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    Yellow Diamond on Windshield?

    A diamond marking could also be 3rd Marine Division. Do not know if WW2/Korean War markings carried over.
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    stupid newb question sorry

    My 2 cents: You can do whatever you want to these things. Singling them out like M109guy has (check his link in his signature line for M109RV) or like the Tom did on Alfaheaven (He did this to a regular deuce). Tom's vehicle (#69) is unique that his singles are larger than most (for a 6x6)...
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    run ins with law enforcement

    My only "run in" with Law Enforcement happened at the County Clerk's office while registering the deuce. The Sheriff was prior Army and inspection went like a snap and he knew about the back up light issue and never asked. He was floored when he noted the low miles (4783 miles and yes, the...
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    Eieio... Testing...
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    Suggestions Wanted! Your Input Is Welcome!

    User Map Sure, if GPS coordinates are used. It would have to be a world map due to the other members of different countries on here. For instance, Google has the ability to create user maps. Map | Mendeley
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    I am looking into removing the govenor!

    Do it but take pictures of your first run up with it. Make sure to have the hood open too. Do not want to miss anything...
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    Newbie Louisville, Ky area

    Westfolk, thanks for the new line on parts. I have been using Roger Laws (near Ft. Knox) for anything and everything to do with Military Parts (US). Perhaps the one in the knobs has a variety outside what I have been getting. Walking through Roger's yard is like walking back in time or in my...
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    Suggestions Wanted! Your Input Is Welcome!

    For everything there is a place and time. Religion, although it plays a big part in my life, is not a subject often discussed when around others. Politics is the same animal as religion and often causes more conflicts that "we" have to eventually resolve. However, once a year I am involved in...
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    Newbie Louisville, Ky area

    Welcome to the site. Good to see more MV owners from Louisville on here. Of course you know it is a requirement to post more pictures ? j/k but no seriously, let us see your Unimog with more pictures...
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    World War 2 Lusterless White Paint Code ?

    Nonotagain, Thank you for the information. Don't believe I ever heard of "Paint, Camoflague, Removable." That is a very cool obscure fact. Sort like Circular Hole Voider for paper punches. Jim Gilmore (A Weasel Guru) responded to another thread elsewhere and he has been to the Studebaker...
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    Biosynthesis for the Production of Fuels in an Overseas Theater

    Biosynthesis for the Production of Fuels in an Overseas Theater Interesting read to what the government had planned for fuel in an overseas environment. Some of this may still be applicable to those who crave...
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    Suggestions Wanted! Your Input Is Welcome!

    How about some machine gun smiley face emoticons ? or on a serious note, how about an update or revamp of the members map ? or maybe a Weasel sub forum... Thanks for a great place to go and get answers.
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    World War 2 Lusterless White Paint Code ?

    Thanks for the replies. I seem to remember somewhere there does exist a paint code chart that outlines superceded military paints. Something like GSA or similar. However, knowing that the military outlines everything in a form of a manual/technical bulletin/etc... it seems to reason that one...
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    World War 2 Lusterless White Paint Code ?

    Looking for the World War 2 Lusterless White Paint Code. Weasel in Arctic Camouglage needs correct paint. All I have is whats in TB 43-0139 27 JULY 1988 as MIL-P-52905 White 1 Gal Can Is the current shade of lusterless white accurate for World War 2 vehicles ?
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    Jerry Can Strap: What is NSN on old one?

    Thank You for the information. Unfortunately I no longer have a need for the straps. However, there are plenty on here that might.
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    Field trip to France

    My father wants to go before he can no longer go overseas. Hopefully we can do this relatively soon with a year or two. Our friends the Dahl's, also from the Louisville area orginated from there and came back with some wonderful pictures a couple years ago. I look forward to the trip...
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