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  1. The Iron Horse

    Recommendations for Hard Top - what to go with?

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is safe and doing well! I am at the point of my M1123 project that I need to decide what type of 4 man hard top and slant back to install. I am planning to use the Humvee very often, almost as a daily driver. So my question is: What hard top should I install? Should...
  2. The Iron Horse

    Replacing Coolant Reservoir Cap - 16 LBS or 15LBS?

    Hey guys, I am looking to replace my coolant reservoir cap on my M1123. I am pretty sure that the vehicle year is 2000 or 2001. I would like to go with a mil grade cap that would be the best one for my vehicle. Current cap on vehicle says 16lbs but I read online that some people recommend the...
  3. The Iron Horse

    Help with Heater core problem on my M1123

    Hey guys, I am trying to understand why my heater doesn't work on my M1123. I never managed to get it to work since I got the vehicle from GovPlanet. Not sure If am missing any secret manual shutoff valve anywhere... or what? It looks like the shutoff valve connected to the pull out knob...
  4. The Iron Horse

    Anybody from Northeast Wyoming ?

    Hey guys. Anybody from Northeast Wyoming and would like to meetup? Got my Humvee, love working on it and would like to meet fellow Humvee owners in my area :) Thank you Nir
  5. The Iron Horse

    Question about HMMWV front mirrors installation

    I am installing two new front mirrors on my M1123. I installed the "RH" on the passenger side and "LH" on driver side as I was supposed to but after installing the driver side it looks like the driver side mirror + mount just doesn't look right and looks a bit crooked or slanted. I looked...
  6. The Iron Horse

    What would be the best year to register my truck in the SF97?

    Hello everybody, I was asked by GovPlanet what year I would like my truck to be registered or written in the SF97 since my truck doesn't have any manufacturing year on it. They are letting me choose what year I would like to put in. So my question is what year would be the best in terms of...
  7. The Iron Horse

    New member here from Georgia soon moving to Wyoming - Thank you all

    Hello everybody, My name is Nir from Georgia soon moving to Wyoming. Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you all for all the beautiful work you guys do! Awesome website and great information. As a soon to be the new owner of an M1123 I am very excited to be part of this community...
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