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  1. ODdave

    M274 axle or parts

    Anyone know where to find or have a steer axle for an mule? I'm located in Michigan but am open to shipping. Thankyou.
  2. ODdave

    Mep 003 engine value?

    Anyone know what these might be worth? I have access to 6 but only really want one... Not sure what a fair price is. Thanks guys!
  3. ODdave

    M1031 genset, how much power is needed to run

    Just as the title says, how much horsepower dose the 12kw head require to run at full load? I am looking to use an auxiliary engine to power the unit but don't want to over power and waste fuel or under power for obvious reasons. Thanks guys.
  4. ODdave

    Picked up a M1010 for the collection

    Last week I picked up a M1010 to add to the collection. Its pretty clean and runs/drives well. I need to figure out why the heater wont fire (havent tried the ac). Girlfriend hates it, says it creepy :razz:
  5. ODdave

    The M1028 got some new shoes, What do you guys think?

    Put on a set of 19.5's to help keep the rpm's down and have minimal affect on the "purity" of the truck, What do you guys think?
  6. ODdave

    Large mobile AC units getting scraped

    Anyone need any parts from these ac units? I guess they where used to keep pilots cool while waiting in the aircraft. Scraping them out, Im keeping the engines and running gear. Doubt many guys on here have these but I figured I'd ask if there where any wants before there gone. I will get...
  7. ODdave

    19.5 deuce wheels. Any interest?

    I can get 12 brand new deuce patern 19.5 wheels. Would there be any interest in them? No tires. Just wheels.
  8. ODdave

    ANYONE have parts for a 2.3 L cummins?

    I have a military 4in water pump that has a A-series cummins 2.3 (onan L423) engine. I would love to get this thing going but the IP is junk. ANYONE have anything laying around or know of anything? It is a stanadyne db2 147-0462-03 P.S. Head & rotor are junk, water got in the fuel.........RUST
  9. ODdave

    CUCV Battery tray upgrade

    I am doing another battery tray conversion on a cucv and was curious if anyone else has done anything to get rid of the gaudy over sized originals. Yes I know that the original 6tl's need the big trays but how may of us are actually using them? I have done this conversion on my 1028 but...
  10. ODdave

    What have you done WITH your deuce this week?

    So we have a thread about doing stuff to your deuce, what about one actually showing us what you do WITH the truck? I used mine to remove some sticks from my pond.
  11. ODdave

    1028a2 wheel & tire conversion

    Ok so I have been trying to figure out a way to make my 1028a2 more usable. I need to get a little more speed out of it. My first thought was an nv4500 but the truck is clean and mildly rare enough I dont really want to cut it up. Second thought was 4l80e. No real down fall other than...
  12. ODdave

    m1028a2 trans-plant

    So what would you guys think if somone where to put a nv4500 in a 1028a2 dually? I know there wasnt as many of these trucks made so I was kind of curious about what the thoughts would be on a swap like this. If I didnt have to cut the trans tunnel I wouldnt care but being its prety much a non...
  13. ODdave

    Front axle traction aid

    So I am thinking for ease I am going to put a drivers side drop front axle in my 1028. I figured I would see what your guys thoughts are as far as the differential. Right now it has a trac loc. Would you run, Trac loc? Power loc? Detroit locker? Its not a DD but I do plan on driving it...
  14. ODdave

    Looking for xm211 excavator info

    I am looking for info on the xm211 excavator. weight? reach of boom? what engine is in the boom? total length? wheel base? ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? There is one 140mi from me that dose not run. I would love to biuld a xm35 excavator out of it ! Help would be great on this guys, If...
  15. ODdave

    120k BTU heater, Anyone know where I can get parts?

    Thanks to another Great SS member I just got this heater. I am looking for the nylon drive cogg that couples the electric motor and the hydraulic pump. I did some searching on here and google with no avail to any parts. Anyone know where I...
  16. ODdave

    I got bored, Deuce got a new bed.

    Nothing real exciting, but I am happy with it. So I am waiting on parts for the "crane truck" and figured I might as well get some other stuff done. Spent all day saturday moving spare parts out of the back of two deuces and re-organizing it. Got that done and had to figure out what to do with...
  17. ODdave

    Who has but a 4BT in a cucv ?

    Ok, So I accuired a couple of 4bt's with the GM th400's behind them. Both run great (less than 70k on each) and I would like to put one in my dads 1009 as his 6.2 hates to start. Has anyone on here done this yet? I saved all of the engine mounts from the p-vans they where in. I am just curious...
  18. ODdave

    Anyone have pics of a deuce running 11.00 xl's and 14.5's up front?

    Looking to see if anyone has a few pics to share? I here talk of it but have not seen it done yet. I will be doing this and am just curious about the look
  19. ODdave

    Where is the t-case pto tm

    What / where is the TM for the deuce transfercase PTO? I am looking for and exploded vew of all the parts
  20. ODdave

    weird wheels anyone know?

    Saw these wheels on some trailer axles yesterday, Seemed odd enough to me so I figured I would post them to see if they are military? They are 15in rim.
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