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  1. plym49

    Gonna need some parts

    My old Deuce, which I sold to a friend, got into a spot of bother today. He was driving it down his road (he lives in the hilly country) - very steep, sharp corners - and it got away from him. I am pretty sure that the truck is mechanically ok except for a battery with a burnt terminal (from...
  2. plym49

    M416 (original) wheels - tubeless tire ok?

    I am going to replace the original NDT tires on my '64 M416. I plan to use take-off BFG All-Terrain 285/75r16 tires from my truck. Can I run these tubeless on the stock, original military wheels? If not, will radial inner tubes listed as going up to 235/60r16 be OK? (They are available on...
  3. plym49

    Whistler turbo on a Chevy motor

    Has anyone ever mounted a whistler turbo on a small-block Chevy? (No, I have not been drinking.)
  4. plym49

    Roadside Assistance that will cover a Deuce

    Hagerty: nope AAA: nope Good Sam: nope Who are y'all using?
  5. plym49

    Road diesel lubricity additive

    Going on a 2000 mile trip with my M35A2 so I will be pumping a lot of road diesel at truck stops. I had planned to use two-cylce oil as a lubricity additive. Went to get some and all sold out due to boating season. I did get 8 gallons of bar and chain oil from Wally World. Listed as 30 weight...
  6. plym49

    Driving my Deuce from NY to TX in July

    I will be driving my Deuce from NY (where it has been for temporary storage since I moved from Vermont) to the great state of Texas. I plan to leave July 9th when all goes as planned. (Knock wood.) A friend of mine will be escorting me in another vehicle through Pennsylvania and perhaps a bit...
  7. plym49

    Yet another engine oil and diesel fuel thread

    With most of the zinc gone from today's engine oils, what is recommended for my multifuel? Do I also need a zinc additive and if so, how much? I will be taking a long highway trip and expect to be using all road diesel. What lubricity additive is recommended these days? I have been using...
  8. plym49

    Multifuel Deuce Injector Pump Lube

    AFAIK the mainstream opinion regarding lubrication of the injection pumps on our multifuel Deuce engines is that yesterday's pump diesel had plenty of sulfur to lubricate the pump, and today's low-sulfur pump diesel does not. So, add something (2-cycle oil, a fuel additive, whatever) to the...
  9. plym49

    What's an M35A2 worth these days?

    Part of me expects that original multifuel M35A2 Deuce and Halfs should be going up in price because they are no longer freely available on the surplus market, and part of me doubts that because so many folks seem to prefer the newer trucks with their Caterpiller engines and automatic...
  10. plym49

    How do those of you that daily drive a Deuce do it?

    How do those of you that daily drive a Deuce do it? Here's what I mean. The plaque on the dashboard say to idle the engine five minutes after starting before driving, and to let it idle for 5 minutes before shutdown. Ostensibly, this is to let the turbo bearings nicely warm up and cool down...
  11. plym49

    Deuce Front Fenders, Boots and Turbo

    My front boots are ready to be replaced and both front fenders, especially the driver's side, had significant rust. I also have a C turbo sitting on the bench. I have two new fenders that I picked up a while ago. While they are not pristine they are way better than what is on the truck now...
  12. plym49

    Rear main seal or transmission input shaft?

    After a few hours of highway driving, my Deusce experiences clutch slip under low speed/high load. For example, say you slow down to 15 moh and then need to accelerate up a hill. The clutch will begin to slip a bit, which is easily controlled by backing off the throttle a bit. This only...
  13. plym49

    Vermont CDL

    Does Vermont require a CDL to drive a Deuce with Vermont antique plates? I checked the Vermont DMV web site and the information there can be interpreted either way.
  14. plym49

    Won a Sustainability award!

    The firm I work for has a Sustainability program, as many companies do nowadays. To promote employee awareness, they ran a contest for the best 'Green' thing. Each employee entered their personal Green practice or project. I entered my Deuce, citing the Hypercycle engine as more efficient...
  15. plym49

    Gasoline with 10% Ethanol

    All of the gasoline I come across includes 10% ethanol. Ethanol absorbs water quite well and water is not so good for a multifuel engine. Does the ethanol in gas help, hurt or does it not matter? - On the 'hurt' side, perhaps it can absorb enough water to make a multifuel not quite as...
  16. plym49

    Looks like I failed... find a Deuce I could borrow or rent for a week in Wyoming. Oh well, I tried. Maybe at the turn of the year I will buy them one (this group of scientists) and donate it.
  17. plym49

    Wyoming/Montana Deuce

    Reaching out, please see this thread:
  18. plym49

    Drag Race Tranny

    Drag racers employ some wild automatic transmissions that handle mucho HP and extreme shock loads. I was wondering if one of these would work in a Deuce. (Not because I would ever do such a thing, just because I was wondering how strong these drag trannys are compared to the needs of a Deuce.)...
  19. plym49

    Run Away

    I started my Deuce a few minutes ago, taking it out of its long winter's sleep. The good news is that the batteries held their charge. :) The bad news is that I think I have been jinxed by all of the recent run away threads. The motor started normally, blowing black smoke, and then it kind...
  20. plym49

    WMO for home heating

    We've got plenty of threads on running WMO in your multi and others on running WMO in your diesel, still more on running home heating oil in a vehicle, but I don't recall seeing any discussion on running WMO in a home heating system. Some folks burn WMO in home-made 'furnaces' piped in to their...
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