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  1. Austringer

    Early M151 Ford and Willys Engine Configurations

    1) did M151 engines have casting dates on them? 2) did Willys M151s use Muncie (spelling) marked transmissions with the two yoke retainer tabs that are found on the 1962 and earlier M151s?
  2. Austringer

    M151 Engine and Transmission Questions

    1) did M151 engines have casting dates on them? 2) did Willys M151s use Muncie (spelling) marked transmissions with the two yoke retainer tabs that are found on the 1962 and earlier M151s?
  3. Austringer

    Correct M37 valve stem number for stock rims and tires

    What is the correct inner tube valve number for stock m37 rims and military tires, tr75a work but the valve stem is pressed hard against the rim and takes a screw driver to pry the valve stem away from the rim to fill it. thanks in advance
  4. Austringer

    Looking for color codes for this faded CARC paint

    what would be the correct color codes for this faded CARC. supposed to be either Mid 1990s. Thanks
  5. Austringer

    Behr exterior premium plus reduction with water....

    What reduction percent or 1:1, 1:2 etc should I use to thin/reduce for spraying with a good quality HVLP airgun? Thanks ps: tried the harbor freight electric sprayer but just way too inconsistent in pattern and lots of drips. thanks
  6. Austringer

    Pete's Mechanical Services - BEWARE!!!!

    BEWARE OF PETE’S MECHANICAL SERVICES OF TAYLORSVILLE NC Pete's Mechanical Services in Taylorsville NC. 951 Hwy 16 Nth Taylorsville, North Carolina 28681 (704) 402-8332 Last year, I took a M56 Scorpion CD-150-4 transmission into his shop along with a bunch of other parts to have dustless...
  7. Austringer

    M38A1 Restoration Started

    Having my M38A1 restored by Russell's Military Vehicles in Cairo Ga. They started today. Here are some pics.
  8. Austringer

    Looking for the little OD caps for intercom system plugs not being used

    Not sure what they are called but they are the little OD plugs that push into intercom plugs that are not being used. Need 4 or 5 of them. Thanks Jason
  9. Austringer

    Petronix Electronic Ignition for Military 283

    Can't find one, anyone know the number, I know they are out there as a friend of mine installed on on his M114. I wouldn't mind mounting one on my V100. Jason
  10. Austringer

    Correct paint color for Vietnam Ear Arty

    What color was Vietnam Era arty painted?
  11. Austringer

    Wtb Detroit diesel 6v53t for m113a3

    Looking for a good engine for a project. Thanks Jason Need model 5392 or 5392 Thanks Jason
  12. Austringer

    Wtb: 5120-01-006-8847 punch, drive pin

    thanks Jason
  13. Austringer

    When is the GA rally this year?

    Thanks Jason
  14. Austringer

    Is this anyone's M114?

    Saw headed south on I75 near the GA/SC boarder. Couldn't get that great pictures but hopefully someone will recognize it.
  15. Austringer

    Looking for good source of M113 parts (body and other)

    Any good dealers, domestic or intl, that have a good stock of parts/
  16. Austringer

    Rubber Boot preservation advice needed

    have a rubber boot on an axle that is original to the vehicle and would be more than likely hard to source another if it fails. it is still nice and soft but has a few cracks in it that are not all the way through the boot. this boot is used to keep oil in the cv joint and water and dirt out...
  17. Austringer

    Looking for an oil seal, any suggestions as im not finding it

    looking for a cross over or another part number for oil seal 8740694. thanks
  18. Austringer

    behr paint code for 1958/59 24087 semigloss od.

    does anyone have the paint code for 1958/59 vintage 24087 semigloss. looked in the forum but could not find it and home depot says they dont have the federal paint codes in their system. also, how does the behr look in semi gloss? thinking of going with behr or the tm9 ord 2 part paint...
  19. Austringer

    M-Series Wiring Harness Connector Help Needed

    I am in the process of building a wiring harness for a vehicle I'm restoring and I'm having some difficulties. I have new mil-spec 14AWG (as it calls for in the manual), but I'm having problems finding some of the cannon (circular) male and female plugs I'm looking for along with the male and...
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