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  1. V8srfun

    Is this a real surplus unit or a add on

    Is this a civilian conversion or a actual surplus setup
  2. V8srfun

    How not to treat your deuce

    This was painful to watch
  3. V8srfun

    Starting research ld 465 1c turbo upgrade

    I am starting to research and plan the turbo upgrade for my truck. Because I am planning on using a aftermarket wastegated turbo there are a few more variables than just buying the military upgrade kit and calling it a day. Let’s hear your ideas and opinions on what will work, what precautions...
  4. V8srfun

    M35a2 deuce and a half wheel hub bearing operating temperature

    For those of you that regularly check your hub temps what are you seeing. I am in the process of replacing all of my seals/boots and packing the bearings and want to know what is normal when I am done. I did not monitor temps before service but I do know that one of my hubs was noticeably warmer...
  5. V8srfun

    Broken budd nut

    So I broke a budd nut while removing the wheels off the rear axles. I am not totally sure that I understand why it broke but at this point I guess it doesn’t matter why. At first I tried to save the stud by drilling the budd and then I was going to attempt to split it in half. This idea was a...
  6. V8srfun

    Western pa

    Where can I take my deuce for a off road ride. I am not looking for anything extreme and would prefer to stay out of deep mud and what not. Mainly just looking for some trails to enjoy the outdoors.
  7. V8srfun

    Fuel filter conversion (would this be a suitable adapter)

    This looks to be really cost effective compared to some of the deuce specific kits. But I don’t know much about diesel fuel systems compared to what I know about light car gasoline systems. Take a look at this filter base and please talk with me about it. Do you see any issues with it or is this...
  8. V8srfun

    Buying a m105 tomorrow anything I need to know before the purchase

    I am looking at a m105 tomorrow. I know nothing about them other than it is the correct trailer for my m35a2. I gave it a quick once over today when I saw it on the side of the road. It appears to be in decent condition with little rust.
  9. V8srfun

    M35a2 deuce with 395 duals ?????

    So I am going to be in need of some tires soon and would like to go to 395s but I am not interested in going single on the rear axles. I think it just looks plain silly with out duals. My question is can 395s be run as duals safely on the rear axles. I think I have seen it done before but can...
  10. V8srfun

    Engine performance

    While driving home from the quarry with 10,000 lbs in the bed the truck performed perfectly except for the hills. One of the hills I was on I had to climb in low range and second gear. The truck would not hold rpm in third even with starting up the bottom of the hill at 2,400 rpm. My truck is a...
  11. V8srfun

    Truck markings/identification

    Is there a way to know what kind of service my truck performed by these numbers.i think it would be neat to know but I also will not be devastated if it is not easy to research. And I guess that one day when I repaint the truck it would help me decide if I will paint it to match its historical...
  12. V8srfun

    M35a2 deuce headlights

    I have a headlamp out and need to replace it or upgrade to something better. I am trying to learn about the led lights. I think I read somewhere that the trucklite led lamps are not all that long lasting but I can’t seem to find any threads on them. I am basically seeking advice on what lamps/...
  13. V8srfun

    Bed mounted accessory crane location INFO

    I just got this lift to install in the bed of my deuce to make loading and unloading heavy objects easier. I am looking for opinions on if you think my proposed mounting location is going to cause any issues. I want to make it as close to the back and side as possible but I need to leave enough...
  14. V8srfun

    Favorite noise your deuce makes

    The best sound my truck makes is under full load between 1500 and 1700 rpm. It is music to my ears. What is the best sound your truck makes and it can be anything related to your truck not just limited to exhaust tone.
  15. V8srfun

    I went back and bought the truck

    I want to start by saying thank you to all of you that helped me realize that I was wrong to think I should not buy a truck because it did not have a turbo. The truck I purchased is a 72 AM General M35a2 with winch The drive home took about 3:45 with no problems so I am happy for that. I was on...
  16. V8srfun

    Almost bought a truck today

    I went to buy a 72 deuce today it was in excellent shape with about 30k miles. It had winch, heat, air t case, spring seat, paint was nice, tires were in decent shape. Everything on the visual inspection turned out fine and I was really starting to think that this was the one not to mention that...
  17. V8srfun

    Help me understand this

    This is a cut and paste from Carnac’s historical thread. As discovered by D Doyle, there are numerous "series" of Kaiser/AM General trucks. In the case of the M35A2s, they are series 1 (S/N starts with 125) series 2 (S/N starts with 225), series 3 (S/N starts with 325), series 4 (S/N starts...
  18. V8srfun

    Pros and cons of fdc bypass

    What are the pros and cons of bypassing the fdc. Do most only bypass to fix problems or is it considered to be preventative maintenance. And finally does the bypass effect the ability to run different fuels
  19. V8srfun

    12 volt idea

    Mazda cars with the i-eloop charging system have a voltage drop resister under the drivers seat. The factory alternator charges at 24/25 volts into a capacitor in the fender well. That capacitor then feeds the voltage drop resistor that can then safely feed the deep cycle 12 volt battery. They...
  20. V8srfun

    Electrical soldering/connections basics.

    I wanted to try and contribute something to the forum so here it goes This is a basic soldering and wire connections walk thru 1. Disconnect your battery/batteries This is for your safety and so you do not damage any thing. After all I don't think any of us are certified in 12 volt wielding...
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