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  1. TechnoWeenie

    The WeenieWagun v3

    The name WeenieWagun came from a play on words from one of the other forums I frequent, WAguns. We would refer to one of the moderators Tahoe's as a glorified station wagun, word play on wagon....and when it came time for my projects, I found my screen name, and type of vehicle fit, so...
  2. TechnoWeenie

    WA Hagerty comes through - again

    After the last vehicle I insured with Hagerty was wrecked, I was a little leary going back to them, fearing rejection. Well, I started an online application, and they insisted I call. Thinking I was gonna be immediately flagged, the person that answered told me that they rejected my...
  3. TechnoWeenie

    Anyone shoved 8D batteries in their deuce?

    I'm thinking there probably isn't enough room.... Maybe under a bench seat like the 5 tons?
  4. TechnoWeenie

    Picture of Texas Former Military Vehicle plate?

    Only photos I'm seeing are like a decade old.. Anyone get a former military vehicle license plate recently and willing to share what it looks like? Specifically, does it still say 'military vehicle' on the bottom, or did they change that to 'former military vehicle'? I know about the no...
  5. TechnoWeenie

    Yet another fluids thread....

    After reading probably a thousand posts, and dozens of threads, probably hundreds of pages, I'm now more confused than ever, and my head hurts. I'm making a list of fluids, and in searching, the amount of 'use this, not that' followed by 'Make sure you use that, not this' is making my head...
  6. TechnoWeenie

    Vacuum line sizes and locations

    I searched and didn't find anything on the sizes of the lines. I searched through the TMs, and cross referenced them to GM part numbers and got the sizes. Hopefully this will make things easier for those having vacuum issues.
  7. TechnoWeenie

    Pic request - Singled 1200R20 with flipped hubs

    Debating on dual 1200s, or singled 1200s with hub flip. Help me make my decision. Single rating is 8200lbs, so still well within the weight handling capacity, even singled out.
  8. TechnoWeenie

    Remote brake fluid reservoir

    I see it's a popular mod and makes perfect sense. I've spotted a couple universal reservoirs itself for like $20 on amazon, but I have some questions. Normally, the MC reservoir is vented to atmosphere... Now, if you get a remote reservoir, and the reservoir now has a vented cap, that means...
  9. TechnoWeenie

    Anyone titled/registered a truck through the mail, in TX?

    I'm potentially looking at relocating to TX. I'm looking at titling a vehicle, and placing it in a trust. I don't wanna pay tax/title here, just to turn around a couple months later and pay it again in TX. Before I moved to WA I was able to title and register my vehicle in WA, despite being...
  10. TechnoWeenie

    Air assist issues

    I'm having some issues with air assist, and I'd like a second opinion. I can turn the wheel right, and I'll have full assist. If I turn the wheel LEFT, I not only have no assist, I feel like I'm having to fight the steering wheel to go back to center, like it wants to stay right. Thoughts?
  11. TechnoWeenie

    TechnoWeenie Educational Series - Solar Panels

    Intro I'm going to cover some fundamentals of solar power including types of panels, safety equipment, and best practices when implementing a solar system. Electrical is an entirely different subject that I'll go into at a later date, and will discuss integration into an existing system, but...
  12. TechnoWeenie

    TechnoWeenie Educational Series - Insulation

    Intro.. Here I'll go over the basics of insulation. This is designed to be a general guide, and won't cover every aspect. There are other things to consider, like condensation, water vapor, thermal breaks, etc. that will come into play. You'll find that insulation needs will vary based on...
  13. TechnoWeenie

    Making a deuce a reliable daily driver? Help make a to-do list?

    So, I've been thinking about the best way to make sure that a deuce is a reliable daily driver. I'm trying to make a 'To Do List'. Because I don't know the history of a vehicle that I buy, I usually replace all the fluids as a start, but this heavy equipment being 50+ years old, and not knowing...
  14. TechnoWeenie

    Seal between NP208 and TH400

    I've been tearing through the TMs, and MULTIPLE times, I go to look for a part, and it shows, let's say, 1-12 parts labelled in the figure, but will only display parts 6,7, and 8.. Look in the index, and same thing. This has happened numerous times, and it's driving me insane. I can't trust...
  15. TechnoWeenie

    Air Force M35 differences?

    I'm looking at a 1987 M35A2... I've been told that all of the 87's were on an Air Force contract. What are the differences between the older pre-87 m35A2s? I've heard they have a knockout for landing lights, a heater, an air lock front axle, and a dual circuit brake system. Is that true? What...
  16. TechnoWeenie

    Vacuum line part ID/name

    22506637 'adapter' Mine is falling apart and I'm sure the reason for my late shifts... Can this be removed and plumbed directly to the regulator?
  17. TechnoWeenie

    Value of custom USO seats?

    Picked up an M1009 used by the USO... custom embroidered seats.... front and rear... any idea on their worth? I'd rather have regular seats... heh .
  18. TechnoWeenie

    Need some life/truck advice Re: M1031

    sigh. So, I picked up an M1031 about 4 yrs ago...Bought it with 19k, now have about 47k on it.... haven't had any real issues with it... other than the generator being finicky. When I picked it up, the power steering pump had all but unbolted itself and was held in by the belts, and was...
  19. TechnoWeenie

    Failed trans cooler line, need fitting dimensions

    84 M934A0 (haha).. std Mt654cr.. from transmission to cooler.. I checked TMs, and I'm not finding info. so far it's 72" overall, 75 PSI operating ,max burst 3000PSI.. I found P/N 12277179 NSN 4720-01-115-2274, but it seems to be for the hose itself. I have someone that's gonna make the hose...
  20. TechnoWeenie

    M932.... is A2 really worth it?

    So, I bought a 934 with the NHC250.. Loved it. . no major issues... Sure it's a bit slow with 1100s but the duals add a ton of stability.... Now, I had an on the job injury, fighting for disability, and am homeless living in the 934, and tow barring my M1031... it's funny how life works out...
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