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  1. Uloadit

    mep003a valve clearance

    not really sure the valve clearance is for the intake and the exhaust valve are
  2. Uloadit

    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    i have a bad exhaust valve and i need a head gasket . i had this generator for 10 years. One exhaust pipe on a cold start puffs white smoke and i can here it make a skip tissing sound once or twice for 2 minutes and then goes away . Then it runs great , i think one exhaust valve is...
  3. Uloadit

    M103A3 1 1/2 Ton Trailer width

    hi there again . I want to bid on a trailer but dont know if i can pick it up and get it inside my trailer. I have a inclose trailer that has a opening with of 901/2 wide I need to know the exact width on this because on the site it says 89 wide and i got 901/2 wide close but if it is wider than...
  4. Uloadit

    MEP-003a gen motor

    is this gen for a MEP-003a
  5. Uloadit

    MEP-003a DC circuit breaker troubles

    I had the gen running and the neg cable fell off and the engine started to die .I ran over to but it back on and i got a big spark and it still shut off.went to restart and it keeps poping the push button shut off, i can turn it to the glow plugs ok but i cant turn it on at all and keeps poping...
  6. Uloadit

    mep-003a injector

    I think i found my problem on my start up smoke problem .Number one injector might be bad. Random skip and puffing white gray. Like to replace that one but I can’t find a place that has a good used one. My other question I can’t find the timing marks on the flywheel or the cooling wheel up front
  7. Uloadit

    mep-003a skip and puff smoke

    What would cause a skip and smoke on a cold start up.after it warms up it runs clean and smooth
  8. Uloadit

    Can a muffler be put on a MEP-003A ?

    Picked up my gen and just got back .My first question is can i put a muffler on this and will it do any damage to it?.I want to run one pipe to the other like a exaust manfold and make a bracket to hold the muffler up and blow the exhaust away
  9. Uloadit

    Hello evey one. New here ,and i just got a MEP-003A

    I am glad to find this site! Well it all began after the storm I had back in October. I looked at a lot of generators and I didn’t like the 75kw japans generators going for $3,500 to $4,500 .They all look the same but with different color wrapping and a different name .I came across a generator...
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