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    Deuce Horn Trumpets

    Bigger horn trumpet fell off while driving. Looking for a new one. Don't want to buy a whole new horn system.

    Brake Pedal Travel and Warm Hubs

    This week I finished rebuilding my wheel cylinders and installing a remote reservoir. No more leaks! :naner: I bled over half to 3/4 of a gallon of fresh dot5 through the system at 15 psi. I am sure there is no air left in it with that much bled, and I also bled about 16 oz from the air pack...

    Wheel Cylinder Rebuild Issues, Re-use Outer Seals

    I took the hubs/drums off of the middle axle due to a brake fluid leak. Wheel cylinders appeared to be leaking. I got two rebuild kits, the Newstar kits which may be made in China, and the Napa UP45 kits which are made in the USA and Mexico, but at least on the Mexico ones the seals say USA...

    Failing Front Pinion Bearing, Spring Inspection Results

    A few days ago I was all ready to go take the deuce on a 60 mile cruise to haul logs. In the pre trip inspection I noticed fluid on the rims of the inner tandem. Pretty sure it is brake fluid. It was a greenish yellow, and didn't have much of a smell. The gear oil I put in the axle last Fall was...

    This Weekend, M35A2 Hard Top Wanted (MN, WI, UP of MI)

    This is a long shot, but does anyone have a m35a2 hard top for sale in Minneapolis MN, westcentral WI, or Michigan's U.P? I took a trip to the twin cities yesterday from the U.P of Michigan to pick up a hard top, but I have not been able to get a hold of the seller. In an attempt to avoid...

    Water Manifold Rail Coolant Hose too Big?

    I just replaced the two little coolant hoses for the water manifold rails on top of the engine. I used 1 3/4 hose. For the gaskets, I cut them out of a sheet of blue rubber coolant gasket material. When I took the hoses off and scraped off some of the old paint, it said they were 1 5/8. aua...

    Bed Liner and Primer Reaction Fail. How to Fix?

    Had a major liner and primer reaction screw up yesterday while bed lining my deuce. I sprayed rusty metal primer on the bed a few weeks ago after roughing up the paint and rust, like I did with the rest of the truck and had great results with oil enamel paint. I did not sand between the two...

    Proper Wrenches for Seized Brake Adjustment Jam Nut

    I ran into a bit of a problem with the 1 1/8 anchor pin jam nuts. I am getting ready to adjust brakes. I have two TM's that mention different ways to loosen and tighten them. One TM says to tighten to 80-110 ft lbs which requires using a socket, while the other TM says to use a box end wrench to...

    Truck Pulling to Right

    Over the past few years my truck has been pulling to the right. It seems to be getting worse, but is hard to tell. I did a alignment and found that the front was toed in 3/8, so I put it back to 1/8. I also changed out the right front tire to one with less cupping and more tread. The left front...
  10. UPFINN

    UPFINN's Deuce Build

    Hei hei! After getting a deuce back in 2013 I am finally getting around to improving it. My plan is to use it to promote my woodworking business. The good news is that in Michigan you do not need a USDOT number for travel within the state for anything under 26,000lbs, and the truck already has...
  11. UPFINN

    Stuck Winch Shear Pin and Gasket Issue

    Yesterday while on a drive to pick up lumber, I had a coolant hose blow. Repaired it with a beer can, added water, and made it home which was 50 miles away. I'm working on replacing all the coolant hoses now. All the hoses are loose, and I got the bolts loose on the thermostat and water...
  12. UPFINN

    Deuce Jack Safety Questions

    I am looking for good info on how to properly use a bottle jack for lifting a axle on the m35a2. I need to swap out a old tire with a new one on the front axle, and check brakes on the rears. I have a 12 ton bottle jack with a max lift height of 18 1/2 inches and 6 ton jack stands. The basic...
  13. UPFINN

    Midwinter Winterization

    Happy Heikinpäivä (mid-winter) from da Upper Peninsula! The magnitude of the cold has been incredible here in the Upper Great Lakes. Our average high temperatures are usually in the 20s during January, but have been near 0F most of the time. We have over two feet of snow on the ground here, and...
  14. UPFINN

    Cold weather radiator and battery issues

    Hello all. I took the deuce out for about a 40-50 mile drive to pick up some lumber Thursday and everything was fine. Yesterday an arctic front came through dropping temps near 0F and now all hades broke loose when it comes to vehicle issues. Today when I went to start the truck, the batteries...
  15. UPFINN

    Deuce Winch Stump Pulling

    Well I finally tested my front winch for the first time since picking up the truck. The drum clutch lever was stuck and took a few taps with a hammer, liberal application of WD40, and running the pto to break it free. The first 50ft to 100ft of the cable was full of kinks from a poor winding...
  16. UPFINN

    Tire Help

    After purchasing a deuce in July and a period of neglect for about a month or so (vacations/camping/travel!), I need to start working on my truck to make it safe for wood hauling this Autumn and ready to store during our brutal winters, then about 100 miles of travel per week to farmers markets...
  17. UPFINN

    M35A2 Insurance in Michigan

    Hello all It seems my family is the one of the only few in Upper Michigan who own a M35A2. Not suprising due to low population and no air force bases or GL auction lots. After my father and I got our deuce we found most insurance companies and agents up here did not even know what the truck...
  18. UPFINN

    Wisconsin Deuce Recovery

    After much searching and research over the past year, my dad and I have finally found a good m35a2 for a decent price. Going to look at it this weekend, and if it is as good as the pics look and the seller says then we will pick it up. 350 mile trip from Michigans U.P to Minneapolis, then...
  19. UPFINN

    Brake Bleeding

    Hi all Going to go look at a deuce this Saturday and if everything checks out will pick her up. Seller says everything is good except for the brakes. Pedal goes to floor and wheels have brake fluid drips. Sounds like the wheel cylinders are leaking. Leak happended over winter storage. My plan...
  20. UPFINN

    Newby from da U.P looking to buy a deuce

    Hello all! I'm from Ishpeming in Michigans Upper Peninsula. It is a small mining, logging, and agricultural town. I spend most of my time outdoors fishing, shooting, biking, snowmobiling, skiing, and ham radio activies (call KD8OIR). I am just weeks away from graduating HS. I work at home and...
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