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  1. aghumvee

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - November VOTE HERE!

    My M923a2 is a 2012 KS RSMS (Kansas Readiness Sustainment Maintenance Site) Rebuild Truck. I have always wanted a 5 ton when they first started selling on GL. I was in high school when they were selling the majority of them. I graduated in 2013 and this 5 ton showed up at auction in May or June...
  2. aghumvee

    MV of the Month November 2021

    I’ll nominate my M923a2. (2012 KS RSMS Rebuild truck)
  3. aghumvee

    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    That was basically what happened with us. Luckily the concrete that busted on the other side is getting covered by a breaker panel.
  4. aghumvee

    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    Used the SEE last weekend to drill a 1.5” hole through foundation wall with the hydraulic hammer drill. Used our mini ex to hold the drill sideways.
  5. aghumvee

    Shelter for a M105A2

    I have one of these shelters for the M105 trailers. See PDF attached. I dont have a picture of the one I have on my computer or phone.
  6. aghumvee

    An American HMMWV in Canada

    I have this style of Antenna mounts. I have black or green. I also have a new soft top c pillar , nos wiper blades, and I have the angle iron style brushguard. I have shipped to Canada several times so shipping isnt a problem. C pillar is expensive to ship though.
  7. aghumvee

    Butner NC

    Thanks for the info!
  8. aghumvee

    Butner NC

    Does anybody know if they will band items to a pallet at this location? Or has anybody had a LTL freight company pickup here? Butner, NC (Appears to be the ritchie bros lot) Thanks! Andrew
  9. aghumvee

    First startup

    I would drain the fuel tank and replace the fuel filter. Never know if the fuel cap was off at one time and someone put it back on. (Happened to me on my marine corp slant back from GP) Might as well change fuel pump and check/replace rubber fuel lines while doing it as well. Less stress on...
  10. aghumvee

    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Picked up a M416 today from a county road department in Iowa. Installed new wheels and tires and pulled it to my brothers house in Iowa. Nice trailer for its age.
  11. aghumvee

    Anyone dealt with Iron Planet in Junction City, KS? Now with 2 lots 6/10/21

    Your Welcome! GP really has gone down hill. Definitely not the same since taken over by Ritchie Bros
  12. aghumvee

    Anyone dealt with Iron Planet in Junction City, KS? Now with 2 lots 6/10/21

    The junction city lot is at the end of a gravel road by a junkyard. A tractor trailer can pickup there. I dont know if they will band loose items or not. Might ask Chris. His # 502-794-96eighteight. Customer service gave me area code 520 which is wrong. Loadouts are typically Tuesday thru...
  13. aghumvee

    Options/Opinions on Equipment Type Trailer to Pull Behind a Deuce.

    Luckily the first picture was at the trailer dealer. But we do have a bunch of other trailers 10+
  14. aghumvee

    Options/Opinions on Equipment Type Trailer to Pull Behind a Deuce.

    We ordered a Load Trail 102" x 22' with drive on fenders to use with our military trucks and regular Fords. The hitch we ordered allows us to use the angle extension that Holden trailer makes for the military also. This trailer new was around $6800 with the options we ordered at the end of 2018
  15. aghumvee

    Wrecking Crew Salvage Winfield Missouri

    I made the trip out from KC to get front bumper, rear window screen and exhaust pieces a few weeks ago off one of these trucks. Thanks for posting about these trucks! Not very many of the military versions being parted.
  16. aghumvee

    M915 series, pictures of your toys

    Hauling lumber for parents house. Also have hauled several loads of round bales with it also.
  17. aghumvee

    MV of the month nominations Nov 20

    I will nominate my M931a2
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