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  1. Armada

    Mep-016 and 4A032 Questions

    Hey Matt. Looks like you need the impeller as called out in the TM. Item #23. That part will connect the engine flywheel to the coupling plate. Try Saturn.
  2. Armada

    M813 WW for $1640

    Nice score! Congrats on the new addition to the MV family.
  3. Armada

    Finally a fix for problem floats

    This stuff isn't cheap either. If doing a large tank, it would be more cost effective to have a company like 'Gas Tank Renew' line it for you. Caswell Inc. - Epoxy Gas Tank Sealer
  4. Armada

    Finally a fix for problem floats

    Thought I'd pass along a fix for fuel logged float problems so that it may save someone else some frustration. I put a new 4a032 crate engine on an mep-016 genset and it ran fine, for about a week. I started having problems with the engine flooding after start up. I removed the bowl on the carb...
  5. Armada

    Lets See Your 5-Ton!

    M818 w/M146 & USMC M817
  6. Armada

    Marine trucks?

    I know, right! :shock: The data plate wouldn't lie.... :D Nice resto, Pete!
  7. Armada

    Marine trucks?

    And fording kits, and 300,000 lb load capacity... :)
  8. Armada

    Marine trucks?

    Research where the marine corp logistic bases are as they occasionally will list vehicles on GL.
  9. Armada

    Finally have a 6x6! M-817 from SD

    Congrats on a good looking truck! You will find many uses for it.
  10. Armada

    5 ton wrecker

    I would be interested in the bumper vise should you want to seperate.
  11. Armada

    Show me your tipper

    Taking a break from work. She took her top off to get some sun ;-)
  12. Armada

    driving without doors?

    I like driving with the doors off when it's hot. They are heavy though, so it's not something you want to be taking on and off often. Remove the doors and put the door pins (bolts) back in to hold the mirrors in place.
  13. Armada

    Scrapped One Out

    Jeff, save the rear driveshaft if it's not bent. Handy to have a good one when making GL recoveries as 75% or better have fork damage.
  14. Armada

    cab top reinforcement plate M35A3

    I had the same issue with convoy light poles. I made some 'spacers' to move the poles out just enough to allow the top to pull down inbetween. I don't see why it wouldn't work for m66 poles?
  15. Armada

    R.I.P--SHOOTINIRON--James Ruman

    Home from vacation and just read this. At a loss for words with a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach. My deepest condolences and prayers to James' family, friends, and wife, Cheri. May God give you the strength, comfort, and hope, to persevere through your tragic loss. Have faith that you...
  16. Armada

    A Conundrum

    It all looks to be in nice solid condition. Any chance it's a 5t multifuel engine they put in the truck? I'm not an expert on how to tell the difference other than the starter location.
  17. Armada

    Towing a Wrangler with a deuce- Brackets?

    This wrangler had tow hooks. We removed them and mounted shackle mounts from an M151. The fog lights were relocated. The medium tow bar worked perfectly. The jeep has been towed many times this way since. I have a set of magnetic mount lights with 24v bulbs in them and a harness made up to plug...
  18. Armada

    Dumb 813 fuel question

    Sediment may be plugging drain. Pull the filter canister and clean out. Use air to blow out the drain to be sure it's clean. Put in a new filter and canister seal. Replace the o'ring on the center bolt and make sure the square washer is flat and properly positioned. You do not know the history...
  19. Armada

    M809 series truck slow to return to idle

    Joe, did you ever find out what was causing the problem?
  20. Armada

    Deuce and 5-ton tonneau cover

    No, but doesn't mean it can't be done.
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