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  1. HeadWizard

    M35A3 from SC to VA. anyone? anyone?

    Hi- I've got an M35A3 down at Adams place in Hopkins, SC 29061 that has long exceeded it's welcome (bad me). Need it to get to Chantilly, VA 20151. It will need to be trailered. Adam can help with loading and I can help with unloading. Price is really important these days, sorry. It needs...
  2. HeadWizard

    Columbia SC to Northern VA Need M35A3 Moved

    As I have done in the past, I've used the good graces of another SS member to store something for too long. Time just flies sometimes. I have an M35A3 stored at Adams Railroad museum down in the Columbia, SC area that needs to come up to Chantilly or Lucketts, VA. The truck drives wonderfully...
  3. HeadWizard

    GL "Management" - the guy behind the curtain...

    So what I'd like to know, has anyone on this board ever actually spoken to "Management" at GL? I must say that I have had several good outcomes when I've unfortunately had to deal with him/her/them, but therein lies the issue - who is "Management". Why can't "Management" come out from behind...
  4. HeadWizard

    "New" Deuce wih engine nosie - suggestions

    I picked up a Deuce from Ft. Meade 2 weeks ago and just got around to giving it the once over. We slave cabled it and it started rather quickly but had the most horrible upper end engine noise you ever wanted to hear. No smoke, blow by, oil in water or water in oil. No bottom end engine noise...
  5. HeadWizard

    Anyone here win 5114 5851 an M1009 in Richmond VA?

    Now that the auction is closed, I can talk about this auction. Closed last Friday, 4/1/10, sale 5114, lot 5851 in Richmond, VA. I won this Blazer in a prior sale. When I went to pick it up and tried to start it, it cranked over less than 1 revolution and the engine went BANG... and wouldn't...
  6. HeadWizard

    Need 3 Deuces Annville to VA - or local storage?

    GL does sometimes surprise you and actually gets EUC's processed quickly - 2 business days from submission to approval. :) :? The problem with that is when you plan for it to take longer and then family problems arise ( son going into hospital for ??? time) and you can't go pick up your stuff...
  7. HeadWizard

    GL Employee Damages My M1009 & Insists I Pick It Up

    I have this bad feeling that this is not going to turn out well :mad: I won 3 - M1009's in Richmond back in November / December and after an eternity to get the EUC's approved, I went down to pick two of them up last Wednesday, 2/17. The plan was to trailer the worst one back and drive one...
  8. HeadWizard

    Am Going to Richmond 2/17, Need anything?

    I'm going to Richmond, VA tomorrow 2/17, to pick up a couple of units and might have time to check out a couple of things if anyone needs help? That also is dependent on how the "new" guy Michael at the site allows us to look around. It's been a while since I've made any previews or pickups...
  9. HeadWizard

    Independance Day Parade Fairfax VA

    Here's a few pics from today's Parade in Fairfax, VA. Awesome weather, a huge crowd and no breakdowns! It was a good day.
  10. HeadWizard

    1 Pallet space available OKC to VA

    If anyone has a pallet of "stuff" at the GL in Oklahoma City ready to be picked up, I can probably get it shipped reasonably to my shop in Chantilly, VA. I'm looking to fill a load. This is very time sensitive. Let me know via post or PM. Thanks- Don
  11. HeadWizard

    Couple of pics of the fleet

    I finally got around to getting a couple of pictures of the fleet parked out back. There are a few residing elsewhere - just not enough room here. I think it's time to thin the herd.
  12. HeadWizard

    Need M813 wiring diagram lights

    Yes I did a search. Yes I went to the Resources section, but the TM would not download, said the file was damaged. Am having problems with the lights / signals on my 813 and need a wiring diagram. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Happy Presidents Day.
  13. HeadWizard

    Inspection at Marietta, GA Please?

    If anyone is close to the Marietta, GA GL site, or is going there, I certainly could use to have a Deuce that I won looked at. EUC is in process and I'd like to know if it'll run or not, and what the general condition is. It looks like I'm going to have it shipped (unless someone wants to make...
  14. HeadWizard

    Bad Trucking Company - Warning

    :rant: I've had great luck with using to arrange shipping of many, many items over the last couple of years....until now. It's not Uship I'm complaining about, it's one of their service providers. Hopefully this will eliminate another SS member from being burned. If any of you...
  15. HeadWizard

    Are the Forums now the Classifieds?

    Recently, it appears that a greater percentage of the Forum posts are really full blown classified ads thinly disguised as "items members are selling on Ebay" or elsewhere. Many posts are just ads and nothing else. It seems split between Newbies and long term members, who are doing the...
  16. HeadWizard

    Fuel Filter Heater leak - help

    Yes, I searched the forum with no luck. Wiki no help. So I'm asking the SS experts. I've got a fuel leak coming from the top of the fuel filter housing on my M1009. -34P Parts manual shows the offending part as "Heater Assembly, Fuel". The part with the 2 wires coming out of it in the...
  17. HeadWizard

    GL sale 3677 Lot 2025 M813 already sold- Richmond - beware

    Richmond, VA GL sale 3677 Lot 2025 M813 was already sold and removed in a previous sale. I verified all ID numbers. Bid if you want, but there won't be a truck there when you go to pick it up! ...and NO, I'm not posting this so I can bid on it for a low price. It's gone, not there, already...
  18. HeadWizard

    Can do inspections at Richmond VA GL Thursday

    I'm going to be at the Richmond, VA GL lot on Thursday, October 23rd in the am if anyone needs a quick inspection of anything. Let me know via PM by 7am tomorrow or you can call me at five seven one, four three six, five eight zero zero. Don
  19. HeadWizard

    EUC record? Gen Trailer

    EUC submitted to GL on 10/3, Friday in the pm. Invoice received and "Customer Notified" 10/8, Wednesday in the early am. That's 2 business days, Monday and Tuesday that the EUC was in Battle Creek. I wasn't expecting this this soon! I still have an 813 to go get in Richmond first. At least...
  20. HeadWizard

    Holy Oleo Batman - Ft Meade Prices

    There must be some mighty fine Deuces at Ft Meade today. Prices into the high 2k and low 3k range with an hour to go. What did I miss? :?:
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