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  1. TechnoWeenie

    Water Heater Stuff

    With your budget.. yeah.. that's gonna be an issue. Most propane water heaters for RVs are somewhat like home water heaters. They maintain temperature in their small reservoir (usually 2-3 gallons), but are running constantly to maintain the temperature, even if you're not using it. You're...
  2. TechnoWeenie

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    You have a panther, too? ;)
  3. TechnoWeenie

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Put it on a timer, turn it on an hour or 2 before you plan on heading out. It should be self-limited ~160*, so keeping it plugged in all night won't necessarily hurt anything, other than the additional wear. It's basically a hot water heater element, designed to be in a truck. You can also...
  4. TechnoWeenie

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    What's the wattage of the heater? How is it regulated?
  5. TechnoWeenie

    The WeenieWagun v3

    On the truck side of it..... I installed my spin on filter adapter for oil..... it was super easy... and started it up after sitting for quite a few months....
  6. TechnoWeenie

    The WeenieWagun v3

    *Language Warning* I try not to cuss in my videos, but words may slip out. If you're offended by cussing, don't watch the video as I'm sure I've dropped something, somewhere.... Front wood is also removed, exposing the front passthrough that will be narrowed.
  7. TechnoWeenie

    The WeenieWagun v3

    My current to do list with the box is.... Plan full build Remove all existing lighting Remove interior wood completed Seal interior Seal exterior Install exterior fixtures Install solar Install battery bank Install heater Plan for door install Install plumbing/shower ...and others...
  8. TechnoWeenie

    The WeenieWagun v3

    My current to do list with the truck is... Primary: Change oil (purchased + spin on filter conversion) completed Change gear oil (axle) (Purchased) Change trans fluid (purchased) Flush brake system (purchased) Replace fuel filter (spin on filter conversion) Flush coolant Adjust air assist...
  9. TechnoWeenie

    The WeenieWagun v3

    The name WeenieWagun came from a play on words from one of the other forums I frequent, WAguns. We would refer to one of the moderators Tahoe's as a glorified station wagun, word play on wagon....and when it came time for my projects, I found my screen name, and type of vehicle fit, so...
  10. TechnoWeenie

    M1165 Humvee now recovered! from Scottsdale AZ

    If I lived out in TX/AZ, I'd be waayyyy too tempted to have a nice long drive on some deserted roads to have a lonnggggg conversation with someone that stole anything of mine... 'Here's a canteen of water, and some food, and you can either walk back from here, or I can call the sheriff to come...
  11. TechnoWeenie

    Expeditions, adventures or just a campout

    All doggos are 'good boys'..
  12. TechnoWeenie

    WA Hagerty comes through - again

    M1031 and M185 that currently has a deuce bed, soon to be an enclosed box.
  13. TechnoWeenie

    WA Hagerty comes through - again

    Well, when I was rear ended in my M1009, they had a check cut to me in about a week... and a 'get well soon' letter with Hagerty swag showed up soon after signed by hand by people in their office, when they realized I had been hospitalized. They could be stretching the truth, but I have no...
  14. TechnoWeenie

    WA Hagerty comes through - again

    Anything over 10K is driver's discretion. A buddy's deuce was towed on a flatbed... via Hagerty...Not sure how legal that was, but it got done. I was told if they need to call a bigger wrecker, it will be covered but there may be an additional wait. In terms of towing to/from a shop for...
  15. TechnoWeenie

    WA Hagerty comes through - again

    After the last vehicle I insured with Hagerty was wrecked, I was a little leary going back to them, fearing rejection. Well, I started an online application, and they insisted I call. Thinking I was gonna be immediately flagged, the person that answered told me that they rejected my...
  16. TechnoWeenie

    Radiant Floor Heat

    They do have diesel air/water heaters. The water side is designed for coolant, and room for expansion, but modifying it should be pretty easy and will give you almost instant heat. IF floor heating is on, you'll probably want air heat as well.
  17. TechnoWeenie

    Making a deuce a reliable daily driver? Help make a to-do list?

    I was gifted some 80W90 from a buddy that works on a ship.. couple 5 gallon pails of the good stuff... so I'm good to go on draining and refilling axles, trans, etc. Ordered some full synthetic 15w40. It has a really robust additive package, but I'm gonna mix it 50/50 with conventional, so...
  18. TechnoWeenie

    Maryland Inspections and Registration Problem

    They are exempt, thus, comply with FMVSS. But, it's MSP.... If the vehicles are owned by a company, open an 'office' in another state and title them there.
  19. TechnoWeenie

    Anyone shoved 8D batteries in their deuce?

    Because I just got 6 8Ds for free.... and I'm trying to put them to good use. The Group 31s in there are unknown/questionable, since they're 5 years old at least, and the truck has been sitting for about that long..
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