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  1. slantflat

    New Member from GA.

    Welcome from Stockbridge.
  2. slantflat

    Towing an M1009 Blazer

    Thanks Barrman. And everyone. I agree it's best not to flat tow or use a dolly, but this was going to be a matter of convenience and time saving. This truck was in Charlotte, so if anyone here is who bought it, looks like you got a good one.
  3. slantflat

    Towing an M1009 Blazer

    Well thanks everyone. Truck is sold I don't even have to worry about it now. But the question was never answered. I have time to look it up in the TM now.
  4. slantflat

    Towing an M1009 Blazer

    I'll be towing with an 02 Silverado 2500HD. The big thing is what to put the truck on. As I sit here waiting for people to reply not to use the tow dolly, I've decided I'm not going to use the tow dolly and go push something off one of my trailers and just use a trailer. It will be a big...
  5. slantflat

    Towing an M1009 Blazer

    Hi everyone. This may be obvious to everyone but me so I'm going to ask. Ridicule is acceptable because I really should know this. I'm going to retrieve a CUCV Blazer about 4 hours from my house by interstate. The easiest form of transport is a tow dolly. If I tow the truck with the back...
  6. slantflat

    CA Finally found insurance for our deuce and a half

    I had State Farm for my Deuce until they changed my private passenger vehicle insurance to commercial. I said, this is a privately owned vehicle NOT being used for commerce of any kind. My agent said it doesn't matter, it's just because of the size of the truck. No thanks. Next thing you...
  7. slantflat

    New member - Reno Nevada

    Welcome from Atlanta. I'm out that way from time to time, I'm a member of The National Automobile Museum.
  8. slantflat

    FNG to site, Atlanta area of GA

    Welcome from Henry County.
  9. slantflat

    XM157 DRAKE 12-Ton, 8x8, Amphibious (Bigger than a Duck)

    I believe the DRAKE, unlike the DUKW or the Super DUKW, had a tailgate that lowered for access to the bed. Don't know if it could be lowered while underway. Tried to watch the movie but it said an error occurred. I'll watch it later. Got to love the DRAKE!
  10. slantflat

    Move DUKW from Texas to Georgia

    Thanks guys. Obviously I need this to be hauled. And I agree about Clint. I've already asked him, he might be making plans to snipe me!
  11. slantflat

    Move DUKW from Texas to Georgia

    Hi everyone. I need to move a DUKW from Magnolia, TX to Stockbridge, GA. The time frame is flexible. The truck runs but has no brakes. Thanks much.
  12. slantflat

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome from a former Park Forest resident(and Moline). I had an 86 1008 it was an awesome truck.
  13. slantflat

    New member here from North GA.

    Hey from Stockbridge. Got an M35A2C myself.
  14. slantflat

    Need to eyeball some wiring

    I'll try. The rain doth cometh.
  15. slantflat

    Need to eyeball some wiring

    No, none of the wires under the dash have tags that I can see. There's about two inches of it coming off the back of the assy switch and I can't see any other loose ends.
  16. slantflat

    Need to eyeball some wiring

    Hi everyone. Is there anyone on the south side of Atlanta with an M35A2 I could come have a look at? I've been messing with my wiring problem for weeks now, and I've come up with a wire that doesn't have a home. Can't seem to find the information I need anywhere, so I thought I could just...
  17. slantflat

    Another new guy from GA

    Welcome from Stockbridge. Sounds like quite the project.
  18. slantflat

    No start after sitting.

    That's the trouble, there's nothing to take a picture of. The oil sending unit is on the block above the starter like it's supposed to be, but that is it. Nothing else is on that side of the engine. The wire for the sending unit comes off the top, wraps around another bundle on the firewall...
  19. slantflat

    No start after sitting.

    Hi everyone. It's only been, what, five months since I was able to look at this. I've been poking around in the TMs and looking over the truck and it occurs to me the starter relay may be bad. Alas, when I went to test it, it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Bolted to the side of the...
  20. slantflat

    New guy from Cartersville Ga

    Hey welcome from Stockbridge. Plenty of Georgia people around. There's even a big rally coming up you could go to, unless you have to work like me.
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