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  1. V8srfun

    Whistler turbo on a Chevy motor

    There are plenty of options for loud turbos but they are expensive. If you call precision they will build you one that is appropriate for the engine you have. Just be prepared to have a light wallet for a while.
  2. V8srfun

    Whistler turbo on a Chevy motor

    the challenge is that it is far more complicated to turbo gasoline engines compared to diesel. With diesel you can just slap a turbo on it and it will work with no other modifications necessary kinda like what the government did with the deuce (I know they also adjusted the timing but that is...
  3. V8srfun

    Can’t get this to start…FIXED!!!

    With having everything apart you may need to crank it over more than expected to bleed all the air out
  4. V8srfun

    Road diesel lubricity additive

    To touch on the original question bar and chain oil would be my last choice I just feel like the possibility of a unknown negative Side effect would be risky on a long trip when you are trusting the truck to get you somewhere far away. If it did cause you one problem that forced you to get the...
  5. V8srfun

    Whistler turbo on a Chevy motor

    Nobody has done it because honestly it’s a crappy turbo. It is terribly inefficient and does not have a good bearing cartridge . Modern turbos are far better in every way and in many cases cheaper unless you’re going for one of the big names with all of the extra features.
  6. V8srfun

    Whistler turbo on a Chevy motor

    If you just want noises I understand but that is all it will be worth. It is not the right size for a small block and has no wastegate to control boost so it could go bad in a hurry. Gasoline engines also are the opposite of diesel in that you can not run a diesel to lean as to cause damage...
  7. V8srfun

    How to unload an M35A2

    Because the ramps on the trailer would have been stuck in the dirt when the weight was on them and they would not have been able to pull it.
  8. V8srfun

    Looking to Buy

    Do you have a budget, or want specific things like a winch and air operated t case or just seeing what is available.
  9. V8srfun

    New project-M59

    This is what I call reviving a old thread. Can’t wait to see the progress
  10. V8srfun

    Gaskets required to replace head gasket

    If you are in to doing things yourself it can be fun to cut your own gaskets out of gasket paper stock. Obviously you should use pre made gasket for the cylinder head, exhaust manifold, valve cover, and anywhere you need a O-ring. But I like making my own for places that just take standard...
  11. V8srfun

    Front Axle Boots (Which One To Buy)

    I just figured you had trouble reading
  12. V8srfun

    Front Axle Boots (Which One To Buy)

    I agree I had no trouble installing the clamp and credit it to meticulously cleaning the groove with brake clean
  13. V8srfun

    Front Axle Boots (Which One To Buy)

    Mine are Not tearing they are only a year old
  14. V8srfun

    Front Axle Boots (Which One To Buy)

    If you are asking me my boots have not torn they have only been installed for about a year and I do not do any driving that puts my boots at risk for puncture from foreign objects
  15. V8srfun

    Front Axle Boots (Which One To Buy)

    Being that these boots are in contact with grease you will not get one to last for more than a couple years. There is nothing wrong with zipper boots if you respect them for what they are. They are not weather tight so I would not recommend driving in rain and snow. The boots do not add that...
  16. V8srfun

    Another boot install question

    I did mine in the same orientation as tactical repair without issue. Can’t remember the answer at the moment but I thought the same thing when I got my boots. If memory serves me correct the purpose and orientation was obvious when installing
  17. V8srfun

    Front Axle Boots (Which One To Buy)

    I went with the silicone ones from big Mike’s they have been on the truck for about a year with no problems so far. I would not want the boots to last much more than 2.5 years because you should be in there to inspect things from time to time. I could not confidently drive a truck as big and...
  18. V8srfun

    Where to sell a M35A3?

    I am in a position where considering sale of my a2 to free up cash for a business opportunity and decided to list it on Craigslist. Some jack wagon flagged my listing within minutes of posting 2 times. Maybe this is a sign to just keep the truck as I really didn’t want to sell it anyway.
  19. V8srfun

    What is this part? / What fluid goes here?

    I am running 40 wt in mine
  20. V8srfun

    Cargo Bed Shortening

    Nice looking truck!!!
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