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  1. NDT

    M725 at SEMA

    Did you see this admittedly cool M725 at the Las Vegas SEMA show this last week? I wonder where they got the idea for a tan Kaiser? 😉
  2. NDT

    10.00-15 tires at GENSCO Houston

    They have the mother lode of these for your 172 or 870. All Goodyear around 2014.
  3. NDT

    M1079 clearance light overload situation

    The M1079 has 24 clearance lights all of which run through this one 25 amp breaker in the PDP which in my case is getting too hot to touch and tripping. I am thinking swap to LED bulbs?
  4. NDT

    Lytle TX (San Antonio) to Houston, offering GP pickup 5-7 Mar

    Bought some overpriced crap, gotta go out there, anybody need anything brought east?
  5. NDT

    8.25-20 NDT Tires @ Gensco Houston

    Halftrackers Get ‘em while you can, 4 pcs, available, new & cheap
  6. NDT

    Interlog LED 24 V Mil Headlight opinions?

    I have some JW Speaker and newer Truck-Lite 24 volt LED military headlights which i am very happy with. Apparently Interlog has entered this market. Anyone have a set they can comment on?
  7. NDT

    2HN Battery AGM equivalent SNAFU

    So I had this great idea to standardize on Deka AGM batteries in group 51, which is very close in size to the 2HN battery used in generators, Jeeps, M37's, M715's etc. Since Deka is a trusted supplier to the military, it was my plan to use this quality battery in everything I own including my...
  8. NDT

    Deuce Bumperette extensions - never seen before

    Folks today I was cutting up the world's rusty-est deuce frame and came across these bumperette extensions. The frame serial area is deep rust pitted so couldn't sleuth any there. Was this a kit of some type or is this stock on shop vans or some other chassis that I have never noticed before?
  9. NDT

    GMV sponson top plate

    Someone has right sides of these “fender toppers” on ebay but not the left side. I bought the one side and was amazed that the holes lined up perfectly on my 1025A2. So I decided to repop the opposite side. Common aluminum .25 thick. It is a mirror image of the ebay item except for a...
  10. NDT

    Deuce crank pulley wobble/loose

    Got a multifuel deuce in and crank pulley/harmonic balancer totally loose. For anyone that has run into this before, is this a busted crankshaft? Before I tear into it just wondering.
  11. NDT

    Check your Driveshaft phasing on FMTVs!!

    Sure enough got a new unit in and look at the front ds! I see this again and again! I guess they forget to mention this in 91B school!!!
  12. NDT

    Mystery rim damage?

    I have several used rims that have ugly radial scraping going on inside the rim. What causes this? Rims are straight from uparmored HMMWVs.
  13. NDT

    USMC Macaw Backpack Fire Extinguisher

    Finally got my hands on one of these units. You may recall my thread on the HMMWV bracket available for this extinguisher. The unit uses compressed air from a SCBA bottle to create foam from a tank full of a water/foam concentrate. The foam is then blown 30 feet from the nozzle. The foam can...
  14. NDT

    KDS Yellow box blown diode repair

    Has anyone been down this path already? Big power diode blown up near mosfets that juice the glow plugs. Not sure of rating, will order 50 volt 30 amp or so and see if it fixes box. Box would not glow.
  15. NDT

    Brake light on, locks up rears

    Newly arrived M1025A2. Master cyl full, no leaks, stops on a dime but it feels like rear axle is doing the work, locks up tires rear only with hard application. Any special HMMWV wisdom here other than bleed brakes and replace master cylinder if problem does not resolve?
  16. NDT

    Allison erratic after fording

    Guys, have not had time to dig into this yet, but lots of times ya'll have been down similar paths and have quick fixes. '98 M1079 with WTEC 3. Shifted great until start of fording ops during 4 hours of high water rescues last night. Symptoms: would not shift out of 2nd sometimes, 7 showing...
  17. NDT

    Macaw Fire Extinguisher Bracket for HMMWV

    Well I thought I knew about most HMMWV add-on kits to date, but I missed this one that the USMC came up with. The Macaw unit is a backpack foam system that uses compressed air and a foam solution to shoot a jet of foam at a fire. The system can also be used for decontamination with a different...
  18. NDT

    Special Budd Nut for M172A1 trailer

    Need one of these with right threads. Has anyone seen this available commercially?
  19. NDT

    Experiences with Alaska ECU?

    Anyone running one of these to cool/heat your shop? I bought 6 of them a while back and am about to install on a leased building, BUT I am seeing people report that they burn out after weeks of operation and Alaska tells you to f off if you call for proprietary parts. This is the 5 ton model.
  20. NDT

    Recovery of Director Van M259A1 from NASA

    Had a successful recovery today of a Nike Hercules "Trailer Van Director M259A1" from the NASA Johnson Space Center. Went a lot better than my last recovery there when the alternator on my 915 caught fire at the security checkpoint. This time zero problems. NASA was using this until very...
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