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  1. Brutacus

    NHC-250 PT Pump return line

    Does any one know what sizes and types the tube and fittings are on the return line that connects to the pt pump? This is on a M818, NHC-250 Cummins. I was mounting my rebuilt pump and when I was tightening the return line, I never felt it get tight, or even snug. Then I notice the fitting was...
  2. Brutacus

    M809 recessed IR / Driving light mount

    One thing I have noticed is that just about every one likes the IR driving lights, despite there is no real use for them. At least for me. LOL If a clear lens/non filtered lens can be had, then it can be used as an auxiliary light. The other problem is where to mount them. I have seen some...
  3. Brutacus

    M818 chasing electrical problems

    Driving the M818 around today, nothing long distance about 20 miles or so. I've noticed several electrical problems while driving around. The first was ALL the lights went out. All the lights, headlights, park lights, turn signals, brake lights, and dash lights! They came back on, and I...
  4. Brutacus

    Plastic Battery Box Modification

    I have finished modifying my new plastic battery boxes. When I first got them, I notice that the top of the sides all curled in just like this. This isn't my truck, but it looked just like this. I don't like that. So I decided to fix it. This involved using two pieces of sheet metal that came...
  5. Brutacus

    M818 PTO seals and boots replacment

    I've decided to replace all the seals and boots on my M818's pto. The PTO boots have recently started leaking way more than usual. Since I don't know how much oil was in the transmission, or when it was last changed I've been wanting to change it out for some fresh. I'm putting in some Amsoil...
  6. Brutacus

    Air draining out from the shifter boot?

    Has anyone encountered this problem? I have a M818, which comes with a Spicer 6453 OD transmission. While tracking down air leaks with soapy water, I noticed a BIG air leak today. The truck couldn't build air pressure above 30 psi because it kept dumping everything out in the transmission via...
  7. Brutacus

    Remote power steering filter

    Here is my "last spin" filter conversion. This involves a 3/16" thick steel plate cut and drilled to fit on the inside, driver side fender below the power steering pump. I used fender washers on all points where the plate steel is bolted to the sheet metal. You can barely see them in the last...
  8. Brutacus

    What happened to the site - Site shows mobile view (Internet Explorer)

    What has happened tot he site? There is no logo, no search feature, and it's almost impossible to navigate. In the top right hand corner there is a Letter V, then the word Bulletin. On the right there is a calculator that does nothing, and a magnifying glass that does nothing. What is going on?
  9. Brutacus

    Too many amps in my 5ton!

    I might be having a problem of too many amps from my batteries burning out components on my truck. I'm currently running two 8D batteries which have a combined 2800 cold cranking amps, and a regular 3500 rated amps. All these amps might be causing the component failures on my truck. I got to ask...
  10. Brutacus

    The beast died after hitting a bump!!

    Hey guys, I'm trying to trouble shoot this and get an idea where to start. My truck is a m818, with cummins NHC 250. I was driving the truck home from work, hit some bumpy train tracks and my truck died. It started up and I continued home. About 200 yards from home, the truck just died. The...
  11. Brutacus

    What is this noise, engine starts to die when it happens

    I have an M818, which has the Cummins NHC 250. It idles fine at around 550 to 600 rpms, then a strange ticking sound starts and the engine rpm's drop to around 400 to 350, sometimes it just dies. I can hold my foot on the accelerator to keep the rpms up, then without notice the ticking will stop...
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