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  1. SCSG-G4

    SC MKT's for sale

    I'm getting too old to really push MKT's around - mainly the work in between the feeding parts that gets done at home. Thus there are two MKT's available, that have the normal BII stuff including ovens (with pots and square head pans, MBU's, an inverter, CAMBRO food and drink containers, a...
  2. SCSG-G4

    Any CK owners on the forum?

    Containerized Kitchen for those who don't have one. At $355,000 a smack when new! If you do have one, please contact me as soon as possible. If you don't have a CK, just pass on by - they are not for the faint of heart. They were built to feed 650-700 troops three meals a day with five cooks...
  3. SCSG-G4

    MBU Problems

    I cannot get any of my MBU's to turn on. Tried two different power supplies, which are producing 26.6 volts at the end of the cord that plugs into the MBU. So far 8 different MBU's simply do not go through the startup sequence, the display remains 'dead'. Two of the units I used last...
  4. SCSG-G4

    Deuce Tire Covers

    Because I have trucks sitting out where the sun shines on the tires every day, I decided to look into covering the ones on the south side to help extend their life a bit. Attached photo is what it looks like. has them in both white and black. I have 9.00 x 20's sporting the...
  5. SCSG-G4

    Making and using my Field Sanitary Trailer

    After washing the cookware in cold water by lantern light at my first Georgia Rally, standing on muddy ground, I vowed there should be a better way. I picked up a partially stripped MKT and began the build. First I cut down the cabinet that the four burners sit on and shortened it so that it...
  6. SCSG-G4

    Graves Mountain Rally Buy-Sell-Trade

    I have a deuce winch mounted on the frame extensions and front bumper, plus the drive shaft and a number of other parts, but no PTO. I'm never going to use it - I don't take my trucks where they are likely to get stuck. With a little help from my friends, I can get it to the Rally if someone...
  7. SCSG-G4

    Lockbourne, OH to Columbia, SC

    Who is picking up at Lockbourne now that Gimpy is gainfully employed? Appears that I won some stuff from there and will need to get it picked up and then arrange for transport southward sometime in the next 10 or so months. I expected to be out-bid, but apparently there were not any richer...
  8. SCSG-G4

    2017 Dayton Hamvention

    Post from another forum I 'participate' in (lots of WWII Military radio stuff): Today was the first day of the Dayton Hamvention in its new location, Xenia Ohio around twenty miles east of I-675 between Fairborn and Springfield. The new venue is the infield of a horse track, somewhat smaller...
  9. SCSG-G4

    Cowpens Parade, June 18, MV Needed

    I have received a request for a military vehicle to participate in the Mighty Moo Parade, scheduled for 10 am on June 18 in Cowpens, SC. It will be in support of the Travis Fox American Legion Post 125 of Cowpens. If there is someone in the Spartanburg area that could help these guys out, it...
  10. SCSG-G4

    Pickup and store - Portsmouth, VA

    I need to get a power panel, weight about 60 pounds, dimensions estimated 27 x 35 x 30 picked up from the Portsmouth site, 400 Magazine Road, entrance off Victory near Hwy 17. It is sitting on a pallet which I have no use for - see picture. Adam will be in Norfolk in the next month or so and...
  11. SCSG-G4

    DUKW video

    Just a short video of the DUKW moving from it's storage location around to the wash rack where we will start working on fixing up the hull and making other repairs to get it roadworthy as a vehicle of the FMF-PAC of WWII.
  12. SCSG-G4

    2015 ga. rally home safe

    The Columbia, SC group has all made it to home base, but my black Plano box with my rally tee shirts, a pillow, and my dirty clothes didn't. We think it may have been put in the M105 trailer that all the tents, tables and chairs were stored in.
  13. SCSG-G4

    Some DUKW's go south for the Summer

    I rode with Ferro today on the first leg of a DUKW's southward journey, today going from Jacksonville, NC to Hopkins, SC. Only the cognizetti know it's final destination, but I have been assured it will spend most of the rest of it's life on soft, white sand, and will be driven by a 'squid' in...
  14. SCSG-G4

    Army Base Closings, now to 2020

    Here is a link to the Army plan to reduce the forces, both military and civilian, at most all bases located in the US. See exactly how it might affect your community in these assessment documents. The Army is soliciting feedback on these plans, but notes that they are driven by sequestration...
  15. SCSG-G4

    Columbia, SC - Military Museum, June 7, 2014

    The South Carolina National Guard Military Museum is having an open house for the opening of their second building on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Gates open at 9am and there will be a D-Day ceremony at 10 am honoring WWII veterans. See attached document for more details. SC Military Historians...
  16. SCSG-G4

    Touch-a-Truck, Columbia, SC Apr 5, 2014

    We setup today at rhe Junior Womens Club Fifth Annual Touch-a-Truck. Here's some pics.
  17. SCSG-G4

    ATPTac has a new deuce

    Member ATPTac just bought a new-to-him deuce this afternoon here in Lexington. Hopefully he'll be home in about an hour or so and will post more info. But in the meantime, for all the picture junkies, here he and his family are on the Wally World parking lot on the way home.
  18. SCSG-G4

    Recent MKT Prices - Summer 2013

    I'm asked on a fairly regular basis "What is my MKT worth?" or very similar questions. Well there were 17 MKT's in GL that Closed on June 13, 2013. Here's what they went for: MKT-90 #970 $725.00 MKT-85 #2433 $630.00 MKT-99 #0029 $1710.33 MKT-85 $1010.10 MKT-85...
  19. SCSG-G4

    Bunk Trailer for FRFS

    I've started the process of getting my bunkhouse trailer built for the "First Responder Feeding System" (the official reason I have the green machine addiction). First step was getting a stripped AN/MJQ-18 Power Plant (generators removed), taking the bows off and preparing the bed for a new...
  20. SCSG-G4

    MEP derated power

    Lots of people have talked about how strong these generators are under normal circumstances, and several of us have commented about the Army testing method to determine the limits of power output. Well, I found a picture, courtesy of GL that explains it much better, and more definitively than...
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