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    KS 24v battery charger, compatible with your slave port

    Charges 24v at 4 amps, then when the batteries are fully charged it automatically drops to trickle charge/maintenance mode. It's capable of pulsing to potentially resurrect a bad battery. AGM or lead acid battery compatible. For those MVs like mine that hide from salty roads and sit all...
  2. 98G

    TX 40mm ammo cans

    $15 each or 2/$25. I use one for a center console in my HMMWV. I had the whole pallet sold and the gunstore went out of business between the time we made the deal and the time I attempted delivery. So I have a pallet of them with me in Midland TX. Possible handoff up the I35 corridor.
  3. 98G

    Colorado Springs, pick up and hold a 90lb safe

    I meant to win a truckload of safes and only won one small one. It's hardly worth the fuel money to go there to get just one - trip cost > total value of safe. Anyone close by willing to grab it and hold it until my next trip? I don't expect free. Cheap would be nice.... In exchange for...
  4. 98G

    KS HMMWV Troop Seats

    Like the ones pictured on my hmmwv, except the ones for sale are NOS never mounted. Possible upcoming delivery down the I 35 corridor as far as Ardmore OK, and as far west as Midland TX $400
  5. 98G

    UT to CO to KS to OK to TX - M200 trailer

    Very nice M200, green. Clean UT title. Delivery available between Cedar City UT, Colorado Springs, Ft Riley KS, OKC, and Midland TX. Pictures will be added Wednesday. $1000
  6. 98G

    PA to KS or grab and hold in PA - 1100lbs SAFE

    As the title states. Timeline - in a couple of weeks. Thanks
  7. 98G

    KS 16.00R20 Michelins $100 and a 14.00 XZL

    Good tread, old tires. I believe them to be usable as spares and I'll be using one as a spare on my guntruck. $100 each. 6 available. Delivery available between Ft Riley KS and Colorado Springs CO on or about 12 October. @TheLakeRat @silverstate55 I have some hemtt rims available also. They...
  8. 98G

    TX Wheels

    Set of 4 HEMTT rims, NOS. Missing the nuts that hold the two halves together, but I think @gimpyrobb has the nuts. No valve stems, no O-rings. Some surface rust. $600 delivered between Ft Riley KS and Midland TX. ***SOLD*** 1 LMTV rim, NOS. Also fits 939series trucks. Complete with O-ring. No...
  9. 98G

    Block off leaking shutterstat

    We've got a truck(M923A1) that's having trouble maintaining air pressure. It had a couple of constant leaks that we fixed, and several intermittent leaks (heisenbugs). One of the leaks is the shutterstat. Fan is on. Whistling leak at the external vent port. While obviously the long term...
  10. 98G

    How to jumpstart an M936A2 with an M998 using "normal" jumper cables

    On the hmmwv's military standard 2 battery system you connect positive to the positive post on the front battery and negative to the negative post on the rear battery (or frame). On the military standard 4 battery setup on 939series trucks, connect the positive to the front left positive post...
  11. 98G

    How much height adjustment in the GSS seats?

    I'd hook air to it and measure, but I'm unwilling to hack on the special fitting. How much travel is there from bottomed out to fully inflated? The manufacturer's site doesn't say. Also, I've seen a bunch of them in M939series trucks. Anybody have comments on putting one in an M809series...
  12. 98G

    KS GSS air ride seat

    As pictured- $450
  13. 98G

    KS MEP802 skid, toolbox, and cable reel $200

    As pictured, fits an MEP802. Edit - can't find the picture. Will take a new one and add later. Edit to add pics. Disregard Badcat. He isn't for sale and you don't want him. He bites, and that's the least of his bad behaviors...
  14. 98G

    Passenger seat and battery cover.

    These are the same in all the HMMWV variants? Thanks
  15. 98G

    KS NOS Slave Plugs, and Extreme Duty Jumper Cables

    This set is 15'. Made from flexible copper 2/0 welding cable and 1000 amp clamps. 2/0 is the same gauge as issue slave cables. I'm currently carrying them around in the HMMWV. This is the last of my red cable, but I have plenty of black on hand in 2/0, 3/0, and 4/0 and will be happy to make a...
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    809series tcase swap

    Which TM and where is this procedure described? Should I even consider doing this by myself?
  17. 98G

    Washington KS to Warrenton MO for a wedding. In an M998

    Departing for the return trip momentarily. Some pics for your entertainment-
  18. 98G

    M373 from Junction City KS to Washington KS (~50mi)

    2" kingpin. 24v lights. Tires look good. Anybody nearby got a M931 or M818? A buddy won this and it needs to be delivered to my place in KS. Obviously I don't expect free. Timeline next couple of weeks.
  19. 98G

    KS 10 ton AC and 120,000btu heater combo ECU

    As pictured. I pulled it off the trailer and have it on a pallet. 208v 3phase 60 amp. I had it in AZ and it powered on and blew cold air. Heating element looks like it needs replaced. Ambient was 110* so it wasn't tested. I don't have 208v 3phase here in KS so can't demonstrate it. $750
  20. 98G

    Why not WD40 into the unloader?

    I saw this mentioned in Slate's breakdown thread. I didn't want to hijack his urgent thread for this nonurgent discussion. I've had an unloader stick. I blew the moisture out with compressed air and then shot it with WD40. Problem solved. Remains solved some 5 years later with no further...
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