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  1. Bobweb

    Decent deal on some Michelin’s

    For anyone in the Hiawassee area. I was in A to Z downtown discount store and they have a set of (4) brand new Michelin’s on a ten lug rim. Appeared that they would go on military trailer or a 5 ton. The guy said he got them in a bulk sale and wanted $200/tire and rim. Sounded like a good deal...
  2. Bobweb

    I have to drop the fuel tank

    have to clean out the tank, reached my Hand in the bottom and it has about And inch of misc. slime/rust particles. I have the TM, but just asking for any tips or tricks from someone who has done this before. Any thing to look out for? Also a way to test the in tank fuel pump to make sure it’s...
  3. Bobweb

    anyone interested in a Florida 2021 rally?

    I live in Naples fl. I saw some videos of 2010-2011 rich loam WMA ride. anyone want to do it again? or anywhere else in Florida?
  4. Bobweb

    Strange noise on m35a2

    greetings everyone, I went out to start the deuce this morning and when I flipped the battery switch, I heard a loud humming noise. I immediately shut off the battery switch and waited a few mins and tried it again. Same thing happened. I have a feeling it’s either the starter solenoid locking...
  5. Bobweb

    Paint quote

    Hey friends, I got a quote today for some carc type 2 from a chemical company. The quote seemed a bit high. Can anyone give me and idea about the average cost of 383 green? Is there any reason this stuff is 400$ a gallon? Anyone know where to get mil grade for less?
  6. Bobweb

    FL Title transfer problems!! please help!

    hello all, I am a new member from Naples, Florida. Yesterday I purchased a 1989 AMGE m35a2 from a friend. we went to the DMV to do the title switch from his name to mine, and they rejected the switch. We asked why and she said we need to drive to palmetto, fl and have the vehicle "inspected"...
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