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  1. teletech

    Ferret 38C5968

    So, I sort-of impulse-bought a Ferret today. I'd had ferret crushes before, but a few years back when I thought I had the time and money to commit to armor I convinced myself that *everybody* had a ferret and I should get something a little more impressive. That's how I ended up with two...
  2. teletech

    Chopped M725 value and practical considerations.

    There is a M725 near me for sale that has been hacked-up and I'm wondering if I might want it to play with for "the right price" and what that price should be. Someone cut the body off just above the front doors and below the back door windows. They put a new roof on the back but the front is...
  3. teletech

    Diesel tuning shop needed, central valley CA, for timing a 6.6 ford/New Holland

    I bought a 6.6-powered F700 recently and it seems setting the timing just-so really helps wake them up so I thought I'd see if anyone here knows a shop, perhaps someplace around Bakersfield, who is good with timing the older Bosch mechanical IPs. I can turn up the fuel and governor easily enough...
  4. teletech

    Anybody hear of or use roadie? I expect it might be useful for smaller stuff at least. Of course, for those of us not running on restricted titles or insurance it might be a nice way to help fund the odd trip. I for one would love to get a welder shipped and have it show up on the back of a deuce. :-)
  5. teletech

    decent looking M109 sold in modesto, who got it?

    A couple deuces and a couple 5-tons went pretty cheap, sadly I got distracted and forgot to bid. :-( Looks like the Modesto trucks had a lot less graffiti than Govplanet or even Government-Liquidation auctions, sort of fun. Any members get new trucks here...
  6. teletech

    Second deuce part deux

    So, almost exactly a year ago I won a bid for a M109 on Govplanet. After almost 9 months they still hadn't gotten the rad cert filed but I finally managed to get a refund. So, I decided to start looking locally. I saw some listings but nothing with a price/condition ratio I was happy...
  7. teletech

    Non US TMs

    Do we have a place for them? I've got some British ones from my CVR(T) projects.
  8. teletech

    Aluminum repair materials, sourcing and availability help wanted.

    Any good experiences welding Al armor here? The rear sponson on my CVR(T) was so badly damaged, somebody patched it with some 6061 or something and the patch just rotted out in a most impressive manner. I wound up cutting it off entirely. Now I need to find some compatible material for a...
  9. teletech

    M109A3: my second deuce, time to start prepping for recovery

    Recovery from: Gatesville, TX to AZ. I have too many toys, even before buying a shop truck. I know that, so does my family and circle of friends, but I've been feeling nostalgic for my old M35 (yep, it was a gasser) and wanting an RV, so with no-one there to stop me from bidding... on a truck a...
  10. teletech

    Need some stuff included in a shipment from the UK.

    Anybody getting a container together? I've got some spares that missed my container from the UK and need a ride. nothing really big or heavy but beyond postage being feasable, perhaps 200# of stuff total. The most urgent need is a commander's periscope that needs to be sent someplace in the...
  11. teletech

    1953 GMC X M211 prospective purchase

    Not too far from me there is a nice looking (in pics anyway) Cadillac Deuce. It's smaller than what I really want/need (5-ton) but pretty and the price seems right. I have questions... Just how rare are these? Since the transmission is special, does it go bad and if so, what then? How are they...
  12. teletech

    Demill requirements for import of british L23a1 76mm gun

    I know it needs a demill beyond what the UK did already but I'm not sure if it's "the usual" for importing other types of firearms. I checked the AFT site and while they have online help for things like a G3 or FAL they don't have anything on a falling-block gun. I tried contacting the...
  13. teletech

    form 6 questions

    OK, so as I prepare my first form-6 (for a CVR(T) ) I've got some questions. US munitions import list category. Looks like it's a 7 but is that all I need in that box? Folks have suggested filling it out and then going shopping but there are boxes for things I don't have an answer to yet...
  14. teletech

    CVR(T) or two from IN to CA

    A fellow has a couple british APCs for sale and I'm trying to figure out what this would cost to get home. For those unfamiliar, a CVR(T) is tracked armor 17' long, 7'wide, 6'10" high weighing about 8tons. I'm really very open schedule-wise and the more specific locations are west of...
  15. teletech

    CVR(T) FV103 Spartan VS. Hotchkiss 22-2 Schützenpanzer help

    So, trying to decide on my first tracked vehicle and thought I'd throw it out to the community for input... I went to the Littlefield auction and while I was too slow to move money and throw caution to the wind I did get a chance to sit in some nice armor and get the itch. I came away thinking...
  16. teletech

    Minimal towing rig for a 7-ton CRV(T)?

    I'm shopping for a british FV10something so 17' long and 7-8tons and am located in CA. What are my towing options? I'm tempted to look for something old enough to count as a collector car for regestration but I also live up a really twisted mountain road so something with some cornering...
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