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    MK23 Gun Truck
  2. 98G

    MK23 Gun Truck

    I'm sort of in the same position you are. I have an LWS ringmount for my M925 and nothing to put in it. I'm somewhat picky and want something period correct. This excludes the 1919s. And the M60 is just such a turd. I hesitated to spend $8k two years ago on a semi M249. A place in Phoenix...
  3. 98G

    MK23 Gun Truck

    The semi auto's that'd be appropriate are the M240B, an M2HB or an M249. They're all frequently available, just expensive. The M249 would be the cheapest to acquire and the cheapest to feed. Acquisition cost >$12k in today's market, and $0.70-$0.90 per round to feed. The M2HB would be the...
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