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    Carc to Urethane

    Anything is going to bond to the CARC as long as it is in good sturdy condition, clean, sanded and not peeling or anything. Once any type of paint is fully cured, the next paint job bonds mechanically not chemically. Paints only bond chemically before their recoat time has elapsed, ( such as...
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    Carc to Urethane

    Teltech is correct, read the data sheet. If you use the DP- 401 activator there is an induction period that must be adhered to. If you use the quicker -402 activator there is no induction time. Think i will check to see what's left on ebay. Only thing to keep in mind is that epoxy will become...
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    Carc to Urethane

    I do mostly high end automotive restoration work, but I have also painted everything from excavators to military equipment and everything in between. My current personal preferance is a 2 part epoxy primer. It will adhere very well to everything including bare steel with no adverse reactions to...
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