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  1. Russ Knight

    FL Registration Service

    What type of vehicle?
  2. Russ Knight

    Frame width on MTVR MK23 vs M923 Independent tandem axles and Rockwell 5 tons tandem swap-able?

    I am probably going to sell mine when I get it in good working order. For you to accomplish what you wish to do, and remain under the cost of a MTVR, IMO, to start with, you'd need to buy a non-running MTVR for parts. At current price levels, you will spend in the 6500- 9500 range, maybe more...
  3. Russ Knight

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Putting mine in the shop Monday to replace both transmission cooler lines, having engine oil and filter(s) changed, transmission oil changed, differential and planetary oil changed. Going to try and start on AC install shortly.
  4. Russ Knight

    ScanGauge SGDFFP J1939 & J1708 Vehicle Monitor

    Do you have the model number by chance?
  5. Russ Knight

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Where did you source the three seats? Thank looks very nice!
  6. Russ Knight

    Fuel Truck

    Thank you, but the one is too big, and I'd be concerned about contamination in the tank of the other (rust, debris, etc) due to being a water tanker.
  7. Russ Knight

    WTB: Globe equipment trailer

    Thanks, but I sold it.
  8. Russ Knight

    Fuel Truck

    Looking for a fuel truck with a 2-3 thousand gallon capacity, hose reel, and pump. Offroad capability not required, but would be nice. Will be fueling Blackhawk helicopters.
  9. Russ Knight

    MTVR cab fenders

    Probably cost 1200.00 per side.....
  10. Russ Knight

    MTVR cab fenders

    I doubt that. Perhaps some fiberglass ones could be molded using a pair that hasn't cracked yet. I have a friend here that builds hard tops for boats. I'll ask him about it. Mine is cracking on one side too.
  11. Russ Knight

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Anyone know where I can source the cab shocks? The bushings are gone.
  12. Russ Knight

    A Hens Tooth Up For Auction

    Wait until you get a MTVR...
  13. Russ Knight

    MEP-803A for 5 ton AC with soft start?

    I have a 3 ton heat pump with a 4 ton air handler at home and when it's running my MEP803A is at about 25% load. When my electric water heater kicks on it goes up to around 50%. I have two 5 ton heat pumps and a mini split at my business and the generator will run one of the units, the mini...
  14. Russ Knight

    MEP 803A Fuel Gauge

    No, I'm already old, getting older...
  15. Russ Knight

    Generator bit me.

    Yes, I'm an electrical dummy. Real decent plumber, but my electrical knowledge is limited. I'll get pictures as soon as I can. Thank you all for the information, but thank you especially the grace given. I'm ignorant, but not (too) stupid. :ROFLMAO:
  16. Russ Knight

    Generator bit me.

    I have two MEP803A's on a trailer with transfer switch. I do not have the generators grounded and was temporarily running a water pump. I switched to the #2 generator on the transfer switch to send power to the pump and when switching my thumb inadvertently made contact with the indicator bezel...
  17. Russ Knight

    MEP 803A Fuel Gauge

    Duh, obviously muh reding comprensun ain't two gud...
  18. Russ Knight

    MEP 803A Fuel Gauge

    Looks like it. How much?
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