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  1. bigmike

    MV (was) broken down in Fernley NV. (Help no longer needed).

    My friend Tracer was heading to Plymouth CA for the big MV swap meet. His M105 trailer has a flat. He can’t get the logs loose and the Loves tire shop won’t touch a slit ring rim. Anyone near there? please call me ASAP so I can give you more info. 916-809-2969
  2. bigmike

    ISO: M977 HEMTT crane seal kit or TM for crane

    I’ve been searching for the TM which covers the M977 crane. No luck. There is a seal kit on E-bay but I don’t know which crane it is for. If anyone has the seal kit and/or the TM for the M977 crane, I’m interested.
  3. bigmike

    MV demonstration weekend and swap meet Oct 10-11

    American Armory Museum fairfield CA. Come join me with your MVs.
  4. bigmike

    CANCELLED: 2 1/2 ton and up "Big Truck" showcase at MVCC swap meet

    Trucks 2 1/2 Ton and Larger to be Featured at Camp Plymouth, CA in April 2020 At the largest annual swap meet and MV show in the West this April there will be three themed MV displays for a few hours each: Armor, Trucks 2 1/2 Ton and Larger, and HMMWV. The event will be April 15-19, 2020 in...
  5. bigmike

    need hemtt Detroit Diesel 8v92ta mechanic near Sacramento

    Bringing home the hemtt and blew something resulting in white smoke and no power. Looking for supporting in my area.
  6. bigmike

    Anyone near Sun Prairie WI?

    I'm looking at something near there and am wondering if an SS member is nearby?
  7. bigmike

    M37 gets brake and carb work

    Tore into the M37 today. Got the carb working after a bit of cleaning and adjusting. Tore into the brakes as well. Replacing the master cylinder and all the wheel cylinders. Man they were jacked up!
  8. bigmike

    Nov. 10th Dixon CA. Military vehicles needed

    I’ve been asked by the Veteran Riders of Solano/Napa to supply military vehicles on Saturday Nov 10th at the American legion post 208 in Dixon CA. One of their members died and they are having a fundraiser for his family.
  9. bigmike

    24 Volt siren restoration

    Picked up this siren at the MVCC swap meet in Lodi CA. My plan is to install it on the wrecker. it was full of dirt and small rocks. Fins were kinda bent up. Did some metal work on the fins, cleaned the unit up and cleaned the internal electrics. Gave it a new coat of paint. Tested it out...
  10. bigmike

    M16 Halftrack joins the family

    Well I finally scored a halftrack. It's an M16 per the data plate and double thick frame. She's rough, rusty and missing a bunch of stuff but her bones are solid. Winch is there including the drive shaft and PTO. Once I cut all the piping and crap off, she'll look more like a halftrack.
  11. bigmike

    Grillin' and Chillin' BBQ cookoff and car show Saturday 7/21/18 Dixon, CA

    I know it's short notice. I am helping to run the car show and have secured a section for an MV display. This is a huge event with over 15,000 spectators. Let me know if you can join me there.
  12. bigmike

    Dixon, CA gun show M.V. Display

    Gang, Gun show at the Dixon, CA fairgrounds. Saturday and Sunday 12/9 and 12/10. I’m bringing a ton of stuff to sell and display. If your interested, bring an MV to display.
  13. bigmike

    Lubrication trailer re-purposed

    I've decided to convert the lubrication trailer to haul the Indian 741 in style. I removed the lubrication unit (still free to a good home). I made a bed for the trailer and painted it this past weekend. Need to add the deck, touch up the paint and some nice stenciling.
  14. bigmike

    Military Vehicle Display Dixon, CA. 11/5/17

    West Coast Archery is having their 2nd annual veterans event at their shop in Dixon CA. on Sunday 11/5. This event is a fundraiser for disabled vets and they have free archery shooting for all veterans. This is also a veteran owned business. Me and 5-ton Larry displayed a couple trucks last...
  15. bigmike

    M543a2 blew a fuel line. Can't figure out how to access it

    Guys, the flex line going from the T at the FDC, around the back of the FDC, to the right side of the IP head blew. I struggled to disconnect it at the T but got it off. I can't get to the fitting on the right side off of the IP. Any tips or tricks please? The fitting is the copper colored...
  16. bigmike

    HEMTT doors don't open from inside

    I'm looking at a HEMTT and noticed neither door opens from the inside latches. Outside only. Is there something I'm missing?
  17. bigmike

    M543A2 fuel filter info needed

    Gang, I want to replace my fuel filters but I've not seen a set-up like this one. Can anyone help with cross references for part numbers?
  18. bigmike

    Saturday, May 6, 2017: Dixon CA., Car show and Military vehicle display

    Gang, My company is sponsoring a car show and Military Vehicle display as an SPCA fundraiser. There will be a registration fee for cars/trucks but not for MVs. This is the first time I'm putting on a car show and hope to have a good enough turnout that we can do this annually. I'll have more...
  19. bigmike

    Military vehicle display Dixon CA. 11/12/16

    Hey gang, An archery shop that opened in Dixon is having a veterans shoot on Saturday as a fund raiser for disabled veterans. Me and 5-ton Larry are bringing in a couple trucks. I may display one of newest 1919A4 builds. Free food and drinks. 10:45am to 2-3pm. You can google the archery...
  20. bigmike

    Making an adapter plate to mount an MG42 gun ring to my deuce/5-ton

    Making an adapter plate to mount an MG3 gun ring to my deuce/5-ton I have a spare set of legs for an M49 or M66 gun ring so I bought an MG3 gun ring and am going to make an adapter plate that will allow me to mount the MG3 ring onto the adapter plate then mount the entire assembly to the gun...
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