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  1. omega231

    M1028 w/ no idle

    As the title suggests Ive got myself a M1028 that will not idle. The truck has not seen much or any use over the last three years. After ensuring that the starter relay wouldnt lock up and fry all the wiring in the truck, we attempted to start it. The truck will crank and turn over, but as...
  2. omega231

    Joining the CUCV Family

    Just bought my first CUCV!:-) Its a 1985 Chevy Blazer M1009 at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Im planning on picking it up on the 17th. Heres hoping for an uneventful recovery. If anyone can provide me a list of stuff to bring (Napa part numbers for the nongeneric stuff) it would be greatly...
  3. omega231

    Need weight info for 818

    as the title suggests in need to know what the curb weight (what the truck weights on its own), and the GVWR. I need it so that i can file the long overdue SF97...
  4. omega231

    Pick up at Fort Polk

    I need to know if there is anybody who can pick up an M871 flatbed trailer before i actually buy one. It may be awhile before i can get down there to pick it up.
  5. omega231

    Need Loadout at Drexel Gardens, IN

    I have 2 M820s that have cleared the EUC process and need to be picked up ASAP! is there anyone that can pick up the trucks and haul them here? i am willing to pay for expenses (so long as they are reasonable and you have receipts) and some cash besides. let me know ASAP if you can do it...
  6. omega231

    Recovery in IN

    Im thinking about bidding on an M820 up in the Indianapolis area. What I would like to know is there somebody that could pick it up for me and hold it till I can get up there to pick it up. Im willing to pay for all expenses involved (as long as there reasonable and you have recite). PM me if...
  7. omega231

    M818 Recovered

    Below are some pics of my newly recovedered M818. Apparently the Air Force invested some money in this thing. There are a pair of solar panels just below the windsheild and the battery adapters are still mounted next to the batteries (some jerk cut all the wires to this system). I have the...
  8. omega231

    Winch questions

    is there a difference in transmissions between the 2320-077-1616s and the 1617s? and, if there isnt, how hard is it to attach the PTO drive for the winch to it?
  9. omega231

    M35A2C Bed

    is there anyone with an A2C bed that would like to trade for the standard fixed side?
  10. omega231

    M35A2 Conversion

    im thinking of converting a standard M35A2 into a dropside. i have no idea wht the hinges look like so i was wondering if someone could provide a few pics.
  11. omega231

    Manafacturer Needed

    Organization:HQ 200TH REGT (LDR) Location:FT MCCLELLAN, ALABAMA Nomenclature: TRUCK CARGO 2-1/2T Model: M35A2 NSN: 2320000771616 Serial Number: 52516376 Registration Number: 4M09770 Year of Mfg: 1970 Usage Miles: 9450 Info July 96 the above is info. i got from the great CARNAC. unfortunately...
  12. omega231

    Need additional info...

    IVe got the VIN number to one of my trucks but no other info. can anyone tell me who made it and wht year it is? the VIN is 0525-16376.
  13. omega231

    Tranmission Information

    I recently purchased 6, yes 6 Duces from GL. I am a first time owner and currently am enjoying the process of figuring out wht is wht on these things. I was wondering if there is a dip stick somewhere on a duce for checking transmission fluid level. The truck in front of my home atm seems to be...
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