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  1. Mos68x

    M939A2 wheel studs?

    Does anyone have any specs/dimensions for these wheel studs? I sheared all 10 of mine off yesterday, leaving the truck stranded 40 miles from home with a few tons of high grade gold ore in the bed. Jeff is hopefully still pulling enough for one wheel replacement, but having some info on these to...
  2. Mos68x

    Water/Methanol Injection Install

    Ok, I thought I would start a thread for my water/methanol injection install on my non-aftercooled 6CTA8.3 now that I’m done with the rebuild and this doesn’t really fit in that thread. Thanks to a couple people I got the necessary info to get a good idea of the max size nozzle I needed for...
  3. Mos68x

    Boost Pressure in M939A2?

    Does anyone who has a boost gauge in their truck know what the peak boost pressure is? I need to know so that I can size the water/methanol injection nozzles properly. I cannot drive my truck until I get the w/m injection system in it since I built a replacement intake manifold and got rid of...
  4. Mos68x

    New Technology/Teaching these “Old Dogs” some new tricks

    Ok, the short version is... I’m going to be doing some rebuilding of a few control boxes on my truck and thought I’d see if there was any interest. Main power control box and the CTIS control boxes will be the main two that I’ll want to “adjust”. For the main control box I’ll be gutting, and...
  5. Mos68x

    Need to transport from Greenville, NC to somewhere much closer to AZ

    Found a head for my engine rebuild, but it’s in NC and I’m in AZ. Need to know if anyone is willing to help out with transportation even if it has to be hand-to-hand once or twice. I’m still waiting to hear back from Fastenal for the shipping quote but I’m willing to bet it’s not going to be cheap.
  6. Mos68x

    Bad Fuel Pump?

    Has anyone ever had a bad MW fuel pump? I’m feeling like I’m chasing my tail trying to figure out why I’ve lost a cylinder. I finished putting the engine together after having to replace #5 cylinder’s rocker arms, but I’m right back to not having all 6 cylinders. First fire after putting it...
  7. Mos68x

    8.3 Engine Timing Pin

    Has anyone ever had to replace theirs? Mine is missing the pin, and the bottom screw/bolt is stripped out. Just need to know how you replaced it, thanks.
  8. Mos68x

    M939 as a welder power supply?

    Has anyon used their trucks to weld? I found myself in immediate need to change plans on how I was going to weld my ISO frame together so that it can be mounted to the truck. I think I might still have my old 90A HF welder around here somewhere if I absolutely have to go that route, assuming I...
  9. Mos68x

    Non-ether cold weather starting solutions for the 8.3?

    What do you guys use to start your trucks in the cold? I don’t want to be dependent on finding ether for the winter where ever I happen to be on the globe. I really wish we had glow plugs on these motors, but retrofitting them in I suspect would be prohibitively expensive. Even the heater grid...
  10. Mos68x

    Compression test(er) for 6CTA8.3?

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can test the compression on this motor? Or if they already have some sort of tester for this purpose? Since I couldn’t borescope the motor I thought I’d try a compression test to evaluate the health of the motor as far the pistons/rings/liners goes.
  11. Mos68x

    Southwest area overland group?

    I was thinking of creating an overland group for the southwestern area. Not sure if this has been done before or not, just wanted to see if there’d be any interest. I’ve seen a trip from Phoenix to the Flagstaff area at least and wanted to tackle it with my 5ton, especially since I’m building...
  12. Mos68x

    6CTA8.3 engine rebuild for Sur Móvil

    After getting and oil change and the truck washed at Blue Beacon Monday night for the upcoming ISO frame build I got a flat tire... auaauaauaaua which led me to try to drive it for an additional 12miles into town Tuesday, after the 40miles limping it home with the rear axle bound up with a...
  13. Mos68x

    Common 6CTA8.3 Oil Leaks?

    Are there common points where this engine leaks? I've got a Class 3 leak but I can't figure out where it's coming from. I thought it was the power steering pump at first but it's reservoir is still full. Only other thought I had was that it could be some sorta seal in the accessory drive...
  14. Mos68x

    Transmission to Transfer Case Driveshaft, how to grease?

    How do y'all get your grease guns onto the fitting on the u-joints for that Driveshaft? I've got one of the small grease guns, but I still can't get it on them? Is there a trick I forgot? Those and the ones between the tandem axles is all I have left for this semi-annual PMCS lube. I wasn't...
  15. Mos68x


    Ok, just like everyone else trucks...mine needs some love in the paint Dept. I've seen some cool videos where people have used PlastiDip to paint their vehicles to protect them from the elements. I don't remember what it was here that posted it, but it seems to be pretty true that vehicles at...
  16. Mos68x

    Vehicle Maintenance Aide

    Hey guys, thought I would put this up here to help you guys out with your maintenance records. When I was in the Army one of my extra duties was to ensure that the shop maintenance records for the BN aircraft were up to date. I used Excel and all people had to do was put in the date and aircraft...
  17. Mos68x

    Updated TMs TBs MWOs for the M939 (Correction)

    Found the one MWO that was missing in my previous post. I wish I could edit my last post to include it, guess one of the admins will have to instead. MWO 9-2320-272-24-1: PUB DATE 09/21/1991; MODIFICATION WORK ORDER - MODIFICATION OF 5-TON VEHICLE M939A0/A1 SERIES TRUCKS SPRING BRAKE CONTROL...
  18. Mos68x

    Updated TMs TBs MWOs for the M939 (Cont'd)

    Since the last post was being a real PITA and didn't like having so many links in it I had to break this into 2 posts. TM 9-2320-272-24P-1: PUB DATE 08/27/2012; REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LIST (RPSTL) FOR TRUCK, 5-TON, 6X6, M939A0/A1/A2 *SUPERSEDURE NOTICE - This manual supersedes TM...
  19. Mos68x

    Updated TMs TBs MWOs for the M939

    A couple of these may be repeats but I'll include them anyways in the interest of trying to make applicable TMs, TBs, LOs, and MWOs easier to find. There are only a couple missing and I'll notate those in hopes that someone else may have them and can link them as well. Please understand that...
  20. Mos68x

    Bad tie-rods?

    Is this the tire cupping many of y'all have talked about caused by worn tie-rod ends? This tire has been in the same place on the truck since I bought it (about 3k miles) the other side did it some too, but had been changed due to tire fixing.
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