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  1. teletech

    Carc to Urethane

    Quartz and feldspar aren't particularly nasty, they are just what granite is made of. Very inert and harmless unless you manage to grind them up so very finely that they are respirable. Almost anything that isn't water-soluble (and a lot of things that are) get nasty at those sizes. You...
  2. teletech

    Carc to Urethane

    I've found the DPLF flows *much* better with that optional acetone in the mix, I don't even use the full 1/2 part but just a splash seems to help a lot. The stuff I got was 44GN011 Water Reducible Epoxy Primer and only about 1 month expired. It's water-reducible so I'm not totally sold on using...
  3. teletech

    Carc to Urethane

    Right now there is a lot of PPG aerospace epoxy primer on the secondary market (Ebay, etc.) for very reasonable prices. Mostly just expired Boeing surplus. I picked up a small pallet worth a few months back. :) If you do use DPLF, be very sure to honor the specified induction time...
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