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    Humvee cooling issue

    Looks like you're on the right track for getting it sorted out. If you decide to replace the radiator, Champion makes a nice aluminum radiator that fits the TD rig. There are some threads here on the site about it. Once you have it sorted out, it's my understanding we should run fleet diesel...
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    Happy Thanksgiving. All is well. Driving my M1025 weekly

    Welcome back TOBASH
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    My New HMMWV

    The later models were a bit "boxy"....
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    I have used Carquest Dex/Merc throughout my HMMWV for five years and it's been fine. BDGR
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    Hmmwv problem starting

    Some folks have opened and repaired PCBs, I'd say it has some salvage value. BDGR
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    Hmmwv problem starting

    Agree with others to check your glow plugs resistance. It's not hard, and they are relatively easy to reach. Make sure the connections are solid, they can lose their spring and not fasten to the top of the glow plugs well. While it does sound like a glow plug issue, you didn't mention your fuel...
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    Anyone tried OM606 engine in Hmmwv?

    Even at max tuning, a stock OM606 looks to be well below the Horsepower of a 6.5TD, based on WikiPedia details. An OM606 might fit, with enough jamming and adapters, but it might be a very slow ride. BDGR
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    Bouncing like a ball.

    Better springs on your seat? ;)
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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    Count me in. Question: If we're already a Premier member, does that count? Or is there another way to push the $10 for a second entry? Thanks, Bulldogger
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    VA Diesel Page 6.2L Engine Book

    Subtitle: Improving Performance & Economy" Volume 1 Published by the Diesel Page dot com In good condition, small stain on the front cover. Costs about $30 on the site plus S&H, I'm asking $20 delivered. Note that the site sells it as Volume 1 and 2 combined, this book is just volume 1. Should...
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    Fogged up plastic in soft-doors

    Double polished 40 ga marine vinyl is the standard. BDGR
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    Turbo fan shroud

    Until you asked I didn't know there was a Turbo Shroud. My 1987 M998 has a 1990's era 6.5TD stuffed in it using the original cooling stack and we seem to be doing fine. BDGR
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    I heard they closed (went out of business). Have they reopened? BDGR
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    Maryland Inspections and Registration Problem

    I did the same and got an identical response from their Virginia rep when we were fighting the VA HMMWV retired military vehicle law. BDGR
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    Soft doors

    I made half doors a few years ago using frames from doors in that condition. I wasn't able to sell them much, so I'm not particularly interested, sorry, but someone might be for that use or another. Tip: They are reasonable to ship ($$) if you strip them and they can lie good and flat and...
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    Is the humvee transfer case an open transfer case?

    The NP242 (most common HMMWV TC) allows selection of Locked and Unlocked differentials. At highway speeds we run in High (unlocked), off road we put it in High Lock or Low (which is locked). It does produce TC binding to run on clean pavement/flat ground with the TC locked, and the tech manual...
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    HMMWV 4-man Soft Top Slant Back

    Mikemike, I have moved twice since my last productions, but am finally catching up and mostly unpacked and set up. I could not find a good manufacturer to sell my designs to, all turned me down. Now that I am caught up, and 'baby' always needs parts money, I plan to resume making kits this...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    I thought the same thing. Ha!
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    If someone nearby has access to an old school radiator shop that can boil it out and reseal it, then yes it has value. If not, there isn't much I guess it'd be good for. Maybe some scrap value, but again that's if local services take them in. BDGR
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    Hmmwv Fuel Issue after IP replacement

    You didn't mention that you bled the injectors. This is always a good idea after making changes to the fuel system. They can trap air and cause symptoms such as you describe. BDGR
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