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  1. tcruwithme

    Where to find a complete, working RT-524

    Does anyone know where I can find a complete, working RT-524 for sale? I have an active search on eBay that hasn't turned up anything. I called Fair Radio Sales, emailed Pvt. Jarhead, and looked on sites like Murphy's Junk. I made posts to a few groups on the facebooks, but nothing has turned...
  2. tcruwithme

    VIC-1 bailout cable question

    Hello, I am slowly collecting parts to build a VIC-1 system in my truck, and I hope someone can advise me on the bailout cables. I got two 80063 SM-D-937438 bailout cables from a vendor on eBay a couple years ago, and I see there is another version of the bailout cable with number 80065...
  3. tcruwithme

    TM help for new VRC setup project

    I've been collecting parts for a VRC system for a couple of years, and I'm getting close to putting everything together. I have an AM1780B/VRC and two C-10456 boxes with what I beleive are the correct cables. I scored a couple of Bose TriPort headsets that I think will work. I saw referene...
  4. tcruwithme

    What Snatch block is this?

    I got two of these from a guy in Minneapolis last year - two for $100. He said they were 10 ton but wasn't certain. There are no NSNs or other markings on the blocks that I can see. I haven't used them yet, but I do want to know if I should keep them for my deuce or sell them for use with a...
  5. tcruwithme

    New to radios, need help to set up intercom & headsets

    Hello radio experts, I recently picked up two Bose TriPort T5 headsets for a good deal. I want to set up a simple intercom system in my 1984 M35A2C so that the driver can talk to the passenger. I bought a used and untested AM-1780B/VRC off of EPay, and I bought two C-10456/VRC units from a...
  6. tcruwithme

    2016 St. Francis, MN - American Legion Military Appreciation Days

    Saturday, September 10th, 2016 at the American Legion in St. Francis, MN Event runs from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with a live band that starts at 4:00 p.m. They want people to bring their military trucks, and they understand that MVs may want to leave before the event ends. An official event...
  7. tcruwithme

    I had my MEP-004A load tested!

    I brought my MEP-004A up to Twin Cities Generator in St. Paul, Minnesota to get it load tested this week. I asked them to give the unit a thorough workout and to closely inspect it for any issues. They tested it for a little over an hour at 60hz and with almost 6,000 watts through each of the...
  8. tcruwithme

    Need help calibrating fuel sending unit for MEP-004

    The fuel gauge in my MEP-004 reads about 1/3 of a tank when I have 10 gallons of fuel in it. Since it's a 15 gallon tank, it should read 2/3 full. I replaced the fuel sending unit in the main fuel tank, part 72-2271 called the "fuel level switch" in the TMs, and that did not fix the problem...
  9. tcruwithme

    Spider box for MEP-802A - what type of wire?

    So, I've read a bunch of threads here about what I need to use my MEP-802A in a variety of situations. Several people suggest a distribution or "spider box," and that sounded like a great idea to me. Not being very familiar with this type of stuff, I did my research here on SS and on the...
  10. tcruwithme

    MEP-004 purchase = lots of learning ...

    So, I got an MEP-004 from Government Planet about a month ago. It was advertised as non-functional with the problem described as "unit runs only when start/stop switch held in the start position." To me, that sounded like a fixable problem. I won the auction and towed the MEP-004 on the M201...
  11. tcruwithme

    Help with cab coolant heater & coolant filter install for M35A2

    In the summer of 2014, I relocated my coolant cab heater into the cab under the map compartment in my A2 like they have them in the A3 trucks. Here are a couple of pictures of what that looks like: Picture #2 is where the lines come into the cab, from inside the cab. Picture #2 is where the...
  12. tcruwithme

    MEP-802A Fuel Leak - help!

    Hello, I am not a mechanic, so I hope you can give me some guidance. I read through the TM, and I found some pictures of where I have fuel leaking in my MEP-802A. I just replaced the liquid level sensor today, and as luck would have it, now I have a fuel leak. It's leaking at both injector...
  13. tcruwithme

    M105A2 gets a 2.5" lift

    Earlier this year, I put 395/85R20 XZL tires on my M105 with recentered HEMTT wheels done by Stazworks in Wisconsin. I did this so that I would have two spares for my M35A2, and so that the trailer sat more level with the truck - now that the truck has those same wheels & tires on it. So...
  14. tcruwithme

    395's on my M105A2 - should I lift it?

    I just put a set of XZL 395's on m M105A2 trailer this past weekend, and as expected, it doesn't have much clearance to the fender. My guess is that someone has done this already. What do you think of the idea to give it a few inches of lift? If that has been done, I would love to hear how far...
  15. tcruwithme

    Recovery of two MEP-802a units

    I recently won a GL auction for two MEP-802a units and just got up to Camp Ripley, MN to pick them up. Here's my story, which may sound familiar to many. GL advertised these units as condition B. When I got the paid-in-full invoice, it listed both units as "Demil A." That was a pleasant...
  16. tcruwithme

    What's the correct trailer for an MEP-802A?

    I looked through the TM 9-6115-641-10, and I didn't see any reference to a trailer. I also read through a bunch of threads here on SS, but I obviously did not find the correct thread. Can anyone tell me what the trailer is that they put the MEP-802A on?
  17. tcruwithme

    Filters for the MEP 802A

    I just won two MEP-802A units through a GL auction, and I read through all the 802A threads in this forum. There's a lot of great info her for an inexperienced person such as myself. I wanted to get all the filters I need, so when I pick these up, I'll be ready to get to work. GL said the...
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