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  1. juanprado

    M998 6.2L Y-Pipe

    My M998 with 6.2L cracked the y pipe at both flanges meeting the exhaust manifold. I did add a fording exhaust several years ago with the correct under fender brace and all the hardware that it calls for. Muffler and and its extension pipe are all good and solid. I do not have any vibrations...
  2. juanprado

    M107A1 Water Buffalo Questions?

    Just acquired a Water Buffalo from TimNTrucks and in the process of fixing her up. I estimate she is from the mid 60's-70's. No data plate but Id her from the tm as the A1. Single air line, single wheel cyls, and I have a plate over the water pipes inbetween the bread boxes. 1. Are the bread...
  3. juanprado

    M1112 Water Trailer Tm 9-2330-397-13P revised 2015

    This Tm is for the dual axle with four 16 inch tires Water buffalo M1112 Tm 9-2330-397-13P Revised 2015 replaces 2000
  4. juanprado

    Caiman Steel Wheel valve thread size?

    I have some black Camian steel wheels with runflats & goodyears on my 5 ton m923. They were brand new and surplused in the GL days at Ft. Polk. I went to air /check them and some were in need of air. I found it a bear to hold the air chuck against the stems and to get air pressure readings off...
  5. juanprado

    Hard Door ID

    So this USMC hmmwv sold today. What model are these doors? Not sure but they don't look armored?
  6. juanprado

    m116a1 ? Trailer Salad- What is it?

    saw this puppy on gp? full listing with more pictures: dual 750 x16 tires with 5 lug rims. Looks...
  7. juanprado

    POL Products guide

    This lists all the specs and nsn's for petroleum products including oils and fluids currently being used on tactical equipment and vehicles.
  8. juanprado

    LA 5 ton Insurance not parked in garage

    I posted on a separate gulfway thread that they are switching to Haggerty. My dilemma is traveler's is getting out of the market and not writing new policies. Haggerty and Chubbs won't touch me as I am parked in a driveway not garage/carport. I would appreciate any leads on who you are using...
  9. juanprado

    Wait Light will not go off

    Searched but could not find this....... All was good till the last cold spell, well cold to me, comfortable to the the majority here I suspect :) Truck had normal wait light cycle but would not start due to batteries slightly low. Charged batteries and they are good. Truck now very difficult to...
  10. juanprado

    M348, M373, XM 1005, XM 1007 Trailer manuals

    Manuals and parts for M348, M373, Xm1005 & xm1007 trailers TM 9-2330-246-14 and TM 9-2330-246-24P
  11. juanprado

    Thanks to PROFO, 98G, & Simp5782

    I appreciate the opportunity to jump on the tail end as a 3rd party of a shipping arrangement that allowed me to get 3 steel pallets from KS to LA. Thanks to Marty, Wes, and John! That is what makes this site awesome is the camaraderie and genuinely good folks helping each other! As they say in...
  12. juanprado

    TB 9-2510-251-13 Air Conditioning install for Add-on-Armor Hmmwvs

    TB 9-2510-251-13 Air Conditioning install for Add-on-Armor Hmmwvs Thanks to Kzeyus for providing this in a different thread.
  13. juanprado

    LOUISIANA PROPOSED NEW LAW : HB 549 Provides for Military Surplus Motor Vehicles

    Louisiana State Residents please read attachment and React accordingly. Now it is the time to make your voice known and your actions into emails and phone calls. Please be aware of the following proposed senate Bill # 549 by Senator Hewitt who is the vice chairman of the Louisiana Standing...
  14. juanprado

    Need Help Id Antenna model/Type ?

    Looking for help in determining what model this antenna is and What applications is was used For? Happy New Year! :jumpin:
  15. juanprado

    Cross reference guide for Radio/Comm cables from A320XXXX to CGXXXX or CX13XXX & NSN

    Cross reference guide for Radio/Comm cables from A320XXXX to CGXXXX or CX13XXX & NSN This cross reference shows NSN and the part numbers using the A320XXX series numbering or CG-XXXX or CX130XXX numbering systems. Might help to id cables as they can be labeled with either part numbers...
  16. juanprado

    Vic 3 -10 and Parts 20P Tm's

    Vic 3 Intercom -10 Operator's manual -20P parts manual
  17. juanprado

    TB 9-2350-277-40&P-2 M113A3 CREW II MODIFICATION KIT for coms

    Technical bulletin installation of crew ii modification kit 19207 – 12498026 for carrier, personnel, full tracked, armored m113a3 2350-01-219-7577 (eic aey)
  18. juanprado

    M101a2/a3 safety check tip

    I have owned my M101A2 about 6 years now and have towed it all over creation. It has seen 25 states and beaucoup miles. Hubs/bearings run cool , no vibration, rattles. No mechanical issues what so ever. I took it this past Sunday to the Veterans Memorial parade in Baton Rouge about 70 miles...
  19. juanprado

    M1097A2 USAF special ops Black Gator

    On Sat I participated in the Lakeview Veterans Parade in New Orleans. There was a black USAF m1097a2 from Alexandria, LA (probably Pineville?) participating. I was told it was Air Force special ops with FAC forward air control duties with a custom helmet top. All kinds of Antenna on it...
  20. juanprado

    High Back Seat Parts

    I disassembled the bottom off one of my high back bucket seats to put a patch in the inside for a small rip. There are some circular clips that hold the fabric to the round seat frame all around, maybe 20. Several had rust/corrosion and just snapped in half. I can not find them listed in the...
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