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  1. wheelspinner

    NC FMTV Cooling Fan/Clutch (new style)

    I have 2 available complete fan and new style clutch taken from good running trucks that were parted out.
  2. wheelspinner

    Denton NC 2020 Buy/Sell

    Post up your needs or things you don't need anymore. IF YOU COMMIT-PLEASE FOLLOW THROUGH! Prices should be included in your offerings to cut down on the "how much for xyz" questions
  3. wheelspinner

    2020 NC Rally-Denton Farm Park

    Its coming up on that time again!!!!! Mark your calendars, save your spending cabbage - GET VACATION TIME SCHEDULED! Jim Henry of HENRY'S Truck Sales in Albamarle NC is once again sponsoring the spring dust off The annual Denton NC Rally, swap meet and general get together is planned for...
  4. wheelspinner

    MERDC and LMTV

    I know, I know-never happened! That being said, I LOVE MERDC winter verdent and I plan to paint my LMTV and trailer with it. Because I can. Problem is the pattern doesn't exist (of course!) and I can't seem to find a similar body shape from back in the day to copy. Any thoughts on a good...
  5. wheelspinner

    NC Rally BBQ Convoy Friday Night

    For all of you who missed this event last year (sorry!) ITS BACK !!!! One of the best parts of the Denton Rally!! We will be convoying to Presnell Memorial Park in Seagrove NC. The setting is perfect with tons of parking, and a large pavilion with some seating (probably best to bring a chair...
  6. wheelspinner

    GATOR Bed Stuck Down

    I have an A1 Gator with the electric actuated bed lift. Actuator appears to be working correctly (goes in and out on command when disassembled) but when connected to the bed, it acts like the front of the bed is "locked down". It actually raises the back of the bed against the hinges but it...
  7. wheelspinner

    Official NC Denton Rally 2019 buy/sell

    Post up here your wants/needs/for sale items. PLEASE ! If you commit to bring or buy something, maintain contact and follow through. Here is the rally thread:
  8. wheelspinner

    Official NC Denton Rally 24-28 apr 2019

    Its coming up on that time again!!!!! Mark your calendars, save your spending cabbage - GET VACATION TIME SCHEDULED! Jim Henry of HENRY'S Truck Sales in Albamarle NC is once again sponsoring the spring dust off The annual Denton NC Rally, swap meet and general get together is planned for...
  9. wheelspinner

    Denton 2018 Buy-Sell

    We are 90 days out- Time to start lining up the deals and getting the spending cabbage allocated! Please post prices for anything you are selling ! It helps keep the "how much" added posts down. Thanks! If you commit, follow through-Please don't say you want something and then not show or...
  10. wheelspinner

    Denton NC Spring Rally 25-29 April 2018

    Come on out and have fun with us at the Denton Farm Park in Denton NC Lots of great camping spots , plenty of room to stretch out and great chance to catch up with friends and make new ones. I will update with the specifics of camping and gate costs, and of course we'll have a thread on the...
  11. wheelspinner

    Battery Questions

    Well I am stumped. The two batteries in the spots closest to the frame continue to go dead. The alternator is charging correctly (14.4, 27.7) on both ports, and the batteries take a charge off of a charger perfect. But they go dead. When reading voltages on the batteries while engine is...
  12. wheelspinner

    Was STOLEN/FOUND !!!!! In Seattle area 1078

    Saw this on Bookface and wanted to get the word out asap. Het the word out! Watch for it or parts. ****ed thieves.
  13. wheelspinner

    CAT 3116 Fuel Governor Oil Leak

    I have an oil leak on the fuel governor, and I can't find any parts break down further than what I have here (TM 9-2320-365-24P) page 88. There is a clamp (part number 29 on this diagram) that holds the offending part in. My question is; What is under that clamp? If I pull this part off, what...
  14. wheelspinner

    BBQ Convoy-Denton Rally Friday 14 Apr 2017

    We will once again be going on a nice convoy run - Hopefully to my house as always, but with construction going on that may change. Some things are are the same as the last few years: We will depart the Denton Farm park at 16:30. This will be proceeded by a drivers meeting. The ride will be...
  15. wheelspinner

    Wheelspinner's M1078

    Well, I am in the club. Got a nice (looks mostly complete) 1078 out of Bragg. Prob go pick it up next week I would imagine. Plan to prep and flat tow it home as its listed as a non-runner and only about 75 miles away. Hopefully no major issues, but the price was good ($3K plus fees) and...
  16. wheelspinner

    BBQ Convoy @DENTON Rally

    OK, Folks, time for the official invite: Blake's Famous BBQ at Wheelspinner's Place Friday 15 April 2016@ 4:30 SHARP ! We will line up by 4:15 p.m. to make sure we have time for a quick driver's meeting. We will leave from the Denton Farm Park, and convoy approximately 27 Miles (about a...
  17. wheelspinner

    Denton NC Shirt Coin PreOrder 14-17 Apr 2016

    Please post below if you would like to pre-order (reserve) a shirt or coin. Paid Pre orders are guaranteed until the sizes are gone, and if only reserved will be released for sale on Sat @ 10:00 am. If they are pre-paid I will be glad to hold and ship if needed (shipping at actual cost)...
  18. wheelspinner

    First M35A2C New-to-me

    Well, it arrived! Bruce Flynn delivered within 5 minutes of his scheduled time - AWESOME! He is out of NJ and I can't say enough about his service and company! Truck is a non-runner right now, but hopefully that will change soon.... I have been dealing strictly with 5 tons as these were the...
  19. wheelspinner

    931A2 Recovery

    Picked up a M931A2 from Ft Drum, with 402 indicated miles, but listed as a non-runner. I had previewed the truck, but really hadn't planned on bidding so my notes were less than stellar, but it was now mine so off we went. DH wasn't busy today so we took his M819 to Drum to pick up what was...
  20. wheelspinner

    First 923A2

    So I sold my nice 923A0 last Wednesday and he is already hauling red oak up the haul roads to get to the road tractors. I had sellers remorse almost immediately and Ft Drum had some nice trucks so I got lucky and picked up a pretty nice A2. DH was kind enough to run up to Drum and scoop it out...
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