the condenser unit in the cab is stock military and the controls are stock). The box had to be modified because I wanted to retain the original bench seat. The unit...
  16. BKubu

    The M983 HEMTT tractor is coming along

    I am attaching pics of the truck as it looked when I got it and now. If all goes as planned, it will be completely sandblasted, primed, and painted with fresh 3 color camo CARC within a month. Enjoy.
  17. BKubu

    Anyone coming to the Aberdeen rally who will be going to the Georgia rally?

    Hello, I have a deuce cargo cover that I need to get down to Joseph Carson (SANDCOBRA164) in Georgia. Joseph will be at the Georgia rally. I was hoping we could save him some shipping by sending it down with someone who is coming to Aberdeen in May. Let me know. Thanks!
  18. BKubu

    Key for lock on tachograph

    Does anyone know where I can find the key for an Argo tachograph that is in my M917? Guys have said that I should be able to pick the lock, but I have been unable to do so to date and I don't want to force it. Thanks in advance.
  19. BKubu

    Parts for an M917 dump

    Does anyone know where I can find parts for an M917 dump? For those who are unfamiliar, this truck is not part of the M939 series. It is part of the M915 series. I am looking for a new diff lock/front wheel engagement switch, one heater control knob and a couple of the fans that go on the...
  20. BKubu

    S280 shelter

    Anyone know where I can find an uncut S280 shelter for a deuce? I'd like a nice one if possible? It would be best if it was located within a two state radius of Maryland, but I would consider any. Please let me know what you have.
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