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  1. NormB

    Motorboat sound, putt-putt over 15 mph

    Took truck out for a ride a couple weeks ago, went grocery, apple pie apple shopping, on the way back from the orchard on a dirt road I heard what sounded like a metallic plate clang, like a muffler thing go bang (I do have the transfer case protector mounted, a little loosely, but have never...
  2. NormB

    HMMWV Hood Lift gas shock - anyone MADE one?

    Saw a link to one of the off-roading companies that makes a hood-lift with a metal plate and a gas shock and attachment to frame or somewhere sturdy. $249!!!!!!! I just bought a pair of gas shocks for my camper shell for $30. Anyone actually done this? Pictures, part #'s appreciated. Not...
  3. NormB

    Kent-Moore V-belt tensioner J-7316

    Happened to come across one of these - came in a „box o‘ tools“ I bought a few years ago, never needed it until recently when I changed out my generator, PS pump, belts, etc. Using one of the little „klickit“ devices is awkward, hard to read, so I remembered this gadget and pulled it outta the...
  4. NormB

    200 Amp Niehoff alternator question

    200 Amp Niehoff generator question With the N1225-1 generator mounted, there's a threaded (about 3/8x16) hole more or less on top center. It's not chamfered/countersunk. Inside appears to be a solitary wire crossing the hole. Anyone know what this is for? Okay to plug up with something...
  5. NormB

    The horror

    Maybe posted elsewhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. NormB

    6.5L engine August 2000 mfr - questions

    Well, poked around a bit, got a line on a “kit engine” meaning clean, all parts ready for easy assembly. Cheap. Engine block # 12555506, date cole H020 (Aug 02, 2000). So far as I can tell this is far beyond the cracking blocks/bolt hole problems, don’t know about the heads. Doubt they’re...
  7. NormB

    Spare 6.2L engine question

    Got an offer from a friend for a 1983 6.2L civilian Blazer/GM motor with about 47k miles on it. Was on a plow truck and salt/rust has killed the truck so he's parting it out. He's got the engine set up for a serpentine belt drive, new 12V civ. alternator, water pump, fan/etc, all of which I'd...
  8. NormB

    Fire Extinguisher

    Got thinking about this a few years back when I got my 802a. Nice thing to keep around. I already had the standard ABC powder FE in my HMMWV - since I'd updated to the OEM high-back seats, it went right by the seat on the floor where it's out of the way and easily accessible (some mechanical...
  9. NormB

    Tire noise, wheel wobble, run-out question/troubleshooting

    Couple of months back I took my truck over to Jeff's Adrenaline Off-Road (AOR here on SS) to balance tires. Took some weight, but did it. Took off my Centramatics - for now. Not a lot of miles since, but here's where I need some help troubleshooting: Front left tire began making some whining...
  10. NormB

    LED panel lighting redux

    This works for me, you might try it. Red lighting preserves night vision. Never could figure out a rationale for GREEN panel lighting. I bought a small bottle of Vitrea 100 glass paint and some Eiko 6S6/30V bulbs (about $8 and $10, respectively), but didn't like the paint finish. Might've...
  11. NormB

    Steel Soldiers’ Express request. Two 6.2L Gm engines Babylon, NY to Maryland

    Anyone planning a run from Long Island down I-95 corridor? Got room for a couple of engines? PM or email. Thanks. Norm
  12. NormB

    Leaking engine fuel filter

    I mentioned this in the other thread on “MEP 802-803 filters” The third stage filter (just before the injector “tree”) leaked. A lot. Fast forward to sourcing new seals, cleaning out about a gallon of spilled fuel (really really), and the thing STILL leaks. How hard is this, anyway? There...
  13. NormB

    Fuel storage, 55 gal drum, vent adapter, moisture trap, drieriete

    Thinking about venting for 55 gal storage drums (what I’ve got), and came across this page. Drierite is interesting stuff, absorbs moisture faster than silica gel (which I use in my gun safes), and can also be reactivated: “Regular and...
  14. NormB

    Rodent proofing 803a genset

    No sooner had I cleaned out the nest, black cherry pit shells and other “stuff” (surprisingly little compared to what was inside the 802a I bought two-plus years ago) from the previous rodent squatters than I scared off a chipmunk who had come up through the drain hole. I’d made a set of...
  15. NormB

    power distribution box, generator outlet plug

    This was for my new (to me, 233 hours) MEP-803a. With the 802 I was able to tie in a 4500 watt space heater, then a 2000 and/or 5500 watt water heater element in a trash can full of water, but MAN that water gets hot fast. Got to thinking about how I’d run power into the house, backfeed into...
  16. NormB

    Question re: Loading MEP 802 or 803 onto M116A3 trailer

    How the heck is it done in the field? Or is it? Do soldiers tilt the trailer and gently (as much as possible) offload the things, use a comealong to get them back on, or don't do EITHER in the field? Curious 'cause I'm considering picking up an 803a but it's on the ground. Never was around...
  17. NormB

    MANUAL SEARCH looking for manual/instructions

    For a 3-day assault pack NSN 8465-01-580-0981 I’ve looked. NSN-now, Tpub, armyproperty, DLA links, boolean logic searches, zero, zip, nada. Used to own a medium pack, had manual for that, have manual for other LBE and plate carriers. JUST cannot find anything for this pack. Anyone...
  18. NormB

    Starting current peak draw, slave port

    Okay, looked through the manuals, this one's been on my mind for awhile as I'd like to place some circuit breakers in strategic locations. One place in particular is the slave port. Have a jumper cable (thanks JuanPrado for parts), generator - with TWO dead, toast, Optima yellow tops (it's...
  19. NormB

    New engine, new life

    For diesel engines on the whole that is. But tell me, after reading this, does the question come to your mind as it did mine: how soon will someone make an adapter for this and transplant it in their HMMWV?
  20. NormB

    blew fan clutch hose

    Sort of. Pressure hose from cadillac valve to shroud connector came off. Had installed valve about a month ago, used new piece of hose. Fuel line, 50psi. What was I thinking, right? It was what was on it, I didn’t give it any thought. Bled system, tested fan/TDM/clutch - runs great. Couple...
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