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  1. frank8003

    FL EAR plugs corded 93 pair 33 cents a pair

    $31 bucks total shipped. 3M Earplugs Push-ins and four other types, corded 93 pair total. 5 flavors and the box 3M EAR Plugs. This is the last I have. All corded, I liked different sets of plugs, I bought a lot of them, all good, some I liked better than others but always liked the corded...
  2. frank8003

    FL Tap Extractors Walton 4 flute set of four 30 bucks

    Tap Extractors, Walton four flute, set of four $30 total shipped. Walton Tap extractors 7/16" 3/8" 5/16" +1/4" which is like 11mm, 9-10mm, 8mm, +6 MM. All come with the instructions in the holders, 3 new plus the one I used. I used only the 5/16" 10314 and bent the ears a bit but it...
  3. frank8003

    FL 43 foot foot 3/0AWG 3 Aught jumper cables $104 total.

    I offer 000 3/0AWG 3 Aught wire cable for jumper cables, battery and solar connections. Here what is left at $1.85 a foot. BLACK 22" 5" =22 foot RED 21' 8" =21 foot This is made in USA, older, used by me welding cable. EDPM cover with actual strands diameter of .450"; (11mm+), You...
  4. frank8003

    Head gaskets page 22
  5. frank8003

    more lead

    more at
  6. frank8003

    FM 55-17 _ TC 4-13.17 Cargo Specialist Handbook May 2011

    Ooops it says too big to upload to SS If someone at SS could go to the link below and upload then it will work for everybody. How to move stuff
  7. frank8003

    UK fighting Ajax vehicles General Dynamics, the Ajax armored fighting vehicle Ajax vehicles Ajax
  8. frank8003

    Safer Automotive Finish Remover SAFR

    SAFR I have used other products from Evapo-Rust that work really good. The new SAFR looks like good stuff. Any comments?
  9. frank8003

    AMCP 706-360 Engineering Design Handbook (electrical/military)

    I have the file here but is about 32mb and too big to upload, What to do? This thing explains all the military connectors up to and including gun ring mounts It should be within SS
  10. frank8003

    Surviving halftracks

    There is many more than shown here
  11. frank8003

    Conversations, how to find mine?

    A few days before today 01122021 I had a conversation with an SS member about old magazines I would give. Well now I can not find that conversation. It is important as He gave me his mailing address and I need it. I read it and closed it and now can't find it. They used to be "private messages"...
  12. frank8003

    posting links to YouTube

    Is it possible to post a Youtube link without having it show up as a big picture of the youtube? As in posting just the link.....
  13. frank8003

    Generator to charge vehicles, Hummer Ford Tesla Volt

    The future and now. I seek which would be best MEP generator to charge Hummer, Ford, Tesla, Volt, Bolt, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Dodge, and a large number of other vehicles. Only one at a time, I only need one. So when the utility company power is gone I will need a generator, sounds silly...
  14. frank8003

    R.I.P.--Chuck Yeager

    With all that He did He made it thru 35,727 days....... General Yeager was blessed with having unusually sharp vision (a visual acuity rated 20/10)
  15. frank8003

    Load a tank, oops
  16. frank8003

    Electric robot tank Ripsaw M5

    robots are here
  17. frank8003

    Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle AMPV

    Replaces M113
  18. frank8003

    227 Challengers and 388 Warriors

    scrap them?
  19. frank8003

    members map

    OK I gave up I know We got them Where the heck is the members map?
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