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  1. Skinny

    M1031 finally gets AC

    So my left over M1010 accessory brackets got put to work on my generator truck. I did a 12v conversion at the same time bit could have stayed 24v just by adding a second alternator. I absolutely disliked the aftermarket bracket solutions for the normal CUCV alternators. This is why I went with...
  2. Skinny

    Looking to rent shop space between Portsmouth and Portland

    Hey guys I live in Kittery area and work in Westbrook. Looking to rent space somewhere between those points along I95. I have a CUCV M1031, a matching Suburban, and a Samurai. I'd like a big enough space for one if not two of them inside with a toolbox. All vehicles are registered and...
  3. Skinny

    M1010 Meat Wagon to RV conversion

    The purpose of this build is to take the M1010 and outfit it into an all terrain RV that can haul my Samurai and sleds or serve as an expedition platform for any type of non-hardcore offroading. Part of this like any other old truck build involves starting at one end and working your way to the...
  4. Skinny

    M1010 ambulance box build reference

    I picked up a meat wagon a few months ago since the MV disease can only be cured with new purchases. I have a pretty mint M1031 and didn't want to take it only in the harsh winter so this truck will be an all year beater. Since it is an ambulance and I am not an EMT, the most obvious thing to do...
  5. Skinny

    Work Opportunities in 4x4 store near Carolina Beach, NC

    A new 4x4 shop is opening up within a month and we are looking for a counter sales representative and lead technician. This is a general shop capable of installing all parts sold by the retail space but will be specializing in Jeep products. If you or know of anyone that is interested, please...
  6. Skinny

    Local Meet and Greet - greater Wilmington/Jacksonville area

    Anyone down in this neck of the woods want to meet up during the day, maybe head out for a local drive? I've had a few people interested so I figure start a quick thread to see interest level and availability. We could meet in either town and do a local drive, maybe run through Holley Shelter...
  7. Skinny

    M1031 electrical panel question

    Over two years ago I rewired my generator for 120/240v operation which at the time I disconnected the compressor wiring. I am installing a matching electric motor to get my compressor working again and need to wire up the contactor in the panel. Does anyone have a picture of where the wires go...
  8. Skinny

    M1031 compressor rewire to single phase question

    Awhile back I rewired my genset to 120/240 and put a standard NEMA L14-30R outlet officially taking the ol' M1031 from commercial grade to civilian duties. My welder is gone (M38inMaine hopefully keeping it busy) and the air compressor has been sitting unused due to the 3 phase 208v motor being...
  9. Skinny

    Centramatic to Rim clearance

    I am running 37" Goodyears on my M1031 with what I believe are late 70's Ford Campers Special rims or from a late 80's F350. They are 16.5x9.75 rims that actually fit quite well with the width and backspacing. I just purchased H1 Centramatic balancers and they clear the axles/brakes fine. I...
  10. Skinny

    Movin south from NH to NC

    I will be packing up my M1031 and going from Portsmouth, NH to Wilmington, NC the third week of August for new employment. If anyone is going to be on a seacoast route southbound (no NYC, F the GW tolls) I would be more than happy to convoy. I plan to be cruising between 55-65 mph but can keep...
  11. Skinny

    Mile Marker 24v 12,000lb multi mount winch install

    Being that I already have a Class 4 hitch on the back of my M1031 and really like the idea of winching out of a stuck rather than further into it (the M1031 is a big heavy girl), I decided to go with a multi mount setup. Coming from a more extreme rock crawling style of fourwheeling it is a huge...
  12. Skinny

    Camo seat cover with cargo pockets question

    I searched in the CUCV forums and could not find the photo. Does anyone know of the manufacturer or where to buy them? I remember seeing in a couple of builds a camo seat cover that had cargo pockets down in the area behind your knee and also some pouches in the center of the bench seat area...
  13. Skinny

    CUCV drive to Fort McClary and Memorial Bridge

    So my GEN 2 decided to lose its mindagain. I just rebuilt it a year ago with less than a thousand mileson it. The charge light started to flash when I was selling my house,moving my stuff with a U-Haul trailer to a storage unit, and going tosign papers in the pouring rain. In the meantime, I...
  14. Skinny

    M1031 passenger side saddle tank/offroad fuel storage

    Since I live in New England and April brought extreme hot and cold weeks when my kerosene tank was very low, I ran out twice because I simply didn't add enough or order 100 gallons again. So I wanted a way to bring fuel home with me to top the house off. I also wanted to add capacity to my truck...
  15. Skinny

    HMMWV tach on CUCV signal calculations

    This subject has been beaten to death but here we are once again...everyone says that it works and that the alternator has a tach lead or the STE/ICE has a port for a tach signal but no one ACTUALLY has a thread about the installation and successful operation of the M998 tach on a CUCV. I have...
  16. Skinny

    Stanadyne FM100 Primary and Secondary filter install

    I installed a secondary Stanadyne FM100 2 micron water seperator with built in heater when I replaced my injection pump along with all the engine bay fuel lines. The install thread is below...
  17. Skinny

    Documented Curt 14082 Receiver Hitch install on my M1031

    Why Documented you say? I was tired of combing through all of the receiver hitch threads to find random information, no photos, or one photo of something that was questionably helpful. Decided to make my own thread so anyone searching would find it with no issues. My apologies if a useful one...
  18. Skinny

    CUCV spare tire position with 37" Goodyear

    I have an M1031 on 37's. I'm looking to see what some have done for a spare tire carrier. I haven't measured the frame rails yet but I doubt it will fit in the stock position. A big hinged carrier out back would be sweet. Could incorporate a ladder and Jerry can mount but only one big question...
  19. Skinny

    Flexible fuel line sizes and part numbers info

    I'm getting ready to replace my mechanical fuel pump. I eventually would like to do dual tanks with electric pumps inspired by Piracy but don't want to dive into that yet. So I am going to change out the $25 mechanical pump and replace all my rubber lines other than the ones in the engine bay. I...
  20. Skinny

    M1031 electrical panel install for engine heaters and aux accessories

    So after installing an engine block and oil pan heater, I started to accumulate plugs hanging from the front of my bumper. I also wanted to get a battery charger on board. All of these plus I would like to manually switch certain ones on and off, I needed some type of central control panel. Plus...
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