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  1. Taborljoshua

    M818 for business

    I've been looking at buying a M818 for helping my family business when they get some not so smart drivers. My extended family owns a lot of carnal rides. Due to the locations where they set up a lot of the drivers have issues getting the rides stuck in soft ground. I know I will hear others...
  2. Taborljoshua

    Upgraded wiper arms and blades.

    I recently bought the recommended wipers and blades mentioned many times on the forum. However it seems the wipers stopped coming with the much needed adapters. Does any know of a part number for the thin metal part on the end of the wiper arm to slide in?
  3. Taborljoshua

    Air line

    I accidentally nicked the air line going to the rear passenger glad hand. What exact size length and parts do I need to get? I've been searching for quite a while either I'm the first one to ask this question or it's a secret .
  4. Taborljoshua

    5 ton filter box

    I recently purchased a 5 ton air filter box. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time figuring out what the correct filter is. I can't find any numbers on it.
  5. Taborljoshua

    12.00-20 psi

    I just got some 12.00-20 tires put on. What's the best way to figure out the correct PSI?
  6. Taborljoshua

    Check before you buy!

    I bought a cargo cover from mountain gear surplus sales. Is it just me or does the picture look like a deuce and a half? Hopefully I can get my money back. Has anyone else used this company?
  7. Taborljoshua

    Speedometer adapter

    I'm getting ready to mount 12.00-20 44" tires on my 66 M35A2. I've found the part numbers for 11.00-20 and 395/85r20s. However I cannot find anything for the 12.00-20s. should I go with the 395 one of is there a better option? Also what's the correct cable to go with it
  8. Taborljoshua

    Canvas cargo cover weight

    I'm looking into having an existing canvas cover modified to fit like an oem cargo cover. I found a tent company that will do the work for a good price. Unfortunately I do not know what weight of canvas is needed. The heaviest I can find is 21oz after treated. The most common are 10oz and 18oz...
  9. Taborljoshua

    Hex bolt, brake drum to hub - replacement?

    One of my hub bolts snapped at around 90ft lbs, I think the bolts were stressed by someone with an impact. I also found out the rear axle doesn't have drilled hex bolts on the hubs. I'm in desperate need of a source for this bolt. I cannot seem to find anything. In the first picture the zinc...
  10. Taborljoshua

    Torque specs

    Started flipping hubs and was unable to find the torque specs for these bolts in the TM.
  11. Taborljoshua

    Flipping hubs

    I've been thinking about flipping the hubs on my truck. I'm currently running 11.00-20 tires singled out. I'm getting ready to run 12.00-20 tires on it singled as well. I've been contemplating flipping the rear hubs outward. However I've been reading about why rear axles are more narrow than...
  12. Taborljoshua

    Inner tubes

    I just bought some 12.00-20 tires. I'm currently running 11.00-20 tires. Where is a good place to buy new tubes? What exactly do I search for online? Do I just need to buy new tubes or do I need to buy new tire flaps as well?
  13. Taborljoshua

    M931a1 electric issues

    A friend of mine has a M931a1 that no electronics work at all, no lights, no click trying to start, nothing. He last drove it a month ago. He just installed 4 new batteries. I've been searching for circuit breaker or fuses for it but I can't find anything. I've worked on M35A2 but not any 5 tons.
  14. Taborljoshua

    Gremlins!!! Hydraulic Head Problems After Rework

    I recently removed the hydraulic head because fuel was in the oil, cleaned and polished all passages, reinstalled it with new Orings, button and retainer. First time it leaked horribly now after after a tiny bit of fuel gasket maker it leaks less. I also tried to lower the idle but I can't get...
  15. Taborljoshua


    I found a M109a3 Multifuel for sale. Not sure on the year, it was abandon at a storage for years, owner never returned. Tires look very new 11.00-20 stack has a muffler, some rust on the side of the box, needs batteries. The big issue is it has no title. It's from North Carolina but been parked...
  16. Taborljoshua

    Deuce - M35 Front End Alignment.

    Im going to be installing new tie rods soon. Just have 2 questions. 1. What ball joint press works best with that huge size, or are y'all just going to say use a pickle fork? 2. How much and where do y'all suggest to get an alignment done? Sent from my LG-H918 using Tapatalk
  17. Taborljoshua

    5 ton clutch disc in m35a2

    I've seen this on eBay. Not sure if it's true. The seller claims this 5 ton clutch disc can be used for an m35a2. Any truth to this? Sent from my LG-H918 using Tapatalk
  18. Taborljoshua

    EGT performance

    EGT and Boost. Did my first run with a new to me D turbo, EGT and Boost gauge. The highest EGT was 1100ish before I backing off the throttle, highest RPM was 2450 ish, Max MPH 52, tire size 11.00-20 ,max boost seen was about 14 lbs, max load was approximately 1700lbs of cement/rubbish. Even on...
  19. Taborljoshua

    Jatonka Fuel filter idea.

    I currently have the Jatonka fuel filter kit on my truck. The fuel/water filter seperator has a thread of 1-14. The water seperator says thread 1-14 UNF 2B im not sure if the UNF makes a difference or not. The two secondary filters use a 7/8-14 thread. The filters appear to have close enough...
  20. Taborljoshua

    Electrical troubleshooting

    I am in desperate help on how to troubleshoot my truck. I have no power to any accessories with the switch on, no fuel pump, no starter, no lights. All of this was working a month ago. I have bought a test light and a harbor freight volt meter. So far i only see power directly off the power post...
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