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  1. SgtMajHarper

    Mounting doors on soft top

    I'm trying to install my doors with no instructions.....does anyone have a set or maybe close up pictures of the hardware installed? Thanks much !!
  2. SgtMajHarper

    Asking for a friend

    I know a couple of guys that want to get into the green truck craze that has captured some of us. Both want to make a gun truck, either a deuce or a 5 ton. One guy wants to put a quad 50. on it (best dream) or both of them want to mount a .50 on it and maybe a .30 cal or two also. Nothing set...
  3. SgtMajHarper

    M101 canvas

    I got tired of searching and researching the archives and figured I'd just cheat and ask my question. I have an M101 trailer that after maybe 4 years decided to put the new canvas I bought for it way back when. Soooooooo, now I see that " cover" does not include end curtains, also a couple of...
  4. SgtMajHarper

    Goat work

    Spent the day tinkering on my Goat that has been sitting idle thru the winter. Crawled under the dash (no easy task for a 6-4, 250 (goal weight) guy) to wrestle the winch shaft onto the PTO......where are all the Leprechauns with 8 arms when you need them? Soon to get after the NOS heater...
  5. SgtMajHarper

    I joined the crowd.

    My nemesis strikes once more, ( the internet ). During another routine killing time search for green machines and other cool things on a cold winter day, I came across a local M274 Mule for sale. As usual, I kept looking, the ad stayed up day after day until the sirens song became too loud and I...
  6. SgtMajHarper

    NOS Heater Installation Manual

    Greeting Goat Herders......I'm finally getting after working on my Goat that has been holed up inside the garage for a couple of years. First project is installing the NOS cab heater I bought last year. I unpacked @ 100 little brown envelopes with a screw or bolt or washer in them, a couple...
  7. SgtMajHarper

    turn signal issues

    I have the newer style solid state flasher conversion on my truck. This has been an on again / off again issue for a couple years that started as a one off then started happening more and more overt a couple of years to where now its almost just not working at all. You start out and it works...
  8. SgtMajHarper

    M416 lug bolts

    Ok, I've already chewed my own butt, kicked some rocks, chewed my butt (again), gave myself a time out and forehead smacked myself a couple times. Long story short, I screwed up the wheels and lug bolts (yes, all of them) on my M416 trailer. I used 2 civilian style wheels and the original M416...
  9. SgtMajHarper

    Soft doors and cargo cover for sale.

    Hey Goat herders.....just saw on E-Bay a set of soft doors for the cab, bows for the cab and also a soft cover for the cargo compartment...not mine, just passing on the info...........tried to post in "parts for sale" but I guess I'm not allowed???
  10. SgtMajHarper

    Smoked a tranny.

    Just trying to get a handle on what I may be up against. Last week at our local Veterans Day parade, I was on the way home running in "maybe" 3rd gear, plugging along at @ 30 mph and the truck started smoking like a Navy CPO on mid watch with unfiltered Camels thru the battery box and up thru...
  11. SgtMajHarper

    New Cab Covers

    For those interested in new in the box cab covers for your Goat, that E-place has them listed at a surprisingly decent price. He also has new in the box cargo cover end curtains. Now I have older ones in various degrees wear and tear for storage. Not sure if the guy was pulling my leg or not...
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