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  1. KS_Patriot

    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR 2021 - VOTE HERE

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but my vote CAN be purchased for a nominal fee. ;)
  2. KS_Patriot

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Well done. You're all caught up on good deeds for the month. ;)
  3. KS_Patriot

    X Door Restoration

    Well done (y)
  4. KS_Patriot

    M1114 w/ Soft Top?

    That's so they can start selling the needed pieces separately. Eventually the engines will be extra. :(
  5. KS_Patriot

    Deville, La Christmas parade 2021

    Good times. (y)
  6. KS_Patriot

    The coolest thing happened...

    It's the stories like this that'll keep me with Steel Soldiers, even though I may never acquire an MV. :)
  7. KS_Patriot

    Add another month to your GP wait

    Thanks for the heads up.
  8. KS_Patriot

    M1114 w/ Soft Top?

    There is also the possibility that some vehicles get cannibalized to make others in better shape more...better. :)
  9. KS_Patriot

    Humvee cooling issue

    Great news. Fingers crossed!!!
  10. KS_Patriot


    Good information, but my ambitions for getting an HMMWV grow weaker by the month. The prices for surplus, possibly derelict vehichles has just climbed too high to take the risk.
  11. KS_Patriot

    ID picture U.S National archives

    Tempting. But I promised the spouse a Toyota Corolla Hatchback, so that has to come first.
  12. KS_Patriot

    Heads up/NOCO chargers are 50% off at Amazon today (11-29-21)

    Great. There goes the rest of my Christmas cash stash. :)
  13. KS_Patriot

    ID picture U.S National archives

    I'd give most anything to be able to drive that "Tow Rig" into my local Antifa-infested Starbucks parking lot. ;)
  14. KS_Patriot

    ID picture U.S National archives

    Not sure....but I'd love to have either vehicle in my driveway. ;)
  15. KS_Patriot

    Leesburg GA Christmas Parade including my New Truck

    Can't wait for the photos!!
  16. KS_Patriot

    How to post pictures - a tutorial

    That confirms all my suspicions...actually just one....but thanks for the experimentation - now no one will have to bother. (y)
  17. KS_Patriot

    How to post pictures - a tutorial

    I shrunk the photo down, but it still does not like putting photos into signatures. Posts and Avatars, great. ;) No real issue here. I don't need a photo in the signature block. The avatar & thread posts are enough freedom of expression. :)
  18. KS_Patriot

    How to post pictures - a tutorial

    Test photo. I tried using this in my signature, but apparently you can't do that. It kept saying "try again or contact admin".
  19. KS_Patriot

    Govplanet Emarketplace

    As far as Kansas, I’m researching that issue of restrictions. I’ve got a friend in state government that can help find the right info. Based on another Steel Soldiers thread, they were working on a bill that was favorable to MV’s.
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