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  1. michigandon

    W400 Ambulance: aka: Dubya Four Hundred Bambulance: I GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    But wait, there's more! Did I mention it's also Cummins-powered? It definitely has some issues that need to be addressed (IE the roof is in desperate need of some love!), but to the best of my knowledge it is the only one configured like this on the planet. Let this serve as an Official...
  2. michigandon

    Bob H...

    Your PM box runneth over! Need to ask you a question about your W400 (And no, it isn't "Is it for sale?" I already know the answer to that ;)). Thanks for your time, Don
  3. michigandon

    Summerville, GA?

    Anyone know of a place in the aforementioned town that wheels and deals in MVs? I was told that there was an M886 and a few M880s there. Supposedly there are also numerous other MVs as well as a HUGE collection of antique tractors. Anyone know who this is, and does this particular individual...
  4. michigandon

    Cackalacky to Bamy...and back? (and all points in between, too!)

    Well, it looks as though I will be making a southbound trip as soon as my EUC clears for that Fuel Bowser, and I will be headed down that way towing an empty Big Tex car trailer. I could haul something south like an M38 or an M151. Could also haul things like engines, transmissions, axles...
  5. michigandon

    Seat covers

    Anyone see any reason why I could *not* use a set of jatonkas seat covers that he advertises for the 1000-series CUCVs on the bench seat of one of these trucks? I mean, all the aftermarket vendors used to offer (and still do, for that matter) "one size fits all" seat covers for pretty much all...
  6. michigandon


    Anyone know where I can find some of those little plastic(?) plugs that go in the fenders, or a respectable substitute? I'm referring to the ones that plug the holes where the "Custom" or "D150" emblem is mounted on civilian trucks. TIA! Don
  7. michigandon

    What model trailer is this?

    Just curious. Would like to know some specs, if possible. Weight, application, pros&cons, etc. TIA!
  8. michigandon

    Tent from Williamsburg, VA to Wake Forest, NC

    I just "won" a 16'x'16' tent and thought I'd see if someone could give it a lift between the aforementioned towns sometime within the next few weeks. If there's nobody who can help out it's no big deal to run up and get it myself either. TIA! Don
  9. michigandon

    Rotor puller

    Does anyone know where I can get a puller like the one shown in the TM to pull the front brake rotors? Is there anything available at Horrible Freight or Northern that can be substituted? Thanks for your time, Don
  10. michigandon

    Tintable bedliner w/Gillespie?

    Has anyone here ever used Gillespie Coatings to tint the tintable U-Pol Raptor Liner, Or the SEM Tintable Bedliner? If so, how did it work out? Googling around a bit online, I found that the tintable SEM is compatible with enamel (which the Gillespie paint is, of course). But the U-Pol folks...
  11. michigandon

    Empty Sprinter van going from NC to MI and back in September.

    We will be headed up to Michigan on September 4th or thereabouts for a Family reunion, and plan on being back down here on the 10th or thereabouts. Can carry stuff like engines, transmissions, tires, wheels...pretty much anything that's NOT ginormous, but too big/expensive to go via UPS or...
  12. michigandon

    Our "new" M882

    For those of you who were at the Denton Farmpark last month, yes this is the same truck that was for sale there. My wife looked it over and warmed up to the idea of having one, and after shopping around and failing to find a more suitable specimen within a reasonable price/distance, we...
  13. michigandon

    M880 from Asheboro NC to Wake Forest, NC.

    Botched recovery gone very bad. :( The good news is that I managed to get in a safe place and there were no injuries or fatalities. Needs to be moved a grand total of roughly 93 miles. The truck will run and drive onto and off of a transporter, albeit just barely. :cry: Would like to move it...
  14. michigandon

    M880 gun ring?

    Have any of you guys ever seen an M880 with a gun mount on the roof? I am contemplating the acquisition of one which the seller claims to have a genuine USGI field modification with a roof cutout and a canvas cover to go over it when not in use. Supposedly it was an MP truck and the canvas cover...
  15. michigandon

    Airpack or master cylinder failure? Both? Neither?

    Spent the last few hours searching and reading many of the older posts/threads, but didn't find anyone with symptoms quite like mine. Up until today the truck had been stopping fine, however pedal travel was a bit more than I would have liked. Tried do the minor adjustment, and it seemed to...
  16. michigandon

    Lunette Locks

    Looking for the gentleman that was making and selling those lunette locks a while back. Anyone know who that is and does he still have any available? Thanks, Don
  17. michigandon

    Quirky posting hiccup

    Having an odd thing happen lately. Every time I make a post I get the "you must wait 15 seconds" message and it looks as though my message has not been posted, even though it actually has. And yes, I am only clicking the post button ONCE.
  18. michigandon

    Eastover M105 recovery: mission accomplished.

    I was on the road by 0430 yesterday. Was hooked up and headed for home by about 1000 I think? Anyway, the Eastover armory is a very laid back place, the GL guy was very cool and helpful. Wasn't expecting him and I to hafta shuffle trailers around BY HAND in order to get mine out, but I'm making...
  19. michigandon

    White Owl today!

    Had to go into work this morning for some training 'till about 1300, and afterwards I ran over here to pick up some cargo cover bows for Sad Sack:
  20. michigandon

    Great White North to the Deep Deep South.

    I've got my eye on an Iltis or two that are located in Ontario, Canada; eh? Looking to see if there might be anyone coming from here to there who might be willing/able to give one a ride. It's a long shot I know, but nothing venured, nothing gained, right? ;) I've gotten two quotes online...
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