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  1. joshs1ofakindxj

    2 WWII combat wheels 20" wanted for artillery

    I'm fixing up an M6 carriage for an M5 gun and I would like to find two original combat wheels in usable condition. I just have M35A2 wheels on it for now. The ones that were on it rotted away from sitting in dirt. I think the wheels that came on the M5 were the same as the WWII M10 ammunition...
  2. joshs1ofakindxj

    PA M416 Trailer - PGH PA - $1400 OBO

    I picked up an M100 so I'm selling my M416. I am located near Pittsburgh, PA. I am asking $1400 or make me an offer. The trailer has a PA title. Possible trade deals could involve: - M38A1 wheels - 16" NDT tires for an M100 and/or M38A1 - and I have a list of milsurp rifles I'm always...
  3. joshs1ofakindxj

    What are these wheels from?

    I was told they were M135, but I don’t see any pictures that match. I need to find one that matches one, since they have wheel surfaces that are offset different- about 3/4” and 1-3/8”. I Need to find one to make a matching set.
  4. joshs1ofakindxj


    Taa daaaa
  5. joshs1ofakindxj

    Military trailer in my loca Ads - what is it?

    Military trailer in my local ads - what is it? I *think* from my googeling that could be from the G789 family of trailers, but I'm not really sure. They appear to have similar suspension and the draw bar wagon frame design, but I can't find anything with that drop in the deck. Just my curiosity...
  6. joshs1ofakindxj

    Who makes the best hub boot?

    Who makes the most durable hub boot (not a zipper boot) for the 2.5T Rockwell, at this current time? I ask, because my last set came from a currently popular and more economical source, and I have had two fail on the driver side bottom while just daily driving. I'm pretty competent and sure I'm...
  7. joshs1ofakindxj

    Brake shoe adjustment driving me crazy

    I put new shoes on the rear axle of my deuce because the old ones got saturated with gear oil. I followed the TM and the drive side is perfect but the passenger side is driving me crazy! I can't get the shoes on that side to pull in enough so that they're not rubbing the drum and causing a TON...
  8. joshs1ofakindxj

    Rear Axle Lift Blocks for a Bobber

    Almost done building my bobber and I had some questions about the rear axle lift blocks for the M105 suspension bolted to the frame. First, I'm sure aluminum is a no-go with the weight we're dealing with, but is cast iron ok? It doesn't need to be billet steel or cast steel? In particular, are...
  9. joshs1ofakindxj

    Bobber bed to cab gap

    I'm about to start mounting my M105 springs to my deuce frame and I wanted to verify something before I begin drilling holes this weekend. I'm hoping to use the measurements and existing holes for mounting as outlined on the XM381 website. Will centering the bed on the axle, based on those...
  10. joshs1ofakindxj

    My Crew Cab 4x4 Deuce Build

    I just can't take it anymore. The deuce has been great to me in original form, but it's time to go wild. Everybody and their brother can buy a regular deuce and drive it around. I want my own crew cab 4x4 with a M105 bed. I've been reading build threads and I have a good idea of what I'm in for...
  11. joshs1ofakindxj

    When do you change your socks?

    No, not those socks. Duda diesel filter socks. I use them to gravity filter my fuels, and after almost 2 years, the same 3 I have stacked in each other don't seem to be filtering any slower than day 1 after hundreds of gallons of oil. Do those things ever die?
  12. joshs1ofakindxj

    Dodge WC51 from Cairo GA to Washington PA

    A member of the local MVPA chapter has purchased a WC51 from Russell's Military Vehicles in Cairo GA and he is in need of transportation. He has had bad luck with conventional methods so I offered to post here for him. I believe it is 7 foot wide and 14 foot long. Not very tall with the...
  13. joshs1ofakindxj

    Random Long Cranking to Start

    Sometimes my LDT-465 equipped A2 can sit weeks and I hit the button and it lights right off with no throttle. Sometimes it can sit a day and it will have to crank for 15 seconds and need some throttle. It is not temperature dependent. Should I be looking at an FDC bypass? If I should be doing...
  14. joshs1ofakindxj

    My deuce at Bantam Fest

    Butler PA Bantam Fest 2012! I was hoping the convoy would be bigger but we had fun with those that came out and then we did have a good sized crew at the fairgrounds. KDKA coverage of the convoy with video embedded in the artcle: The...
  15. joshs1ofakindxj

    m105 help needed on the road

    I have a crappy blackberry curve or I would do some research and read the tm on this because I'm sure the answer is there... Can I adjust my m105s brakes without pulling the drum and hub? I'm driving my deuce and trailer to the butler bantam fest today and for the first time I hooked up the...
  16. joshs1ofakindxj

    Turbo Exhaust Sealing Area Dimensions

    I recently changed all the seals around my turbo when I installed a pyrometer, and on the turbo exhaust connection, there is a thin metal ring gasket that goes in the connection to the exhaust pipe that is clamped together. This thin metal ring is not cutting it for me, leaking quite a bit, so...
  17. joshs1ofakindxj

    Canvas seat covers

    The seats in my CJ5 to M38A1 conversion project (ongoing since 2006) are ready to be addressed. I'm getting creative with a passenger seat from an M35A2 for a rear seat and it has nice OD canvas, but the front seats are stock CJ5 low backs with torn, faded, blue material on them and I would...
  18. joshs1ofakindxj

    A3 Wiper Wiring upgrade on an A2

    I just searched and read every thread relevant mentioning "wiper wiring" and didn't find any help. I have the upgrade/mod schematic printed out but it is difficult to read and not helping. I have the A3 wipers and the 3 wires coming from it and nothing else. No circuit breaker or splitters...
  19. joshs1ofakindxj

    Tanks off-loaded from ships on 10 tons from Vietnam

    The title is what I have interpreted as what's going on in these pictures my dad showed me in an old photo album. He was in the Navy and he said "here is some equipment coming back from Vietnam".
  20. joshs1ofakindxj

    M105A2 Spare Tire Simply Mounted

    I was looking at different ways to mount a full size 9.00 x 20 NDT spare tire on an M105A2. I saw the one field mod where it was mounted over the tongue and said forget that! Then I saw several trailers where the tire was mounted under a corner of the trailer used an M35A2 bracket but it kind...
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