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  1. SgtMajHarper

    M416 looking for parts

    Not sure if it helps or not, there used to be a company out of the Philippines I think that made new after market M416 everything parts and another company somewhere stateside I think that made a fiberglass tub. I have heard once in a blue moon the forest service still has some that they sell...
  2. SgtMajHarper

    Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation

    Colo. DOR won't give you a VIN, because they are hard left against registering any previously owned by the military vehicles. @ 3 years ago (before the last governor election) it wasn't an issue, they would register military vehicles just using the vehicle ID number. They have since started...
  3. SgtMajHarper

    New member from Portland, OR. Just picked up an m715.

    Welcome aboard ! Nice truck, I enjoy mine a bunch, they are always head turners and conversation starters.
  4. SgtMajHarper

    Mounting doors on soft top

    I'm trying to install my doors with no instructions.....does anyone have a set or maybe close up pictures of the hardware installed? Thanks much !!
  5. SgtMajHarper

    Surge Brakes

    From all ads I've seen in recent time, that price is a steal compared to what some guys are asking.
  6. SgtMajHarper

    New Ride

    Impressive seems such an inadequate word for this endeavor, but I'm illiterate in several languages.......FYI, in Colo. Sprgs, CO there is some kinda aviation group that rebuilds, maintains and flies old war birds plus a museum.......maybe this could be a nice home to consider? Lotsa luck on...
  7. SgtMajHarper

    Asking for a friend

    I know a couple of guys that want to get into the green truck craze that has captured some of us. Both want to make a gun truck, either a deuce or a 5 ton. One guy wants to put a quad 50. on it (best dream) or both of them want to mount a .50 on it and maybe a .30 cal or two also. Nothing set...
  8. SgtMajHarper

    M101 canvas

    I think it was your trailer I saw with the custom canvas on it, nice job. Mine came with the bows and I've acquired more since I got it. I wanted a canvas cover for the trailer to match up with the canvas on my truck, I'm thinking I may have been sold a canvas for a truck or maybe they just...
  9. SgtMajHarper

    M101 canvas

    I got tired of searching and researching the archives and figured I'd just cheat and ask my question. I have an M101 trailer that after maybe 4 years decided to put the new canvas I bought for it way back when. Soooooooo, now I see that " cover" does not include end curtains, also a couple of...
  10. SgtMajHarper

    Sinking an M561 Gama Goat at Camp Pendleton, CA

    YES !!! There are 3 plugs in the hull and the tractor also has a bilge pump. There are numerous detailed instructions of do's and don'ts and how-to's and limitations before going into the water. The one that says to not use your seat belt, remove the top and to inflate your personal flotation...
  11. SgtMajHarper

    USMC markings in Vietnam

    I'm in the time machine.....responding to old threads that may / may not have members here anymore......anyway....the 5 digit mystery number "14352" is most likely the unit's RUC number that is a unit identifier.
  12. SgtMajHarper

    HEMTT, well kind of

    Ohhhh heck yeah! Put a pintle hook on the back and a some black out lights on the front and nobody would even know.....maybe a ray gun in the turret and a fake flux capacitor just to make other guys drool more.
  13. SgtMajHarper

    New mule hauler works great

    Mine's an A2, had to trim the insides of the wheel wells just like you said.
  14. SgtMajHarper

    Paint/Gillespie questions

    Just my 2 cents worth, I'm not a painter, just a guy that wanted to save 2 grand from having another guy paint my Gama Goat. I used Gillespie like I have had done to my other vehicles. I bought 4 gallons thinking I should have enough to go over the old faded 3 color camo. I was surprised that...
  15. SgtMajHarper

    CA Hagerty Alternatives?

    I'm in The People's Republic of Colorado, I use Hagerty and also have to garage all of my vehicles, but I also would anyway. We live in hail alley and always get hail all around us, also the summers and winters tend to be brutal and really beat up anything left outside for long. I put in way...
  16. SgtMajHarper

    I joined the crowd.

    Wait for a real bad stretch of bad weather and get on the internet and start looking for things you have no need for but always wanted one anyway.....they just kind of pop up like magic !!
  17. SgtMajHarper

    I joined the crowd.

    With warmer weather and now when it's not too hot or raining I've been getting a little done here, a little done there....finally today on our Independence Day, I am finished with everything I was wanting done. A few new parts, stripped it down, new paint and markings, DONE!
  18. SgtMajHarper

    New to the family.....M715!

    If we were closer to each other I would heading that way now......unfortunately I'm a long haul away.
  19. SgtMajHarper

    Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation

    The legislature from what I was told was working under dire circumstances this session due to the "Chi-Com Flu" restrictions, they were only going to deal with "emergency situations and health related stuff" to take care of us all with social distance, remote working, etc. The very first thing...
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