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  1. gringeltaube

    Deuce Jack Safety Questions

    I think we can both agree on that... :-) Avoid rubber, we are talking about tons per square inch here. Use dry carton board; that will not tend to squeeze out! Also carton will "absorb" anything that would act as lubricant - like paint for example...! G.
  2. gringeltaube

    Deuce Jack Safety Questions

    Tigger... I can only say you are a lucky man! They should have serrations there YES, and those should be kept clean and dry, YES.... but that's not always the case. What I suggested works always and is idiot-proof, you may believe it or not... G.
  3. gringeltaube

    Deuce Jack Safety Questions

    That is good advice and I agree; a piece of grown wood may split - with possibly bad consequences...! But let me add this: Absolutely YES: something like a piece of clean carton board should always be used there - to prevent any slippage! A bottle jack pressing against bare steel - or even...
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