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    Deuce Jack Safety Questions

    Conveyor belt might work. I tried to cut up some 3/8 belt to put over some compost bins and the stuff laughed at every power tool I threw at it. Went through a jigsaw, sawzall, circular saw, chainsaw, and tin snips. :deadhorse:Ended up using a straight edge and a sharp razor knife. Took awhile...

    Deuce Jack Safety Questions

    Well looking through the TMs and diagrams posted here, it seems the bottle jack is best placed near the U-bolts/suspension mounts. I have not found mentions of jack stands in the manual. Perhaps there was not enough room to take them and they used cribbing instead. I take it a floor jack can be...

    Deuce Jack Safety Questions

    I am looking for good info on how to properly use a bottle jack for lifting a axle on the m35a2. I need to swap out a old tire with a new one on the front axle, and check brakes on the rears. I have a 12 ton bottle jack with a max lift height of 18 1/2 inches and 6 ton jack stands. The basic...
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